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    PSA: Amazon cash back actually can be CASH back

    No, this is not an ad for Amazon or Chase. I've had the Amazon Cash Back card for a while, that gives you 5% back when used on Amazon. It's always shown up as Amazon credit. I was poking around my account on Chase today and found that you can actually deposit your cash back balance into your...
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    Boost wireless - extender vs antenna

    My router, placed on the ground floor of the house, is a Netgear XR1000. The exterior brick wall is about 20 feet away. On the other side of the wall is an enclosed porch where signal is weakened and cuts out. What's the better way to strengthen signal - run Cat 6 and connect an extender (I...
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    DP 1.4 to FULL HDMI 2.1

    I've got a PC with a 6800 XT (1 HDMI 2.1, 3 DP 1.4a) to connect to my TV/receiver. TV is a C1 OLED that can do 4K 120 Hz Freesync. The receiver won't pass through any video over 4K 60 Hz and no VRR. So, I need separate connections to the TV and receiver. I got a DP to HDMI cable and it will...
  4. J - Newegg's new GPU-only site Search options include card length and benchmarks.
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    Took the plunge - Vive Pro 2 + Valve sensors/knuckles

    After about a year of waiting for the base stations to be in stock, I finally ordered 2 of those plus controllers from Valve, and a Vive Pro 2 headset. Of course I'm getting Alyx, and picked up Croteams VR bundle a while back in anticipation. My placement options are my cramped computer room...
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    Aug 2022 - FB account no longer required for Oculus, just a Meta account!

    Well, that's so much better! Dipshits. Edit: Just to be clear...
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    Windows 10 Explorer will not connect to networked computers

    This has been a constant pain in the ass with Windows 10 on every system. Out of 8 computers on the network, a Win10 system will only connect to 1 or 2 in Explorer to access network shares. Remote Desktop Connection will connect, but Explorer will not. WTF?
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    Zen 3 vulnerable to Spectre-type attack Dammit, AMD. Not likely to affect most users, and a fix is already available, but still, dammit.
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    Pascal Eth hash rates sink

    I pulled out some old Pascal cards and connected them to a spare system to mine Eth. I've been using Claymore version 15. With 1070s and a 1060, the cards start where they should be in hashrate, then drop after a few minutes. The 1070s drop from about 26MH/s to 10-12, and the 1060 drops from...
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    Customizable controller let's you configure controls Can it turn into a keyboard+mouse?
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    EA patents method to avoid waiting for game downloads I remember having a way to do this in the past. It was called a disc.
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    Threadripper Pro soon "available" at retail, Asus making mobo Lakados will be excited.
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    Earthquake potentially disrupts display panel supply I'm glad I just bought my CX48.
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    Overkill? Too much load on pump?

    My "case" is a Lian Li DK05 desk. It has space for 2 ATX systems and 3x360mm radiators plus 1x480mm radiator. I did have 2 systems, each with a custom loop using 2 radiators each. I recently did an X570 build to replace the X470 and removed the trusty X58 system on the other side, with it's...
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    Vintage barn find!

    Epox EP-6VBA Pentium II 300 SL2W8 ATI 9800 Pro Cleaned out one of the stalls we were using for random crap storage. Might find out if it still works, but I'll have to find an ATA hard drive and some SDRAM.
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    Intel using Samsung to fab Xe graphics?

    Hope it's not the 8mm node.
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    Navi 21 XT to clock up to 2.4GHz And supposedly there is an XTX version with higher performance. With the 5700XT clocking around 2GHz, that's a 20% clock increase on top of the doubled compute units.
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    Death Stranding bundled with RTX Would that make it the most advanced, RTX enabled walking simulator? Did Death Stranding come close to living up to the hype?
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    OOS [Warm] Asus Prime X570-P in stock @ Newegg $150 Pretty bare bones board, but lowest price I've seen for X570. Should be able to OC a 3950X with "mild" airflow on the VRM. OOS again.
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    Zen3 coming in 2020 Apparently the rumor of a delay until 2021 was unfounded. I've been trying to wait for Zen3 to upgrade my 2700X.
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    A moment of silence, please...

