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    Your "Californistan" comment made me laugh. And we should be spreading more red pills to everyone!

    Your "Californistan" comment made me laugh. And we should be spreading more red pills to everyone!
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    Anyone use the Sennheiser GAME ZERO headset?

    I have the game one and I think my audio technica ath ad700 sounds way better. There's a much wider Soundstage and it is far more comfortable to wear. Wish I just went with a decent stand up mic of some kind. Used to have the Zalman clip-on mic and hated that as it would pick up everything...
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    LG Announces World’s First 21:9 Freesync Monitor

    I want a 120hz monitor for the no motion blur, screen tearing was never much of a concern for me.
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    Best video card for Q9400?

    750ti seems like the best option from Nvidia camp. I have a gtx 660 and it was bottlenecks by my 3.2ghz q6600. I just built a small computer with a g3258 and reusing my 660 improved my framerates in WoW and LoL by a pretty good margin. 660 is supposed to be a little more powerful than a 750ti.
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    Black Holes Do Not Exist

    Not peer-reviewed.
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    Would you take $85 for the Cooler Master v700?

    Would you take $85 for the Cooler Master v700?
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    AMD Responds to R9 290 Series Performance Variance

    Stop feeding the troll.
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    LED vs Plasma. Why is LED so much more expensive?

    Is that a Kuro Elite? I remember when I first laid my eyes on it. Couldn't believe the black levels.
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    GTX 680 In Stock Thread

    Gigabyte currently in stock And it's gone.
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    Happy with my GT

    hey a little off topic, what kind of ram is that pc3500? and what mobo are u using?
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    FX5900XT or 5700 Ultra

    5900xt!! i used to have a 5900ultra, well i still do but it's dead. there is a big difference between 128-bit and 256-bit. graphics look better on the 5900xt and the performance is much greater. you can flash or overclock it and run it at about 5900ultra performance levels. i don't know how well...
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    More On Fx5900xt

    don't raise the agp voltage, you'll hurt the card and probably the agp port along with it. if you want to add more voltage you have to look into the volt mods. if you search around i'm sure you'll find some instrutctions on how to do it. i wouldn't recommend it since it requires some experience...
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    5900xt Questions

    xfx 5900xt. i scored 6700 in 3dmark03. i believe the xfx is cheaper as well.
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    Ati and nvidia

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    Well this sucks...but I wonder if this showed me that nvidia is tougher than ati.

    WOW!? i'm really amazed...water doesn't seem to affect computer parts? hell if my computer worked after being in a pool of water i'd prolly have a heart attack. if i live i'll probably marry the damn thing! well i feel a lot safer with my computer now, not having to worry about liquid destroying...
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    More On Fx5900xt

    i have the vantec pci fan too...i also have arctic silver 5 on my gpu. i would have it on my ram too but i swear those heatsinks are impossible to take off without taking the whole ram chip with it.
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    More On Fx5900xt

    its from XFX or also known as Pine. it's not a regular 5900, it's a 5900xt.
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    FarCry SM3.0 patch benchmarked

    has anyone seen the comparison between the 2 screenshots i posted earlier?
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    FarCry SM3.0 patch benchmarked

    notice something when comparing the 2 pictures? look behind the phone on the desk. optimizations ;)
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    More On Fx5900xt

    Here are the pics: I even raised the memory clock a little: Here's my score after benchmarking: a little side note: my card is currently running at agp4x, i haven't taken the time to figure out how to get it back. i know it has something to do with my flash to 5950u...
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    More On Fx5900xt

    umm...okay, i guess i'll prove it to you. i gotta bump up the clocks again though, since i don't run those on a daily basis. and i'll take some screenshots for ya.
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    More On Fx5900xt

    i can run my card 500/970 stable on 5950u bios.
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    More On Fx5900xt

    xfx 5900xt's take up 2 slots. not because the hsf is too big, but because the plate goes over the agp and pci slot (the part where you screw in)
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    post your 5900XT OC's/3DMarks

    Maker: XFX (Pine) Card: 5900xt Stock Spd: 400/800 OC Spd: 476/950 Cooling: AS5, stock heatsink/fan, 2 small fans sitting on back of card 3D scores/Aquamark scores: 6617/53k
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    Which Graphic Card Should I buy for $300?

    if you can't wait, i'd recommend a 5900xt. IMO they're the best mid-range cards for their performance/price. pick one up at for about $180.
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    Your nVidia 5900XT's Overclocks

    XFX 5900xt @ 478/928 i can run the clocks @ 508/948, but i lose performance with the high memory, and the high gpu clock causes games to lockup sometimes so i lowered it a bit.
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    fps in cs

    <--- 180-240 fps with 8x AF and 4x AA :D 5900xt -developer 1 -fps_max 999 turn off vsync in video card settings.
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    Mushkin Dual Channel (2x256) pc3500

    Anybody have this? NOT the BLACK version, just Mushkin Level One Dual Pack 184 Pin 512MB(256MBx2) DDR PC-3500. If you have it, can you post your specs? motherboard, ram timings, ram speed, cpu & cpu speed. I'm curious to know how well this ram overclocks.
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    Aquamark3 Showdown!!

    lmao, oops. MUSHKIN! i always seem to put that letter G at the end when i spell MUSHKIN. i guess it's a habit for spelling king? oh well, still waiting for ram though. i have to order by using a check :-/ dad doesn't trust the internet so he won't use credit card or anything else. i'm...
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    Bad Fps in Counter Strike

    if vsync was on he wouldn't be getting 100fps in the first place. and you CAN tell the diff between 100fps and 60fps. BIG difference. turning your cl_updaterate and cl_cmdrate to the max will raise your ms and give you choke and possibly loss. those settings are used for LAN games. having too...
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    Aquamark3 Showdown!!

    this is cool, i got a 5 page thread going! heh, even though it's not all related to the same topic (aquamark scores) but that's ok. i'm flexible, nice to see this thread to keep going. let's keep the scores coming though! i just ordered my dual channel 512mb of mushking ram today :D so i'll be...
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    Aquamark3 Showdown!!

    IYIENACE, what settings did you use on your video card? did you use application controlled? your computer score kills mine :-/ when i get better ram i'll have to do some benchmarks all over again.
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    Aquamark3 Showdown!!

    ok after reading popcorn's post i re-did some benchmarking and took some SS. i don't have anywhere to host it so i just posted it on here's a link: well popcorn, your settings are 100% default then either...
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    Aquamark3 Showdown!!

    Hey everyone, I'd like to see what is the best score you can possibly score on Aquamark3. I want to include ATi and nVidia cards in it. I would prefer that you use benchmark #1 on aquamark, and leave the settings at default. i'll start off with mine Score: 51,043 CPU: P4 2.4 @ 3.15...
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    5900XT by eVGA, MSI, or XFX?

    i just received my xfx 5900XT this morning and i've been benchmarking and overclocking all day today. my card is overclocked to 499core and 903mem (from 390 and 800). i got 51k in aquamark3 and 6617 in 3dmark03. my max overclock was about 509 and 911 but it gave me lower scores in aquamark so i...