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  1. CompuDrew

    Patriot 2TB SATA SSD $78 on amazon

    Ordered 1. Delivery date is now showing 1/27 - 1/28. I'll be surprised if it doesn't arrive sooner. Edit - Now 1/23 - 1/25 2nd Edit: Shiiped, now arriving 1/17
  2. CompuDrew

    Can’t find my NAS by name on new network

    Thanks for the suggestions. I appreciate your responses. I will continue to use the IP.
  3. CompuDrew

    Can’t find my NAS by name on new network

    I am using a Synology DS216Play connected to a switch which is connected to a an EERO Pro 6 router (provided by Frontier). I can see and explore my Synology NAS by IP but not by name. The NAS is also accessible through the internet via After switching back to FIOS from Spectrum...
  4. CompuDrew

    Need to wipe the drives in a few PC's and laptops

    Awesome! I appreciate all your suggestions. Thank you!
  5. CompuDrew

    Need to wipe the drives in a few PC's and laptops

    My friend is retiring and closing his business. He has about 4 PC's and a few laptops that he'd like to give his employees, but is insisting the hard drives be wiped and 1's and 0's written on them prior to them getting Windows reinstalled for the employees. What is the easiest option to do...
  6. CompuDrew

    I need some Excel help with Pivot Tables

    I have an Excel document with multiple tabs for different jobs. I am trying to find a way to show the top few rows from each tab on one sheet. Kind of a snap shot overview of the tabs. Ideally, I'd like to be able to edit the information on the snap shot tab and the tab it is referencing. I...
  7. CompuDrew

    WinAmp Not Dead?

    I'm still rocking V. 2.78 with an Alpine skin on my work PC. Same thing I was using at work around 1998. :whistle: I stream pretty much everything when I'm not at work.
  8. CompuDrew

    [H]OT Tomb Raider $2.99 Steam

    Thanks for the heads up! I picked this up on Saturday and so far I've only put in about an hour, but I'm enjoying it. I haven't played TR in quite a while and for $3 this is great!
  9. CompuDrew

    F1 2015 for FREE. Humble Bundle.

    Awesome, thanks!
  10. CompuDrew

    Everyone Should have a Tire Gauge

    Got to use mine for the first time today. It's awesome, I should have gotten one of these a long time ago.
  11. CompuDrew

    APC 1500VA Compact UPS Battery Backup on sale again for $119 (Amazaon Daily Deal)

    It's back on sale again for $119. 12/18 only. I like mine so much I'm tempted to get another. DOH! Was thinking the Cyberpower one when I posted this. Still a decent deal. Link to Amazon
  12. CompuDrew

    Denon AVR-X7200WA $1,800

    Denon AVR-X7200WA 9.2 Channel Full 4K Ultra HD AV Receiver with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi $1,800 EDIT - Same price on Crutchfield, in case you prefer one or the other. I know you can find a receiver with other (more) features for a lot less, but if someone wants THIS receiver, this is the cheapest...
  13. CompuDrew

    Steam: how many hours?

    About 680 hours on L4D2. In the past four years or so I've probably put in about 5 hours total, so it's been a while.
  14. CompuDrew

    Where Voters Can Score Election Day Freebies & Deals

    Just got back from getting Krispy Kreme. They aren't even requiring the sticker.
  15. CompuDrew

    Jet Set Radio, Golden Axe, and more are free on Steam.

    Good find, thanks!
  16. CompuDrew

    Amazon Prime $73 Year This Weekend

    Too bad it's only for new customers/new accounts.
  17. CompuDrew

    Steam Link and Controller what are your thoughts (POLL)

    I really want the Steam Link, but I need it to work wirelessly and it seems to have major issues in that area.
  18. CompuDrew

    30 Grateful Dead songs for free MP3 format

    Cool, thanks!
  19. CompuDrew

    Denon AVR-S700W 7.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver for $249.00

    Damn, that's tempting! I love my older Denon, but I wish it had Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Really trying to hold out until they come out with the 4k/3d models though. Deals like this make it tough to hold out!
  20. CompuDrew

    Steam 2015 summer sale is here! runs from June 11th to June 22th!

    Tempted to get Turbo Dismount for $2.49 when I get home. Has big laughter potential. :D
  21. CompuDrew

    Steam Starwars Sale

    My thoughts exactly!! Woo hoo!
  22. CompuDrew

    Dirt 3 Complete Edition (no GFWL) - Steam $23.99 (20% off)

    I agree. I still play D2 every now and then.
  23. CompuDrew

    Flight sim sale on Steam

    I picked it up. Haven't played a decent flight sim in a while so $5 was too tough to pass up.
  24. CompuDrew

    3D Mark $5 [Steam]

    So far, this is all I've gotten from the sale this year. :(
  25. CompuDrew

    So what's your nostalgia game?

    UT99 and Q3 Arena
  26. CompuDrew

    Road Redemption

    I just noticed today that this game is finally available on Steam. Woo hoo!
  27. CompuDrew

    Crucial 512GB M4 SSD (7mm) $150 (factory refurb)

    I saw this. Very tempting. Damn "other" bills.
  28. CompuDrew

    Watch Dogs is $32 @Amazon.

    I'm bummed to read all the bad reports about this game. I was really looking forward to it, but I guess I too will be one of the people waiting until it's in the $5 range on Steam. :(
  29. CompuDrew

    Toxikk- new arena FPS

    Looks fun
  30. CompuDrew

    Humble 2K Bundle

    I bit just to try Spec Ops. :cool:
  31. CompuDrew

    Steam Midweek Madness - 75% off LEGO games

    Same here. Damn.
  32. CompuDrew

    Sold out

    How much was it?
  33. CompuDrew

    Catching a Cheater Online

    I recently saw an ad on Craigslist for an "actor" needed for an easy 3 hour job that paid $300. I sent an email just out of curiosity, and he was looking for someone to act as his AA sponsor in court and say he had been clean and working his steps. I almost couldn't believe it. I told him I...
  34. CompuDrew

    Take on Helicopters Bundle $2.50 (Steam)

    I figured I'd give it a shot for $2.50. It's a 15.9GB download! :eek:
  35. CompuDrew

    12 steam games = $5 @ adrenaline bundle

    Bang Bang Racing is fun.
  36. CompuDrew

    Netflix's ISP Speed Index For January 2014

    Same here. Speed is not an issue, until it comes to Netflix. I get regular buffering (through BD player or PC) and a medium quality picture most of the time. These are pretty standard results for me:
  37. CompuDrew

    So how many of you actually

    I just leave it. I've never had the problem of running out of storage due to too many games.
  38. CompuDrew

    Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2014 (Value Edition, 3 PCs/2 Years, Download) $6.99

    No problems here, either. I have BD running on two pc's at the house and both work just fine. I'm pleased so far and I'd get it again. Especially for the price!