    ...for my EVGA X58 SLI motherboard. She wasn't feeling well last week, and locked up. I restarted and she came back, but then locked up a couple days later. This time a restart only resulted in the POST code display reading "FF", the fans spinning, but no startup. A different power supply...
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    PSA: Windows 7 support ends tomorrow, Jan 14, 2020 Does this mean Microsoft will quit trying to force telemetry onto Win 7 installs?
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    TSMC, Global Foundries end litigation Edit:. Extensive cross-licensing. Perhaps GF will be able to use TSMC's 7nm process?
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    Batch rename with powershell running multiple times with one command

    I got a vehicle that already has a decent head unit, so I kept it and upgraded amps and speakers. The problem with the head unit is it only recognizes 255 folders on a USB stick. The USB stick I use for my music has 800+ folders; one for each artist, then inside that one for each album by that...
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    MSI 15.6" laptop 8750H/1070 $1349 Newegg (code & MIR) $1449 -$50 MIR -$50 email discount code EMCEEPV56 Not a super slim laptop, but full strength 1070 (not...
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    LG 38" 24:10 (NOT 21:9) 3840x1600 Ultrawide impressions

    Brief recap of prior post: I've been trying to find an upgrade for my triple 30" 2560x1600 monitor setup for months. What I really want won't exist for several years (if ever), but I think I found an acceptable compromise in a 38" LG ultrawide with 3840x1600 resolution. I bought the 38BC99-W...
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    Sick of waiting - bought an LG 38CB99-W

    The 38CB99-W appears to be the "business" model of the 38UC99-W. Identical specs and a 3 year warranty on the CB vs 1 year on the UC. These also appear to be the same as the newer 38WK95C-W (38BK95C-W for "business"), with the exception that the newer model has HDR. All of the LG 38"...
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    Tweaking FSB on X470/2700X?

    I've set my FSB to 103.3 to get the 2700X to boost up to 4490 MHz and get my 3200 CAS 14 DDR4 to 3300 MHz. The RAM got a bump to 1.4V, but the CPU voltage is left on Auto. The board is an X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming and the RAM is Team Dark Pro (B die). Cooling is a custom loop with the GPU and...
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    FS: PNY GeForce GTX 1070

    I have 3 PNY 1070 cards. UPS ground shipping to contiguous 48 is included. Payment accepted via Paypal. Ships upon receipt of payment. Shipping from 80917. PNY GTX 1070: $650 ea
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    Good compression fittings?

    I went with Phobya fittings when I was buyiing parts for 2 loops because I needed a lot of fittings and they were cheaper than the others available. I got the first loop assembled, and for the second loop I incorporated some Koolance QD3s. Working with the Phobya fittings sucked - it takes a...
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    This cannot be correct: 100MH/s Claymore 1080 Ti

    I got my custom loop for my 6700K/1080 Ti assembled today. On air, the 1080 Ti was getting around 35.5 MH/s on Eth with Claymore. With water, it's reading 100 MH/s. At stock speed it was reading 86 MH/s. I don't believe it, but why would it be reporting those speeds?
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    New reports: Ryzen 2 and 400 chipsets launching March 2018

    Sourced from a Japanese retailer site.
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    AMD Drivers - no GPU workload I asked on the AMD vid card forum and got no replies, maybe somebody here has an answer. I get no "GPU workload" tab on the Adrenalin or Crimson drivers for Sapphire RX 580 Pulse 8GB. Anybody know how I can set the flag to block chain?
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    AMD Adrenalin - no GPU Workload tab

    As shown below, the Adrenalin drivers are missing the GPU Workload tab that's supposed to be under Gaming->Global Settings. It doesn't show with the Crimson driver, either. Sapphire Pulse RX 580. WTF?
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    Jumping in with both feet: 2 systems, 2 loops

    Over the summer I reconfigured my setup, incorporating my Linux and Windows systems into a Lian Li DK-05 desk. I carried over my Corsair h105 and Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 240, but the DK-05 has room for 2x360mm radiators in the front, and 1x360mm + 1x480mm in the back. Since Corsair is...
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    Once ETH goes to Proof of Stake, what will be the next coin to mine on GPU?

    The projection is that in November, Ethereum will go to proof of stake, making GPU mining obsolete. So, what cryptocurrency do we think will be the next to gobble up the available GPU supply?
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    How big is ETH block chain? Downloading over 2 weeks!

    I started downloading the Ethereum block chain on June 7. As of this AM it's on block 391XXX and 36+ GB of disk space. I'm on cable that routinely tests 175Mb download, and the PC is on 802.11ac at 833Mb (still need to run Cat6 through the house). Is this close to normal?
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    So much for Windows 10 Enterprise being free of MS spyware

    Even the Enterprise version of Win10 ignores configuration settings.
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    What kind of Newegg bullshit is this?

    EVGA 1080s listed in stock. I add to cart and go to checkout. Refresh. Repeat. Refresh. Repeat. Etc. WTF!?!?!?!?
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    It's June 4. No Strix 1080 to be found.

    Asus is meeting the standard Nvidia set for the 1080 launch.