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    Black Myth: Wu Kong

    Mortal Kombat is American not Japanese and didn't really have the freeze/stutter effect that's in Japanese games when it launched outside of the uppercut. The freeze/stutter that was in the SF2 series was not intentional and was a result of the hardware simply not being able to keep up...
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    Sony's Unseen PlayStation 4 Pro DevKit 16GB: The PS5's Cooler Inspiration

    I've always loved the dev kit versions of console hardware. I know they cant sell them sub cost like the usual consoles but if they did sell them for like 2k or something I'd buy.
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    Martha is Dead (Dark Thriller/Walking simulator)

    This is fine and all but when the developers want people to play a game at a certain frame rate or with window boxing people lose their shit and stomp their footsies till the floor shakes in China and scream about "I game on the PC so I shouldn't have to play the game the way the developers...
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    Martha is Dead (Dark Thriller/Walking simulator)

    The censorship is large bullshit. They turned quick time events (I thought people here hated those) into cut scenes with the option to skip (this helps with speed runs and most people get bored of those after one or two times). So now people here are rooting for quick time events, I mean that...
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    Quake Champions Official Thread

    OK then COD console it is for you! Enjoy Halo and COD 2.
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    Quake Champions Official Thread

    That sort of removed some of the strategy from it though. Really Quake and UT were map lock games at core. You'd time each weapon and power up and work on denial and then the frags would come on their own. Advanced players could at times for you to respawn at set areas and then get there as...
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    A "[H]ard" surface mouse pad?

    They still sell Func products.
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    Chained Echoes - Retro style JRPG inspired by Chrono Trigger, Xenogears and more

    No games have that. It's all building on past formulas. In some cases indie games can take risks but they do badly. Past indie, it's all based on something else.
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    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection

    Was needed, and good on them. I have my gripes with Konami but their collections have been pretty solid.
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    EVGA will no longer do business with NVIDIA

    The future of PC gaming is SOCs for what we own and cloud for the actual work. This has been set in stone for some time now and everything is moving towards it. PC gaming will go full cloud before consoles. Oh well. Good on EVGA for getting out quick.
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    Anyone get their Steam Deck ordered?

    You keep telling yourself that with the price of GPUs, PC gaming shitty stuffy light highlighting key items, dumbing down gameplay, and auto aim now hitting consoles.
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    Anyone get their Steam Deck ordered?

    After being fucked over and selling off my GPU before the market crashed along with my account and then spinning it around into switch OLED yeah it's one the best gaming choices I ever made. Anybody still on the "PC is good at games" train is in for a rude world when everything is SOCs from...
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    Anyone get their Steam Deck ordered?

    I have now killed my windows PC by sledging a 3090, I have a mac and a switch oled.
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    What is so special about Macbooks?

    See, and that's the thing. I don't ask much, I just ask not the stupid. The MBP is great so far. Went to the store which is a few blocks from here, took it home, turned it on and after getting in we have appointment to learn all about it at the store. While that's still odd ass in "way too...
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    What is so special about Macbooks?

    And yet no. It was to be a thing to use at work and the experience was so fucking horrible that after having been failed by valve on each past hardware issue I'm just done. I don't need this.
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    What is so special about Macbooks?

    So after getting comsically fucked by Valve ((they shot me a pop up for my steam deck, then allowed the charge to go through, then told me I couldn't get my steam deck because I was late, then all of a sudden I had a steam decks worth of steam bucks instead of my card refunded, que much swearing...
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    Celebrate: I beat a game at the arcade! SF4.

    Still makes not all that much sense. Even in todays arcade era shmups and such still dominate and they are score based. You could finish the old games, pacman and donkeykong did end, so did gauntlet. Now pulling it off was another matter entirely. Games weren't really infinite loops. The...
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    Celebrate: I beat a game at the arcade! SF4.

    This makes no sense at all. Second era games high high scores as well! Street Fighter, MK, all of that stuff would flash the score chart with the three character tags when cycling through the waiting for players. Even the more modern games out now do this. It never went away.
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    Celebrate: I beat a game at the arcade! SF4.

