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    Tesla Model S Stolen with a Tablet

    Also, of note all of the Tesla's have received an update to have a PIN code to drive the car. So, if enabled you have to enter the code for the car to move.
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    Samsung Laughs at Apple’s Dongles in Latest Galaxy S9 Ads

    This is pretty funny, but who hasn't moved to Bluetooth. Apple has IQ charging now, so no dongles required. Plus, have you ever tried to call Samsung for support or get an RMA? Then their is this....
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    Southern NH/Northern Mass Ryzen Owners Need Help

    Inacurate hooked me up and let me use his CPU from his box.
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    Southern NH/Northern Mass Ryzen Owners Need Help

    I called a few shops and none of them was willing for less then $60. I will have to do the boot kit if no one helps.
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    Southern NH/Northern Mass Ryzen Owners Need Help

    I'm trying to put together my new box over the long weekend, but I hit snag. My motherboard needs a BIOS update before it will post with a 2600X. I would be extremely grateful if someone with a Ryzen, or other AM4 CPU would let me borrow it just long enough to flash the BIOS. Post / PM me if...
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    WTB: iPhone SE(s)

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    Benchmarks Of The $5 Raspberry Pi Zero

    Here, I fixed the problem for you.
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    Cool Video of the Day

    This is really cool, I feel bad for the model though. Having a projector shining in your face is awful. Maybe some heavily tinted contacts?
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    Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Tesla

    Tell that to Paul Walker
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    Silen Flux

    Question: Why would you spend so much time on the inside of the case and then seal it closed with the side panels that you can't see though? What about replacing the large cut outs with some slightly tinted acrylic or polycarbonate? It's looking go though...
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    Help Installing a driver into a Linux Kernel

    I need to compile the alx drivers as "built-in" to the kernel.
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    Help Installing a driver into a Linux Kernel

    Hey guys I really need some help getting some drivers complied into a Linux kernel, I' running Ubuntu 13.04 w/sources for 3.8.0-25. Though I can download any other kernel if it helps. I use a computer imaging utility called FOG, it's great and allows me to image a whole lab of computers...
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    Euclideon (Unlimited Detail Technology) Status Update...

    Either you don't quite understand how a PC works or your nitpicking words. You can't load graphics from a hard drive directly onto the screen. You need to load it into the frame buffer before it can be displayed. So, when he says it goes to memory it using the RAM to display the graphics not for...
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    How to Pick the Perfect Video Game

    I received the correct answer for both don't want to think (Rock Band and want to think (Portal).
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    Crysis 3 Confirmed

    If EA is involved in any way, then it's going to suck. We will get shorted in some way, or it will end up half done and we will never see a patch. Plus we won't be able to buy it on Steam and it will have EA's lame copy protection crap built in.
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    Apple CEO Tim Cook Donates $100M to Charity

    While this is a great gesture, 100m to Apple is pretty much nothing. It would be like someone who makes around 100k a year giving out a $20.
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    PBX/Softphones/External Connection Issues

    Is the Elastix Box front facing or behind a firewall? Have you tried turning IPTABLES off to test? Your post could use a bit more information.
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    Trouble with PPTP VPN and MS Domain

    Hey guys I'm running into some PPTP VPN Issues with windows and my domain. I wanted to know if anyone was had any ideas. So, we have a 2003/2008 hybrid domain and everything normally works fine. But recently I setup a VPN so users could access our phone system using DD-WRT & PPTP. Before...
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    AMD "Bulldozer" FX Model 8150 CPU Overclocking Preview @ [H]

    I do see the big deal of hitting 8.xx GHz, the machines didn't boot at that speed they were just changing the multiplier in the OS. If they ran at 8.xx GHz and were able to post and boot at that speed that would be one thing, but changing the multiplier until it blue screens means nothing.
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    Robot That Learns From Experience

    The fact it can learnfrom the internet and maybe someday google. That's a bit scary! Google = Skynet!
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    Making A Robot Dance For a Summer Research Project

    Oops forgot the link. ‪Team 1986 Guitar Hero Robot - Cliffs of Dover Expert‬‏ - YouTube
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    Making A Robot Dance For a Summer Research Project

    This is less then impressive, at 1.5 seconds a motion the robot won't be very good. Also some moves require both feet and doen't look like it can do that. I offer this example as a better example of both vision and robotics.
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    How Dare Mercedes, Google Exec Use Apple's 'Magical'?

    What the hell is so "magical" about this software? 1. Calculate how fast your closing in on the car in front of you. 2. IF Your closing too quickly, send message to braking computer apply brakes proportionally to the rate of required deceleration. Done
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    Used Games To Require $10 "Passport" To Play Online

    All I have to say is UbiSoft can suck my ballz. I'll never buy a game from them again after the shit with Splinter Cell Chaos Theory and "Star-Force" protection.
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    Hot? OCZ Vertex 2 EX 120GB for 159.99$

    It's one thing to be a rebate it's another to require another purchase to get it. Gay!
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    The good old Q6600

    I don't spend a lot of time in the forums, but I just figured I'd pop in and see what was going on in proc land. I'm very happy to see this thread, and despite upgrading on my mind, this thread confirms my feeling I have no real reason to do so. So, props to the old Q6600 for being one hell of...
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    The Most Common iPhone Passcode is 1234

    I knew it! I'm surrounded by assholes!
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    Antimatter Trapped for 16 Minutes

    Space! Gonna Goto Space! Space! Space! Love Space! Hey, Hey, Lady, Space!
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    Duke Nukem Forever Gone Gold

    I pre-ordered with Steam, I can't wait!
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    Mythbuster + Cage Dancing + Tesla Coils = Wow

    Grant did this last year at VeX Robotics Chanpionships in Texas.
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    Activision Kills 'Guitar Hero' Franchise

    Rock Band > Guitar Hero
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    Physical Books Will Be Gone in 5 Years?
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    Mozilla Provides Glimpse at Futuristic 'Seabird' Concept Phone

    The batteries must made out of unobtainium!
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    Don’t Try This At Home

    I've seen ArcAttack! a few times and those coils are pretty cool. They also have a robotic band that plays with them. The one of the guys looks like 'dark' a mad scientist.
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    Bill Gates & Toshiba in Talks on Small Nuclear Reactor

    I can't wait to tweak my home reactor! "I moved the control rods up .001" and got an extra 500watts from it."
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    PSA: Keep USB Cords Away From Children

    USB is 500ma at 5v, this definitely not enough to cause burns. I be the mother did something stupid and lied about the cause.
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    Class 3 Zombie Outbreak Simulator

    20 Fast Zombies vs 15000 People 10% armed 10% accuracy From the South 1 minute infection time 8 Police at 60% Zombies are winning.
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    Dell Announces Poor Quarterly Report, Stock Falls

    I'm willing to bet very few people at Dell have retirement fund unless they are upper management. Dell goes through people as fast as they ship out computers, they are the definition of turnover.