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    Is it better to connect a monitor via USB, or HDMI?

    This will affect my motherboard choice for my next build. One mobo has USB4, and a new monitor I'm looking at has a TB4 port. It made wonder if there is much difference between the ports/cables in terms of picture quality or any other consideration.
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    Problems with IPS Black panel technology?

    I've been looking at monitors with the new IPS Black technology. There are only a few monitors that have it so far, the Dell U2723QE (and larger U3223QE), the HP Z32k G3, and the LG 32UQ85R-W. The Amazon reviews for the Dell U2723QE are not very good (mostly related to backlight bleed and...
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    Asus ProArt B650 Creator, or AsRock B650 Taichi?

    I like the current line up of B650 boards. and can't afford to go to the higher end x670 ones. Both B650 boards are on sale now. Can't make up my mind. The AsRock Taichi is $200 more, but has a USB4 port (not just a header), clear CMOS button (not just a header), and better audio. Not sure...
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    Will Zen 5 run cooler?

    I realize not much is known about Zen 5 yet, but just reading the snippets of info about it so far seems to indicate that AMD's emphasis for Zen 5 will be on power efficiency, with a rumored separation between performance cores and efficiency cores (like Intel). So maybe Zen 5 will idle at a...
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    Motherboard audio codecs - please recommend

    So I'm looking at various mobos and part of my decision will be based on the audio codec. Would like to get the best onboard sound quality without going to an external DAC (which I might get later). I'm not up on the latest codecs and could use help determining which is better. - Realtek ALC...
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    Question about AMD Eco-mode and PBO

    I haven't used the AMD platform yet, but am planning to get a Ryzen 9 7000 series soon. I was just wondering...are eco mode and PBO both in the bios settings? And are they both just one-step toggle? Or does either one involve another step/click?
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    Best Platinum 650W - 750W PSU?

    Can't make up my mind between Seasonic, Phanteks, be Quiet!, or EVGA.
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    7900x $150 price jump

    So the 7900x just jumped back up by $150. to $750. I saw it a week ago for as little as $599. (CDN). Any idea of when it might come back down in price? Maybe the summer?
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    Intel i7-13700k vs AMD Ryzen 7900x ?

    These are the two CPUs I'm considering. I realize the Ryzen 7700x is more of a direct rival to the 3700K but price-wise right now they are very similar, and still not too far apart in specs. I'm coming from a very old system, so whether Intel or AMD I'll have to buy a new mobo as well. I do not...
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    Noctua D15S socket compatibility

    I bought this cooler last year for an AM4 build that I didn't get around to. Now I am seriously considering an Intel build instead. The box does not list compatibility for an LGA 1700 socket (for an 1-7 13700K). Is there a bracket I could get to make it fit? Or will I have to buy a whole new...
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    How long will Zen 3 be supported?

    Just curious, and can't seem to find info anywhere.
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    AsRock no longer supporting ECC memory in AM5 boards?

    Just had a look at the AsRock website and their new AM5 boards don't support ECC memory, like the AM4 boards did. Is this because DDR 5 RAM has built in ECC memory?
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    Why is Nvidia better than AMD for video editing?

    The consensus sees to be that Nvidia is better (or at least faster) than AMD for video editing. I was just curious about why that is? The mechanics of it. Is it the clock speed? The cuda cores? The drivers? etc. I don't game, but would rather support AMD than the greedy green team. So, even...
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    What kind of plug is this?

    Someone recently gave me an old HP optical drive. It's USB, but also has a wall adapter. But the adapter doesn't plug into the wall, it has a recessed female plug that I think I need to get a cable for. Can anyone tell me what kind of plug this is, and what kind of cable I need for it? Thanks.
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    Android: Blocking or muting notifications while on a video call?

    I have a Samsung phone and am somewhat new to android. I find when I am doing job interviews on MS Teams or Google Meet, that I occasionally get messages or alerts that interrupt the meeting. Is there a way to block or mute all messages and notifications just before or while I'm waiting to...
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    Poll: Which motherboard has the best UEFI menu?

    If you've worked on mobos from different manufacturers over the last few years, which UEFI menu do you prefer?
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    Question for anyone with a 27" 4K monitor

    What do you set your display system scaling % at to make things more readable? - native resolution? - 125% - 150% - 200% I'm just trying to get an idea of whether you can get more usable real estate with a 27" 4K or a 32" 4K after factoring in scaling.
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    Alternatives to Adobe Acrobat Pro?

    My version of Adobe Acrobat XI Pro is getting rather old and now that Acrobat has gone completely to a subscription model, it's too expensive. I use Acrobat mainly to do OCR and scanning of PDFs. I like some of the advanced features as well found only in the Pro version. Are there any cheap or...
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    Video stuttering in Firefox

    For the past 6 months I've noticed that embedded videos (on websites) are really laggy and stutter in Firefox. I've tried turning on (and off) hardware acceleration, but it makes no difference. I've tried tinkering with other settings, but nothing seems to help. I've been researching this...
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    Where to get product key for Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus?

