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    [Warm] Samsung 980 Pro 2TB M.2 2280 PCIe Gen 4.0 x4 NVMe @ $249.99 with and/or without the heatsink

    Not much to say, title speaks for itself. Edit: Deal is now down to 34% off without heatsink and 38% off with the heatsink making both version the same price of $249.99
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    [Steam] ARK: Survival Evolved free for a limited time

    ARK is currently free on Steam for a limited time. Grab it if you missed it free on EGS all that time ago. Just noticed there is already another thread, locking this one. Mods please delete.
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    (DEAD) Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty Alloy Steel Drill and Screw Driver Bit Set (192-Piece) $43.99

    This is for those of us who got that M18 impact driver deal a few days ago, 60% off regular price. 3 days left on this deal according to Home Depot website. SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty Alloy Steel Drill and Screw Driver Bit Set (192-Piece) Edit: New price is 56% off, this is still a good deal. Edit...
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    Brace yourself for ray tracing in new games being AMD or Nvidia exclusive Isn't this a move that should be criticized? Imagine if it had been Nvidia the one who had done this.
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    Wafer on Wafer layering

    Just read this today and instantly thought of all the talk about AMD leveraging their infinity fabric on GPUs; and well, there goes that idea. This will hopefully be a big boon for both GPU makers, but as things stand right now Nvidia will still rule the roost until AMD manages to come up with...