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  1. Shalafi


    Can those with the required number of posts request a new title since the last change removed a bunch of titles? Thanks in advance
  2. Shalafi

    Stay [H]ard

    I have a question. Why were titles changed to that one? Thanks in advance.
  3. Shalafi

    Mobile ads

    Seem to be working fine on my phone (Note 4), and are not intrusive and "in your face". Just saying I have noticed the ads and they follow the tradition of clean cut and unintrusive advertisements that have been part and parcel of the [H]ardForum browsing experience for years. I am sure maybe...
  4. Shalafi

    VR Gaming forum?

    Is there any plan to add a VR Gaming forum in General Gaming at some point as VR gaming takes off?
  5. Shalafi

    Final Fantasy XV

    I put in for a weeks vacation after seeing the FFXV Uncovered presentation, seeing the Stand By Me trailer and playing the demo. September 30 cannot come quick enough.
  6. Shalafi

    Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright/Conquest

    Anyone else picking up this? Basically you buy the game and then you can buy the other half of the game as an extra DLC within the game's shop, not to be confused with the 3DS E-Shop. Again, if you buy one version of this game, you do NOT need to buy a copy of the other, you buy it within...
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    Front Page News yellow font

    The yellow font doesn't show up very well on the white background in the mobile style layout.
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    What upcoming console release are you most excited about?

    Between now and say, maybe March 2016? I am excited for No Man's Sky and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, possibly Until Dawn. I am also keeping my eye on Firewatch, which is supposed to be released sometime later this year, but I feel might be delayed to 2016.
  9. Shalafi

    Upgrade time

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? Playing the occasional WoW game, Shadows of Mordor 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $1,000 is what I'm looking to spend, can spend an additional $200ish if it'll make a difference. Could I ask what...
  10. Shalafi

    World of Warcraft [H] Battletags and LFG thread

    If you're returning for Warlords of Draenor, why not post your Battletag here so you can group up with fellow [H]'ers? Don't necessarily have to be in the same guild/server, just same faction, so to that end, here is the format. BattleTag Server(s) Faction Classes/roles BattleTag...
  11. Shalafi

    Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls 50% off!

    The expansion for Diablo 3, Reaper of Souls is 50% off on the Blizzard store. Offer ends October 6. $19.99 is the discounted price. Regular D3 is also $19.99 so you can get both for $40
  12. Shalafi

    Do you buy Season Passes for the games you buy/own?

    As the title said, I'm curious how many of you guys buy the Season Pass for the games you buy or own. The thing about the Season Pass is it's a way to deliver content after the release of a game, and so if you buy a Season Pass before all the content is released, you are basically buying a...
  13. Shalafi

    Blazing [H]ot: FFVII and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced $5 each on Steam

    Folks, this is the weekend deal for Steam Final Fantasy VII = $5.99 Baldur's Gate; Enhanced Edition = $5 Mirror's Edge = $4.99 Borderlands 2 = $14.99 Bioshock Infinite = $26.74 (33 percent off)
  14. Shalafi

    Apparently the Diablo 3 auction house was a bad idea And they are shutting it down! I was against it from the very beginning when I first heard about it because I thought it was a way for Blizzard to treat the loot system as a cash cow for Blizzard, but to be fair, it did give players a way to make money...
  15. Shalafi

    Dishonored DLC's worth the money? (steam sale)

    A few of us have bought this game and we would like to know if you gentlemen consider the downloadable content of Dishonored to be worthy of purchase. Any opinions?
  16. Shalafi

    Fire Emblem: Awakening (3DS)

    Who else bought it? Added funds to wallet and cleared space. First time I bought a full 3DS game. Takes up 8.8k blocks. Are memory cards swappable with the 3DS? Meaning can I swap memory cards as I please and if I get a bigger memory card can I reels load Fire Emblem to it?
  17. Shalafi

    Perplexing wireless problem

    My parents have a Dlink 655 at their house, and they have a few laptops, kindles, ipads, etc, and have no problem accessing the router. However, my dad bought a new Asus N56V laptop, and for some damn reason I can't figure out, every time he closes a program, his wireless internet connection on...
  18. Shalafi

    Fire Emblem demo available for 3DS

    All you 3DS owners, the demo for the new Fire Emblem game hitting stores next month is up on the 3DS store for download. Imma grab it and likely preorder from Amazon if I like it. I'm a huge fan of the Advance Wars/Fire Emblem series of games (both are the same pretty much. Advance Wars...