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  1. Nicklebon

    External LTE/5G Antenna

    I've got an LTE/5G bridge device for a tertiary internet connection. On going remodeling work has forced me to relocate it from its longtime home. It will not be able to return. The problem with new home is poor signal. I have seen several type of external antenna options but honestly have no...
  2. Nicklebon

    Fortigate 60E

    I've got a Fortigate 60E firewall with UTM. The firewall is licensed and under support until 10/2021 as shown below. The price is $500+shipping from NC. I 've also got a Fortiswtich 248D-POE I'll throw in with the firewall for an additional $200. The switch support contract expired in July. Thanks
  3. Nicklebon

    KVM Recommendation

    I've got an ancient ServSwitch that needs to be replaced. I am looking for something that ideally supports the following: 1. Dual head @4k via hdmi 2. works with IBM model M keyboards (use of usb adapter is acceptable and expected) 3. works with corded trackman marble 4. Keyboard hot key...
  4. Nicklebon

    ESXi 6.5 nfs dedicated vswitch

    Hopefully someone can point where I am screwing this up as I have no doubt that is the case. I am trying to set up a dedicated switch for NFS traffic on an AOI server using Napp-it. I have the vswitch and port groups setup. I have a single nic from the napp-it vm and vmk1 in dedicated PGs...
  5. Nicklebon

    Windows 10 Activation lost

    I've an issue and so far I'm not having any luck getting past it. I've got a Lenovo P900 workstation that came with Windows 7 which was upgraded to Windows 10 Pro last year and serves as my sons gaming PC. I recently bought a Samsung 960 nvme module to replace the hdd. I had some issues getting...
  6. Nicklebon

    Vmware OVF export

    I am currently trying to export a VM off an ancient Dell 2900 standalone ESXi box as an OVF. It has been running for over 12 hours and has 3400 minutes estimated remaining. The Dell is not being taxed nor the network nor the destination device. WTF? Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly...
  7. Nicklebon

    Home esxi and storage

    I've got an old Dell 2900 at home that is currently handling my VM and storage needs. to say it is getting long in the tooth is an understatement. I'm likely going to replace in the near future with a Supermicro Xeon-D platform. ATM I have not decided which one. When I put the current box into...
  8. Nicklebon

    Generating 540 or 4624 events

    I've got a a customer that is using a single sign on product that uses agents installed on the customer's domain controllers. This works fine accept for one scenario. When the customer transitions from a wired to wireless connection or vice versa. We have determined the reason for this is that...
  9. Nicklebon

    Ubiquiti AP

    Have a question for you folk using Ubiquiti unfi. I need to replace an AP that has seen better days. Unifi looks like it may be suitable but meaty info is lacking over at ubiquity. We currently have APs connected via trunks running 3 VLANs 1 for mgt, 1 for internal user access and another for...
  10. Nicklebon

    Low end gpu folding

    Anyone folding on low end nvidia gpus? I've got a 9300ge running 177.35 drivers and it is turning in 460ppd. This seems low even for this card. Are my expectations that out of whack? thanks