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    SSD Prices

    Looked on amazon today. Any reason we're seeing a price drop? and should I buy now?
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    AMD.... A bit misleading?

    I came across this section of a review of the new Ryzen CPU from PC gamer. This reminds me of the latest GPU launch when they kept boasting "beats a 1080 when you use 2 cards!" I really cant stand it when companies so obviously attempt to mislead their own customers...
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    Windows 10 anti-bloatware update attempts to block installation of Win32 apps

    - Over at They appear to have discovered an interesting direction Microsoft is headed. "The added problem with this feature as it interferes with many perfectly safe programs which use Win32, like Google Chrome, Steam...
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    Win10 Updated, replaced background/settings/pins

    What the actual fuck? My wife's computer updated to windows 10 1607 today.... Needless to to say its like she got a virus. Her background was changed. Her task bar had new programs pinned (edge, file explorer) and removed pinned programs. It has now installed a few new programs as well...
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    Loss of signal until restart

    So recently (like last few days) my wife has told me that she is periodically loosing her cell (Galaxy S5) reception while USB tethering to her computer (FOXfi+PDAnet) She will be going along just fine at 40+Mbs on 4GLTE (Tmobile) and it will periodically drop down to 3G and then down to...
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    Comcast $50/mo 180Mb/s

    Ok so I have always hated comcast. I had WAVE at one point and enjoyed their 110/10 service as i had 2 roommates and i could stream, d/l games and movies, and stream outbound all the while the other 2 were always d/ling and streaming as well. Never once did i have a buffer, )even at 4K...
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    Overclocking Guidance Please

    Got ahold of the 1080 FE (EVGA brand) YAY! Got a decent overclock GPU 224 (2100) MEM 545 (5544) Slightly aggressive fan profile so as not to allow it to get much hotter than 60 Tried messing with the voltage meter. With the meter set to 0% I can get it up to 1.040v, at 100% i can get it up to...
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    1080 Ram Usage/Utalization

    So question, My Fiance' MODs Skyrim (A Crap ton) (even makes some of her own) Must use DX9 (because bethesda) We're looking to upgrade to WIN10 Looking to buy 1080 WIN10 DX9 "limits" Vram usage to 4GB you "can" run it higher but reports are sever FPS drops and stuttering 1080 obviously has...
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    2 EVGA GTX 970 SC+ ACX2.0 Hey guys, Selling this thing AGAIN. Upgraded to a 980Ti FTW and don't need these anymore. 1st buyer was a scam. 2nd buyer never paid. Email me if you have individual questions
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    Aftermarket Cooler EVGA GTX 980Ti FTW

    Ok guys, Currently I have this card EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti FTW GAMING ACX 2.0+ Clearly it has the ACX 2.0 cooling setup. Now my problem is I want to get this thing under a waterblock. Currently I run my CPU under an H100i H100i Looking at the specs its 27mm thick at 77 CFM for the airflow. Im...
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    220 to 115

    Ok so simple question I have a friend living in Korea, he is currently on 220V. Would something as simple as this work?
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    Falcon Northwest claim they "created the gaming PC" Say what? Can they actually advertise that?
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    Basic stream box

    So i'm looking to hook up a computer to my living room TV (1366x768 40") I just want it to be very very basic, No wireless remotes or media programs and other crap. I'm going to share my 4TB HD from another computer across the network and store all my files on it. I basically just need...
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    Internal cable extensions?

    I would like to get some white sleeved extension cables so that it matches my color theme. I am looking at BitFenix cables. I have Seasonic 1050XP3 power supply ASUS Z97-A 2 EVGA GTX970 FTWs 500GB Samsung 840 Evo 1TB WD blue Asus 24x DVD-RW Serial-ATA Corsair 300R 7 Corsair AF120 LED fans NZXT...
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    Extender cables Seasonic 1050XP3

    Cannot for the life of me figure out how to delete this thread.