    Looking to find cheap product key for MS Office 2019 Pro Plus. Where is the best trustworthy site for this?
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    Will a new SSD work on old computer?

    I have a 12 year old Intel Q9550 CPU on a computer I need to keep going for another year or so. I want to put a new Samsung Pro 860 SSD (SATA III) in it because I need more storage. I was wondering...will there be any incompatibility with the SATA controllers, TRIM, or bios, or anything?
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    Philips 279P1 Review - good productivity monitor

    Nice 4K IPS 27" monitor with light matte coating. Above average contrast and full sRGB coverage. Some moderate IPS glow and backlight bleed, however. Review:
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    Youtube forcing ads on uBlock

    I have uBlock which has worked great against any and all ads on youtube for at least 6 years. That is, until about two weeks ago. Now I notice at the beginning of every video, the screen goes blank and I have to click off 'skip ads' in order to start playing the video. Then at a random point...
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    Video RAM vs Cuda Cores

    I'm trying to decide between an RTX 3060 and 3060 ti for my next build. The 3060 has more memory but the 3060 ti has more cuda cores. Just wondering what programs would benefit from more cuda cores, and which applications would benefit from more memory? What are the trade-offs?
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    3800XT or 5800X ?

    Can't make up my mind. I was leaning toward getting the newer 5800X, but then started reading about all the hot temp problems. It's got me worried. I don't game, though I do some video editing, and a little 3-D work. I need 8 cores but don't really need 12 cores. I'd get the 5900X to avoid...
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    Question about non-reference card releases

    I haven't bought a video card in ages and haven't kept track of when their release dates are. That is, until now. I'm planning to get an NVIDIA card next year (possibly 3060 or 3050 ), and was wondering....How soon after the reference cards do the third party non-reference cards (e.g. MSI...
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    Recommendations for anti-static mod mat?

    I'm looking for a good 48" x 24" anti-static mod mat. I've been tempted to get the ModRight Xtreme or the Gamer's Nexus mat, but they are expensive and almost always out of stock. Any other good large mod mats out there?
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    When working on a computer, do you sit or stand?

    I'm looking for a desk / workbench I can use to work on my computer (build, repair, clean, and other non-computer related handyman stuff, etc). I am trying to decide between a workbench with a built in cabinet underneath (so no leg room for sitting) and one with 4 open legs and space for sitting.
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    Best exhaust fan?

    Just wondering if there is a fan design that is more optimally suited to exhausting air rather than pushing air? Kind of like the opposite of static pressure?
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    Still confused about AMD naming system

    Ok, I'm still confused about AMD's naming system. I've been waiting for the latest desktop CPUs. I thought these were going to be the Ryzen 4000 series (following the 3000 series). Now I'm reading they are actually going to be the 5000 series. Was the 4000 series for laptops? Will the desktop...
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    Question about tempered glass

    I'd like to use a piece of tempered glass from a section of deck railing as an office chair mat. Is this possible? Is all tempered glass (e.g. from furniture, shower stalls, deck railing, etc.) more or less the same in terms of hardness and durability?
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    Can you use a NAS as a DAS?

    Just curious...after doing a lot of research looking for a good diskless external hard drive enclosures (DAS), I found that DAS's are usually not really well built. Every DAS I looked at had very mediocre reviews on all the major retail sites, with the most common complaints being a) fan noise...
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    Buying a CPU on eBay?

    I have my eye on a Ryzen 3600XT listed as 'open box' (no original box, just plastic clamp).. I've bought other components on eBay before, but never a CPU. It kind of makes me nervous. Is there anything I should watch out for?
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    Best 140mm fan

    Hardware Scientist just uploaded his 140mm fan roundup: Winner: Arctic P14 PWM
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    What is a Ventus card?

    I was looking at the MSI RTX 2060 Super and noticed about 4 different Ventus 2060 Super cards. The only difference I could tell was that the Ventus cards have a slightly lower boost clock and no RGB...
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    Which Dell laptops have the best keyboards?

    I've heard that the Latitude and Precision series have decent keyboards, but are there any Dell laptop keyboards that rival the Lenovo Thinkpad series?
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    Question about laptops connected to projectors

    I've been asked to give a presentation (although it's now been postponed). I haven't used a laptop with a projector before, and was just curious about something. When giving a power point presentation using a laptop and a projector, does the quality of the image depend on the laptop or the...
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    Is 4K UHD worth it on a laptop?

    Does a 4K UHD screen on a laptop (e.g. 15.6") offer any significant benefit? Is there any downside, besides cost? With a high resolution on a small screen, do you have to really crank up the scaling to be able to read text?
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    Is Ray Tracing good for anything non-gaming?

    I'm upgrading and trying to decide between a 1660ti and a 2060. I don't game, but I occasionally use navisworks for some light 3D modeling (but not nearly enough to justify buying a Quadro card). If I get the 2060, would the ray tracing feature be good for anything non-gaming related? e.g. Will...
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    Dell monitor model numbers?

    I've been trying to understand Dell's new model number nomenclature. I think I've figured out most of the suffixes. However, when I look up certain models like this one with an 'E'...