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    Antec Overture Question / Small + Queit HSF

    I have my HTPC set up in an Overture right now, and I've got some experience with those Zalman CNPS7000A "flower" coolers. I'd say it probably will not fit based on the relation to the CPU socket placement on the A7N8X series. I've got the stock cooler running on a A7N266-VM and heck, I was...
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    Live HTPC Recording software?

    Well if you think of it more like a digital VCR there is a point. All you'd have to do would be to use DVD+-RW media and if you didn't have enough hard drive space, just pop in the media and go. Or if you don't care to spend the time editing stuff out you could just straight record to a...
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    Live HTPC Recording software?

    No Ideas huh? Norvac
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    Your HTPC OS Choice?

    Win 2kpro and Sage for me Norvac
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    What are my options for an audio remote?

    Anyone checked this thing out? Looks pretty cool with the remote having an LCD screen to view which songs you are choosing. Norvac
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    Live HTPC Recording software?

    Wondering if anyone has any leads on setting up HTPC systems to do live recordings. There are a lot of stand alone units for sale (lite-on, toshiba & panasonic) that are DVR units some with and some without hard drives. All of these units have the option to record direct to DVD much live a...
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    A7N8X Deluxe: 3Com LAN or Nvidia

    I like to use the Top (3 com) port because it seems to be more reliable. I used to have an Xbox connected to the second port and it would not connect sometimes, where as the 3 Com port never had any issues.
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    tips and tricks for the Abit IC7-MAX3

    I put a couple of these together a while ago, the only thing that I had problems with was pushing the memory. The memory that we started out with was the Muskin '222' special PC 3200 and no matter what this memory would not work in the board higher than like 5-5-5-8 timings or something crazy...
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    No Post/Power

    If the board only supports DDR 266 and nothing higher, then even though the memory can be slowed down in the BIOS, that doesn't mean the board will actually work with memory that is faster than the board is spec'd for. BUT you said it booted with a 500 mhz chip in? was that with the DDR 333...
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    can someone explain the ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe's features for me?

    I'd suggest getting the SATA drives if your going to get new drives. If not just for forward compatability, if you get two of them you can then run them in a RAID array. If you choose to do that then you can take and Stripe (Raid 0) the two drives which makes them run like one large hard...
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    Discontinued AMD Athlon XP's

    Anyone heard of this? I just spoke with my distributer at TechData, and AMD seems to have discontinued all processors prior to either the 2600+ or possibly 2700+, they weren't sure excatly where AMD will be putting the line at. They say there is no replacement, and prices on other processors...
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    Wierd problem with P4P800-E Deluxe

    So if you have to use the Promise controller, how do you have the BIOS set up in regards to the IDE config. Is your IDE operation mode set to compatablitiy or enhanced? Also how is the IDE port settings toggled, (Primary P-ATA & S-ATA, Secondary P-ATA & S-ATA, P-ATA ports only). And i'm sure...
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    A7N8X setup/config/troubleshoot FAQ

    Forgot to write about a current problem Hey okedoke I've got a very wierd issue with a friends system. System Specs: Standard ATX Case Sparkle Power 300 Watt ATX P/S Liteon 48x Burner Artec DVD Rom Western Digital 80GB SE Hard Drive MSI Geforce 4 TI 4200 Video Card Kingston...
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    A7N8X setup/config/troubleshoot FAQ

    [ I'm a reseller of ASUS and i've got to tell you i've had numerous problems, but only recently with these series of boards. I did however run into a forum post here: Basically he says it may be related to a memory timing issue. I'm not...