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    Iron Meat: Contra III The Alien Wars Style Game

    Music is meh but other than that pretty good. Demo is out and free.
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    Nazaralth - Souls Like?

    Looks like a souls like game and there isn't much information on this yet but the trailer looks pretty good
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    Warhammer 40k Escape Room (Can be played online)

    Not really a PC game, it's one of those escape rooms. But you can book live online sessions on the PC! Seems somewhat interesting if you are into 40k.
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    EVGA 3070 In Stock @ 689 Get them while they are there.
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    Spiritual Sequel To The Old DOS Warhammer 40k Chaos Gate: Daemon Hunters Not much information yet. Chaos Gate was/is pretty good and interesting, good to have more of this.
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    Darktide: Vermintide (same team) but in 40K IG vs Chaos Cultists Not much information out yet. It's pretty much Vermintide in 40k. Looks like you're playing as an Imperial Guard Squad vs Chaos Cultists (and the associated plague zombies, mutants, and other stuff) in the lower and under...
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    Scripting To Run a File At Startup In Powershell

    Looking to do a pretty basic script that does the following: Looks at a specific folder on a specific drive and gets a file. Copies said file to the documents folder. Runs that file. Specifically I'm looking to copy a PowerPoint presentation over and have it start. The goal is so I can dump...