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    Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q9400 for 159 @ microcenter

    u guys think the price would still go lower since memorial day is like 2 weeks from now? :D
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    Post your HeadPhones!

    ^i like the bed ^_^
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    Need help quick!!

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    What can I buy to carry my HUGE laptop in?

    try slappa's Velocity Pro Spyder its out of order at the moment, but that will be my bag for my lappy :D
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    Senn HD600

    the A900 sound pretty good without an amp. I used to own one, and they are very comfortable.
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    What kind of Headphones do you own?

    Grado 325i Sennheiser HD201
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    Post your HeadPhones!

    just arrived yesterday :D
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    quick question before I format

    im backing up all my files right now, putting all of them unto my slave drive. I have some of the drivers in it as well(vid card, soundcard, network card). when I finish formatting, will the slave drive appear right away? so i could install the drivers. thanks.
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    DOD:S problem?

    ^^^ same here.... all servers are full :(.
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    suggestion for cheap headphone

    the AKG K26P is not bad for portable use(I have one), but the sound is a bit muddy though, so keep that in mind.
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    suggestion for cheap headphone

    Sennheiser HD201 :D
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    bump for you :D. if only you were a week early :(
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    Anybody heard of Grado?

    honestly, I dont know since I never tried a Pimeta before :(.
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    Anybody heard of Grado?

    MisterX, have you tried your grado with a Millet Hybrid amp? :D. do they have good synergy? I wanna know before selling my Gilmore Lite for the Millet :p.
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    Post your HeadPhones!

    just got my Grado 325i :D and to make it more comfortable, I ordered a Beyer DT770 Headband pad. still deciding if i should get the Senn 414 pads or the C-pads. saturnine, went with 325i's instead of the new HF-1 :p. I have the bowls reversed, and I actually like the sound, but its a...
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    New DRebel Thread (w/pics)

    damn! I love the eye pic :). very beautiful.
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    Forceware 78.11 Betas

    this solved my WMP problems, but I haven't checked VLC yet since I rarely use it anymore. Media Classic Player is so much better than VLC :p. thanks for the tip :).
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    Canon 5D --- canon's new DSLR

    it seems there's another new canon DSLR :D hahahaha........ lol :p. I'd hit it!
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    FS: Canon EOS 20D Kit

    man, I hate being broke :(. nice camera :D.
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    Canon 5D --- canon's new DSLR

    5D confirmed! And a nice new L lens - Canon 24-105 f4L L IS USM
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    Canon 5D --- canon's new DSLR

    have you guys heard about this? do you think this would atleast knock the 20D a few hundred dollars down? - 12.8 MP, full frame, no support for EF-S lenses - Rear LCD 2.5" / 230K pixels - RGB Histogram - Spot metering - 9 point AF + 6 "invisible" AF points - No built-in flash...
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    Sigma 18-200mm

    gotcha :). I still like the pictures though.
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    Help Klipsch Promedia 5.1 problem

    im also having a problem with one of the speakers. the rear right doesn't have sound, the other 4 are fine, and also the bass. I dont think its my speaker because I tried a different one, and it had sound, so I guess the amp is the problem?
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    Sigma 18-200mm

    why are you shooting at ISO 400? that seems a bit high.
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    WTB: Half Life 2, Doom 3, dx9 video card, Wireless mouse and/or keyboard, 80 mm fans

    got DOOM3. only played it a couple of times, and got bored pretty fast. I uninstalled it the next day. pm me if you're interested.
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    Cable or DSL for on-line gaming ?

    get FIOS if its offered in your area. I had cable, then switched to FIOS(15Mbps/2Mbps) when it was available. sooooo much faster, my ping when Im gaming is in single digits :D.
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    F/S 10 CPU's and some HD's

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    New Drebel, pics from Spain

    I like the last one as well :). quick question on Rebel XT owners: does it not bother you guys that the mono LCD is not on top(like with the 20D)? it also does not have the dial thingy :(. i find it easier to change settings with those 2 on top. its whats really keeping me from getting one.
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    heres mine: planning on redoing my watercooling setup soon. I'd probably replace the old swiftech block with the new swiftech Storm, and also add my vidcard to the loop. the fans on my rad are a pair of Sanko Denki's, good thing I have a fan controller because they are a bit noisy at...
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    New DRebel Thread (w/pics)

    completely OT: but I just wanna make sure, the 350D=Rebel XT, right?
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    Show off your best pics!

    ^^^that last pic is very beautiful :eek:
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    Does your digital camera shoot instantly?

    agree :D. I've been using my digital cam straight for a week, then switched back to my SLR. I was like, "whoa", no shutter lag. my digital lags like a mofo.
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    Fireworks shots? How to setup?

    I'll be using my N90s for shooting fireworks tonight w/ 28-105mm lens. thanks very much :D.
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    Fireworks shots? How to setup?

    this gonna sound very stupid, but how do you set your focus to infinity?
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    Fireworks 2005 - post your pics!

    damn those are nice!!! :D. the fireworks has already started?
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    Fireworks shots? How to setup?

    I see. I'l probably get as close as possible if i can. thanks very much for help guys :D, I really appreciate it. Horse and BillyLee: very nice pictures :D.
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    Fireworks shots? How to setup?

    I also got an Olypus digital, but mine is the C-4000. having a bit of a hard time learning the manual settings on this thing :( (also a newbie as well :p). instead, I'll be using my N90s for shooting fireworks, but I also got a question though, what's a good lens to use? right now I have a...
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    Show off your best pics!

    my first attempt at using my crappy Olympus C-4000(still learning how to use this at Manual mode :p )
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    Post your Weather pics! (56K warning)

    what program do you guys use to put borders on your pictures?
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    Which high-end headphone do YOU want?

    DT-880's :p. I've been interested in them for a while now :D.