    Everything that had an end I played I beat! I also have the actual boards and cabs at home for things I really liked. SF games aren't that bad arcade wase, neither are Namco games, it was SNK games that had the quarter sucking boss syndrome. If you'd like to try a fun arcade look into...
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    Scathe Demo

    Looks interesting.
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    The official Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Thread

    The scale was still a bit off. In the fluff/lore there would be a lot more Orks, a lot more IG, massive air bombings constantly, titans, and you'd NEVER see that many chaos marines, you'd see tons and tons of cultists but the marines are really extremely rare. Also a captain wouldn't be with...
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    STRAY Cat game Cyberpunk dystopia

    I don't think that's what's actually going on. The reality is that if you are making AAA mainstream entertainment with all the visual and audio glory you have to appeal to the lowest common denominator from a sales aspect or it's not worth the investment. Which means that big movies, music...
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    LAN Gaming - Good memories

    The Dreamcast had Phantasy Star Online and a passable Quake 2. And it's fighting game selection was godly. They still make games for it, through third parties. It's like the NEOGEO, it will never truly die. It also has a KBM. You can still connect it online hilariously enough and it can do...
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    Halo Infinite

    I personally don't like Battle Royal either. But it's less dated than Battlefield style gameplay which at this point is two decades old and beyond dated and played out. There's nothing modern, new, innovative, about 64 vs 64 with land sea and air. It's just kinda shit. And if you wanted non...
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    Halo Infinite

    I find it funny that someone would say Deathmatch is "dated and lame" and then ask for Battlefield which by this point is also "dated and lame". The "new" game type is Battle Royal, or stuff like what Overwatch is doing. Battlefield is well into "get off my lawn" old man dated gameplay by...
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    Picking a gaming laptop from Costco

    I've had bad luck with MSI laptops. Failed keyboards, swollen batteries, customer service being a PITA to deal with. They are usually really good specs for the money, then the issues start. The build quality is also so-so. IMHO its worth going with a bigger name brand like Lenovo, Dell, HP...
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    Darktide: Vermintide (same team) but in 40K IG vs Chaos Cultists A bit more.
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    Contra Rogue Corps

    I played it, it's meh. It's disjointed. It can be fun though. But Contra (and this isn't really that) co-op was always best in person anyways.
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    Warhammer40k: Darktide (40k Vermintide) Bit more.
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    What to do with 40C/80T?

    This isn't completely right The OC boards are also C62x chipsets and the EVGA can be had for under 900 at multiple places. Supermicro cranked out a "workstation" board for them as well that's a "workstation" in the same sense that ASUS slaps worksation on a lot of desktop boards. It's quasi...
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    Iron Meat: Contra III The Alien Wars Style Game

    CV64 was a shit show, and the dreamcast one got canceled because of that. The first Lord of Shadows did OK because of hype and Patrick Stewart but it wasn't really a good game at all. The second one was horrible plotwise and gameplaywise and bombed something fierce and pretty much lead to the...
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    What Game or Series would you like to see brought back to Life this Year?

    Ahh checked, another Dino game from Capcom with characters that looked really close!
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    What is so special about Macbooks?

    I have a question that someone here can probably answer for me. The SO is getting into creating/editing videos and pictures and stuff. It's small time for her friends and family so nothing major. I've largely gone to the office so she's going to be using one of my desks to do this over the...
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    USB passthrough on Headphones somekinda joke?

    Certifications. To get Skype/Zoom/Teams certified the audio standards have to meet X. There is no way to meet this with a headset/headphones without including the DAC/AMP part of it as well, hence the USB interface. You can however buy an external USB DAC/AMP from any number of companies...
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    Do Lan Parties happen any more?

    LOL! I miss some of the crazier Mech Warrior LANs where people would show up with pods and all that. I oddly do see lots of events that resemble LANs in the sort of spirit still today. The thing is it's all fighting games and arcade style games where people can all team up or 1v1 on the same...
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    Iron Meat: Contra III The Alien Wars Style Game

    That was terrible. All 3D Contras and Castlevania's have been so bad Konami deserved to go under and have their reputation permanently ruined forever. Not even Daikatan or Atari ET deserve as much hate as Konami's 3D fiascos.
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    Iron Meat: Contra III The Alien Wars Style Game

    It's pretty much exactly like it. It falls into a mix of Contra 3, Contra 4, and Hardcorps Uprising (a game done by Ark System Works of Guilty Gear and other fame for Konami for the PS3/360) from what I've played. The guns are largely similar (you'll notice them all quick). Blazing Chrome...
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    Best RTX 3070 GPU for Silverstone GD09 case

    Having fucked around with a LOT of HTPC builds over the time that should be fine. Frankly the 09 should be fine as well. IMHO I wouldn't water cool them as that messes with the airflow. It's honestly easier to do it now than it was before as with m.2 storage you don't have a lot of drives...
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    Iron Meat: Contra III The Alien Wars Style Game

    Music is meh but other than that pretty good. Demo is out and free.