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    I hate steam, anyone have someones contact info there?

    and make sure you fully submit the ticket and get a 12 digit confirmation number. if you don't get one then you didn't subit the ticket correctly. (after clicking submit you also have to click Finish)
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    gameplay wise its nothing like the original, but if you like the new grafix i guess you would like it.
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    BF2 Copy Protection Gripe

    Why would you use a cracked exe? you have already stated you have Install Disc 1. That is the disc you use to play the game. What is the problem here?
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    Insane kernel memory usage (Vista)

    Do you really need 85 processes running on your laptop?
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    Counterstrike Class Tables out of date?

    you have to go to your config file and enter something like cl_allowdownload 0
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    Red Orchestra

    so out of everyone who got a free trial pass, what do you think?
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    Counterstrike Class Tables out of date?

    if that QClan has a web site you might wanna check it out to see what kind of mods they might be running.
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    Counterstrike Class Tables out of date?

    scan for virus' and spyware too
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    Red Orchestra

    I love RO personally, its very hard at first and you will get frustrated, its hard to kill people and you will get killed a lot but once you get the hang of it the game is great, very immersive and intense. I love the tank maps, some people don't, some do. There is no crosshair, the weapons are...
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    Counterstrike Class Tables out of date?

    i've never seen anything like that before. have you installed any custom CSS content that was an .exe file or contained .dll files? i don't know that just looks suspicious to me.
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    Steam Community + SupCom ?

    The game has to support it. So basically no it won't work with non-steam games.
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    Out of PC gaming for a couple years now...Current games with the best graphics?

    The Orange Box & Battlefield 2, & Red Orchestra
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    standby VS hibernate VS shut down VS do nothing

    I also leave mine on 24/7, the monitor does go into standby after 1 hour though.
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    What's Causing BSOD's? (WXP 32BIT)

    disable automatic restart on system failure in windows then you should be able to read the BSOD and find the cause.
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    Counterstrike Class Tables out of date?

    Post a screenshot of the error. When you say reinstalled CS do you mean you right clicked it on your steam games menu and hit remove, or did you actually go and delete the gcf files and game folders? Try deleting your config also.
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    Counterstrike Class Tables out of date?

    are you trying to connect to your own server? according to steam support this error occurs when there has been an update to the game and the server hasn't been updated.
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    HELP! brand new Asus U6 is running absurdly slow

    its probably an old and used battery, a new one would probably run much better.
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    What I learned today about Vista

    bring a box to school w/vista and prove them wrong.
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    Problem with case and motherboard help!

    i think this is common and it will be ok if you push it a little.
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    COD vs BF1942 MP

    what version is everyone playing these days and how many people/servers are still around? i'm guessing i want the DCX Joint Arsenal version? someone let me know please i installed DC_Final and when i go to join a server i CTD. anyone know anything, am i missing any files? (punkbuster is updated)
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    desktop unresponsive

    Probably, but i don't have a clue why it would all of a sudden.
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    desktop unresponsive

    So i'm sitting here just browsing the regular sites that i always do and i close out my browser(IE). I go to click on my computer and nothing happens, i can't click on any desktop icons, i can't even right click on my desktop, anywhere, i can click on AIM and my sidebar, and the taskbar, that...
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    Windows XP Not Working Need Help Please...

    is your keyboard USB? have another keyboard to try?
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    COD vs BF1942 MP

    DC was so much fun, i loved playing El Alamein using the SCUD, that game had so many good maps too, flying was good too cause the maps were huge, hours of fun.
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    COD vs BF1942 MP

    anyone still play desert combat? what files do i need to play it? does it work on vista?
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    Top MUST PLAY games for a "true" gamer....

    Mortal Kombat (sega genesis) Goldeneye (N64) Half-Life (PC)
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    want cstrike:source

    I still think 1.6 is a better game as long as you don't care about graphics. Theres just something about the weapon behavior in CSS i can never get over, its just not the same.
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    My New 8800GTS G92

    CSS isn't going to change its settings to a new recommended setup. Just do it manually.
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    want cstrike:source

    It depends on what version you bought. CSS came with HL2 when HL2 was first released, but after so many months a stand alone HL2 came out and CSS no longer came with it. This is pretty much the case today. CSS is and has been for awhile a standalone game, $20 iirc.
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    So who's HAPPY with Vista SP1?!

    Installed yesterday, no problems at all.
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    Something I have never seen: Vista networking

    Some people have been having trouble with it because of IPV6 and had to disable it, but i have no idea if it has to do with your issue, im sure someone will chime in with more input.
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    How's ur experience with ?

    Used for 1 purchase and it was good, no problems at all.
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    Day of Defeat PLEASE HELP!

    try connecting to different servers? delete your config, a server admin may have set one of your keys to disconnect. also MrHood22, saying please be more vague would mean you want him to give less information. haha
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    free half life2

    I don't think its possible to have an extra EP2. Only EP1.
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    Keep getting kicked by PunkBuster...

    download that pbweb.exe updater and run it on the game in question.
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    woot off

    is that a walkie-talkie in a cowboy kit? lol
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    Why Microsoft should buy Steam...

    Valve's Steam is just great how it is now. I would never ever want to see another company buy out or even get involved in the Steam application itself. just to clarify: Steam is a program, Valve is the company that made/owns/runs it.
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    help to install counter strike source and steam

    start your computer in safe mode and try and uninstall it, then download AVG free or Avast antivirus and run it. (only one of them)
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    Help with name of game? Gun opens portal so you solve mazes

    Could you be talking about Portal?