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    Juniper SRX210H/220H?

    I have an asa5505 to lab with. Was looking at juniper recently, just for diversity. Are the SRX110 the entry level branch fw now? I saw some Dells FW which looked rebadged. However my friend told me dell bought out sonicwall, so would be pushing those now. SSG are vpn concentrators only...
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    Cisco 3560 questions.

    Cisco Config Professional will do Routers. Replaces the old SDM (like ASA's ASDM). Not sure if i can do switches however. Never used it myself. SSH/command line for me.
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    Using a Cisco VoIP phone at home

    If the phone is running SIP, then it has smarts in it, and just needs to register with registrar (provider). The cisco phones like to use skinny, which requires call manager to tell the phone what to do. You can get smartnet on the phone to install SIP firmware to get out of that. I...
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    TMG vs. Squid

    Last time i looked at caching, I found a lot of sites were dynamic and said not to cache. Also squid wouldnt cache youtube etc, had to buy some addon. Still doesnt cost much to implement, and a school 'needs' to have something doing access control.
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    I havent drunk the EMC koolaid yet. I read the book which struck chord with me on redundancy and backup/DR etc. Sat the exam because I didnt like Comptia Storage+ renewal policy. Learned a heap about SANs in the process. I asked about VNXe since it was priced for lower end of the market. Last...
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    Which power supplies turn off their fan at low loads? (running list)

    The cheaper seasonic have S2FC (Smart & Silent Fan Control) Havent checked if it turns off completely, but gets my tick. S12II. I have an Antec basiq 500 from years ago, that was sound loud i wanted to cry.
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    Hello, I have just sat the EMC ISA exam. I was wondering who here has deployed or sold the vnxe systems. I am interested to hear what requirements were, and what swayed your decision. I dont work for a partner so unlikely to actually touchone myself.
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    CCENT/CCNA [H] study group

    Videos are good. However, they all start to sound like muppets to me. They never go into very much detail, and sometimes they dont set things up properly (new terms). You really have to persevere with the books. I find stuff makes 'more' sense every time i go back to books. There is a lot of...
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    How To: Cisco Embedded Packet Capture

    I saw captures mentioned in the Orange covered Firewall book by cisco. First and only time for IOS device.
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    CCENT/CCNA [H] study group

    Which labs? I think you can handle switch with 2 2950 and 1 or 2 3550. I had 2x 2950 + 1x 3550 for practice.
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    Cisco SG500 Line

    @gabi: the 10 seconds isnt spanning tree / port fast listening for bpdu? @dragon: are these switches noisy? do they have fans? ive not heard of 5 gig links before. Is this watered down 10gig? or stacking cable only? im a bit wary of cisco small biz. saw a heap of earlier product reviews on...
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    Small Company Backup Plan

    15tb / 50 project = 300 gig each. I dont think any cloud will provide moments notice backup restoration. How fat are pipes there? Reminds me of this thread. Although your not 4k definition. You will probably find stuff from past 90 days needs to...
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    Cisco gear needs to get busy

    I would leave them for a home lab. I find real equipment is kinda noisy to have in home office. Best to hide in garage or closet. Also not fun to break routing when family want to use the internet =) The 2x switches will be good for getting hands on with switches. Setting up vlans and trunks...
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    How would you route two separate server rooms (switches)?

    definately bond the 4x cat6 into etherchannel between closets. Spanning tree would disable the other 3 otherwise. As mentioned. pick one switch in each closet to be distribution switch. port 44-48 between your two closet distribution switches. Have the remaining 2 acess layer switches uplink...
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    Virtual Learning Environment for Networking?

    Was going to second Packet Tracer. Only for academy students, but if its part of your degree, your entitled to get a copy. Otherwise, i used GNS3 for ccnp plus real switches for switch. Less hassle with noise and cabling. The Vmware cert need you to sit their authorised classes before exam...
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    New Toy: EMC CX3-20 SAN

    Is that just a Disk Array Enclosure (DAE) ? Are the caddies empty, and what connector are they? FC? I was wondering if you can use these with out emc s/w.
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    Book: cisco firewall/utm

    Oops. Just read today that they refreshed these exams. Ive been living under a rock at uni. Books i bought last xmas look to be outdated now, as they bumped OS to 8.4 if read this correctly. What Is New in Security Certifications...
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    Book: cisco firewall/utm

    There was an update due for Jazib's book. I thought was due for around now. But looks to have been bumped to 2013. Since the CCNP-security exam is for 8.2 the other new Security books arnt current. Can only suggest you look...
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    fah client v7 laggy

    I installed the v7 client the other day, and my computer becomes so slow to respond. Really makes my machine unusable. I remember having used the previous v6, and no dramas. Anyone have similar issues, and have suggestions? The new client has gpu running too. Old one was cpu only.
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    Thinking about going for Network & Security Program Technical School

    1. Does this program require you to have a strong Math skill? This wont be full on computer science you are taking. 2. What type of Math is involve in this? You need to understand subnetting, which requires binary math. 3. Are there a lot of programming involve in Networking &...
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    Why are modern browsers using so much memory?

    gigs you say? :eek:
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    Pitcairn Island to Double Bandwidth to 512kbps

    I used to work at a satellite isp, where customers were on 512k links. I think now they just open it wide up to 4mb, and encourage people to get bigger plans. In Australia a lot of isp shape your speed to 64kb if you hit your quota. A lot of satellite use in Africa, but the costs were...
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    Which flavor of virtualization is best for my home lab?

    I am doing the 2008 classes through university using ms curriculum. They use hyper-v of course to run virtual servers. The hosts use 500-700 meg of ram, so you can get 2 servers and client working in under 4gb. Esxi isnt a problem. I have it installed on a machine at home. You just...
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    My ZFS / Nexenta HA cluster build

    I find the numbering of drives in that picture odd. Was expecting top down, left to right, like reading a book. Not bottom up. Guess just me. It has leds to flash status right? error or offline?
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    Help me build a ZFS file server

    1GB per TB is for the deduplication tables. The more ram you can throw at zfs, it will use for caching disk reads. Toss up between whether you expect to benefit more from more cache, or dedupe.