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    Force Feedback Steering Wheel

    another owner of a momo force logitech setup. my only wish is that it had a bit more solid feel and some more degrees of rotation, but its by far your best bet for your budget. i found that race 07 is REALLY fun and provides a great experience with the wheel. you can feel when the front tires...
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    First-time smartphone user for AT&T

    hey, ive got a tilt (on it right now) and it would fit exaclty what youre looking for. i dunno what curent pricing but i managed to get it for 39.99 after MIR from newegg :P it required a 6 month data plan tho at that price. haha i was like you too and didnt think i would use the data, but...
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    FEAR 2 impressions

    I knew this game wouldn't bring anything technically new to the plate, but did i like it? I loved it. +1 Frostex You have to think of fear2 as a movie of sorts. you're not there to be creative with how you accomplish things (which always ends in you completing things the same way...
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    B!0H@Z@Rd Photoshoots (Alameda/San Fransisco, Ca) 56k=NO!

    i recognize that chick lol. i'm lunchbox3904 on deviantart. nice shots man ;)
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    "gaming" keyboard

    while i dont see much hype about it, i suggest atleast taking a look at the everglide dktboard. i got one and while most people will reem it for its typing feel, it's nothing you can't get used to and i don't get the impression that any of the keys will break or anything like that. other than...
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    Mozilla Mobile

    dude im right with you. on it right now actually lol. opera mobile has gotten way too bloated for my poor tilt.
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    What's a good website to buy a phone from?

    i got my tilt from newegg cause they had the best prices so you may wanna check them out. they actually have a really smooth ordering process if you do get a new plan too.
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    Nikon Vs Sigma

    here's a review on the sigma........i'm pretty sure it's the walk around I'll be getting, especially considering the price tag. and the price difference is quite a bit bigger than $140 too. beach camera has it for $340 shipped and the nikon is $625 shipped. (maybe ur looking elsewhere)
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    Help me decided please

    i used to work at bestbuy in the camera department and all i did was mess with em when it was slow and i always enjoyed the P80 the most. the stabilizer works incredibly well and the menus are easy to fly through. the sony seemed to have a sluggish interface and wasn't always the most...
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    Intel Core i7 920 Overclocking and Heat @ [H]

    awesome.....thanks :)
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    Intel Core i7 920 Overclocking and Heat @ [H]

    What song is that at the beginning of the video!! pretty badass :D lol great video as well. really enjoying all of them. :)
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    Mercenaries 2, Gears of War [PC]

    Just a couple games to sell. Both come with boxes and manual. Buyer pays shipping. Offers welcome. Mercenaries 2 - 25 Gears of War - 15 Heatware email: zach [at] pixel-perspective [dot] com
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    WAR Screenshots!!

    Protip #2: we're in a screenshot thread.
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    PC Gamer Far Cry 2 Review

    lol. HL2 taught me never to make that mistake again. watched so many vids and looked at every screen shot.......kinda spoils a suspensful release. that said..........cannot wait for this!!!!!!! im hoping its kind of a more tactical, prettier, refined merc2
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    WAR Screenshots!!

    the reason everyone is surprised it looks like wow, is because that was where it was suppose to differ the most (alongside the pvp aspect). i have to admit, it looks rediculously close to all that hype and praise about it being "wow's replacement" makes that fact pretty funny...
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    HTC Touch HD

    i think i might super glue that screen to my tilt if the phone doesn't appear in the us :P
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    What phone do you have?

    hell yea.....that's what im rockin too. got a cooked windows mobile 6.1 rom on there. have a car mount with an adapter that charges and sends audio to the aux in on my stereo, all tucked within the dash. finally, easy streaming in my car :)
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    fps co-op games?

    me and my buddy are gonna grab merc2 when it comes out. co-op in that kind of gameplay should be very fun :)
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    is this a good psu?

    people dont take into account the fact that components are taking more and more power.......maybe we want to over do it now and be safe 2 or 3 years down the road without worry and not have to buy a new psu every upgrade. maybe im retarded, just my thoughts...
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    Looking into new cell phones with integrated WiFi. Any suggestions? (AT&T)

    wow, i almost mistook this for a thread i made. i had a d807 and upgraded. i was looking at the blackjack2 as well but went with the tilt. on it right now in fact at work lol. i cannot encourage it enough. its tough getting used to, but once its setup and customized, there's not much better.
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    GRID for PC?

    12 ppl on the michigan demolition derby was one of the most fun gaming experiences ever. :P i mainly got the game for its amazing drifting physics, but all the other stuff is really well done too imo (but im a racing game fanatic so dont ask me lol)
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    Antec Earthwatts 380

    he simply recommended a corsair cause they offer great performance for the money and they've been proven over and over to be great units. why wouldn't you recommend one.
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    Looking for a good 2.0 setup for $100 or less

    +1 to the insignias. I got em not too long ago and I always can't wait to hear some quality audio on them. the problem is, he would need to power them which would blow his budget.
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    free 3dmark 06 demo

    hahaha no kidding.
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    A Picture I Took - 2008

    love that alligator pic :)
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    You will want a sub at some point, but i could see having them as a 2.0 system for quite awhile. The detail and quality of the audio is so incredible compared to my old logitech z5300e (which are already a huge step up from yours). What i actually did was unplug all the satellites from my...
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    2 mouse one PC, Advisable?

    OP: pffffffft how come you got replies and I didn't?!?! asked the same question awhile ago. oh i know :D I plan on getting a MX620 for web design/casual use and then my diamondback for gaming.
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    Sharp Aquos 32" and 37" 1080p 899-1049 (Free Ship)

    Dunno if this is super hot, but looks like an awesome deal with free shipping so I'd thought I'd share.... 37" 1080p 32" 1080p
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    multiplatform games, Console or PC?

    Just plug in a X360 controller and off you go. acts just like a console. PC hands down :)
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    Average age of your fellow GAMERS

    more like ppl that can afford to game without their parents paying for it ;)
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

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    Super Budget 2.0 Speakers Under $20?

    probably is your best bet. i got the cheapest logitechs at the time for around that and i have been thoroughly impressed with their sound output.
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    Getting the hair on the back of your neck to stand up...

    Pendulum - Streamline Smashing Pumkins - doomsday clock Atreyu - Doomsday!!!!! :) linkin park and hyper QFT
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    Post your Speaker setup PICS!!!!!!

    Custom built desk :)
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    Post your workstation 2008 !

    glad to hear it :) I'm pretty set on the sub, just not sure which bookshelfs to go with. .........clever. lol
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    Post your workstation 2008 !

    hahahaha yea i need a new chair. thanks for the compliments on the audio stuff! believe or not, it was actually given to me with some huge matching pioneer floor speakers that are in the living room. It all sounds quite good too. The volume knob has a little static when adjusting it and...
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    Post your workstation 2008 !

    Thanks!! It's actually my first real wood project, i just took a very cautious approach to it and took all the time i needed. :) it's basically 2 pieces of 1/2" birch held up by 2x6" cheap fir. sanded the hell out it all down to 220 grit then treated the top with a single coat of natural...