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    Should I install VMWare Workstation on my Optane SSD?

    Do I need to install the VMWare workstation on my optane SSD to see the performance improvements or can that be installed on a regular SSD while the actual VMs are on the Optane?
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    Best NVMe SSD for VMWare workstation?

    That's the info I was looking for, thank you!
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    Best NVMe SSD for VMWare workstation?

    Thank you, I forgot about Optane. I will look into getting one but it looks like they aren't made anymore. Can't find anywhere where they still sell them, and I'm not sure I trust ebay shipped from China Optane 900Ps. I don't really have a problem with crashes and corruption, and if that did...
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    Best NVMe SSD for VMWare workstation?

    I'm currently running a SATA SSD and it seems to me that performance can be improved for 4x VMs. Would an NVMe SSD improve performance? I've looked at a few benchmarks, maybe I'm reading them wrong but it looks like NVMes have a cache that allows them to run fast for a short duration and then...
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    ASUS TUF Mark1 Z270 stopped booting after upgrading ram

    Hello, I had a gskill 16gb kit that I tried to upgrade to a 32gb corsair kit. Both are the same in terms of frequency 1.35v @ 3200mhz. As soon as I put in the new kit, I cant get into bios. The DRAM Q-LED is on. I tried putting the old Gskill ram back in and it doesn't work with that now...
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    Super Cheap Chinese eBay RAM, help me check it!

    I get that, but why am I writing down and subtracting RAM A from RAM B? If I want to know capacity of the cheap RAM, I can just check it in BIOS or Windows, right?
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    Super Cheap Chinese eBay RAM, help me check it!

    I hear you, I was just thinking there has to be some catch, either with capacity or something else... Why are people always so afraid to buy Chinese RAM from eBay?
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    Super Cheap Chinese eBay RAM, help me check it!

    I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about... What am I missing here?
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    Super Cheap Chinese eBay RAM, help me check it!

    I am looking to purchase 8GB of DDR2-800 ram from a Chinese eBay seller because the price is pretty cheap. I will say this first, I have purchase cheap Chinese ram before, and it has worked 100% stable without any problems/blue screens for 3+ years, so I know they CAN be legit. Nonetheless I...
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    Core i7 6700K CPUTIN vs Core Temps

    Getting 34 C core temps at around 15-20% load, and under CPUTIN it's saying 61 C. I know the CPUTIN is generally higher, but by almost 30 degrees C? I thought it was supposed to be a difference of about 10 degrees. Anyone know what to make of this?
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    MSI Z270 Gaming M3, Mobo making Rattling noise.

    It seems like the noise does vary, but it's not dependent on CPU load (tried running Prime95 and it wasn't making the noise at 100% load). When I play a game, that's usually when it makes the noise, when out of a game then there is no noise at all. You'd think then it would be the graphics card...
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    MSI Z270 Gaming M3, Mobo making Rattling noise.

    My mobo is 1 week old and I'm hearing a very strange rattling noise as though a fan's bearings are defective. I have checked every case fan, the CPU cooler fan, the GPU fan and the PSU fan, none of them are responsible for making the noise. What on earth could be making this noise, sounds...
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    MSI Z270 Gaming M3, 2 issues.

    Couple of issues I'm having. First thing is when I set my LED options on my keyboard, they never save after I turn off my computer. Didn't have this issue with my ASUS mobo. Secondly, my primary drive that windows is installed onto is an SSD. I have a secondary hard drive that I use just for...
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    Would a SSD Drive work with old Core2Duo + mobo?

    I was thinking of upgrading a really old PC with a cheap 60GB SSD. The CPU is the 6400 Core2Duo and it's on a MSI G31TM-P21 mobo. Probably uses the old SATA connection, but would it still work?