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    More processors

    Intel announces 4 core chips to out-do AMD. Is this a continuation of Moore's law into how many processors we can fit on a chip?
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    Ken Kutaragi Grill!!!

    thats a big grill. its like... 32 times the size of his head. I must buy....
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    Post Pics of ur chars for WoW :D

    Level 60 Paladin, Shattered Hand Server...
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    WoW dueling rules or proper ethics?

    when dueling you can do anything you want if you have the skill...however you look like a better dueler if you don't use these healing abilities or extra abilities you have. I always call somone cheap if they heal while i am dueling them but i do acknowledge that it is a skill their character...
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    W.O.W. or EverQuestII, which to buy and play ?

    I think IceWind puts it best. I played both WoW(beta) and EQ2 and EQ2 is DEFINETLY my kind of game. I love the deeper gameplay, excellent graphics, and less kiddish kind of mmorpg that eq2 is.
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    Dissapointed with EQ2 ....

    I never did any boss mobs on the Isle of Refuge... I never needed to, or wanted to! I just wanted to get off... I figure the only use for that Island is to quickly level than leave... Anyway I just have been able to find things to solo and not get really bored, and I usually quit mmo's...
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    Dissapointed with EQ2 ....

    If you need a group to kill the creatures on the Isle of Refuge that is pretty sad, and I don't believe a word you say... There are many creatures that are soloable on the isle of refuge, and most don't even aggro you unless you hurt them first. It literally takes a half hour to solo to level...
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    I must be seeing things... (spoiler)

    It's pretty cool how they put him in the game like this. I think they put him in the game to give you clues... I was at the area where the helicopter lifts off its pad and drops all these bombs around you... and i had unlocked the one gate and was wondering around trying to figure out what to...
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    HL2 makes me physically ill

    That is weird, I have never had problems with motion sickenss... and i honestly cant tell the difference when i change my monitors refresh rate. I have no idea what any of you guys are talking about! i want to better understand this cuz i have never had it.
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    Everquest II

    it runs really choppy on the system in my signature (click my profile) on higher settings but i was able to find a decent setting where everything still looks great and there is no choppiness whatsoever. EQ2 is just my type of mmo so I am really enjoying it... however I do think the environments...
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    Half Life 2 On Sale at Ames, IA Best Buy

    cool I didin't know anyone lived around my area that posts here. I live in altoona ia and go down to madrid once in a while... I haven't checked the best buy in des moines or clive but i assume they are now selling it everywhere its all over forums. I already ordered the silver package from...
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    Silly games taking all my money.

    He is one of those really dedicated gamers who thinks he needs the Collectors Edition bloat, when the reality is he isn't even going to enjoy the game, let alone the crap that came with the collector's edition!
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    Tips for Rome: Total War

    This game is incredibly easy at medium difficulty. The first time you play thorugh it, it is fairly easy. I have beaten the game once and it probably only took me around under 20 hours of play time, but that is just a rough guesstimation. I am playing through it a second time as Brutii, and I...
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    Half-life 2 early release?

    It doesn't look fake to me, but then again I am not a photo expert. I believe it would be easy to obtain the game early if it has gone gold... could be a friend of a developer or a retail warehouse or something that has recieved some copies of the game. However, it doesn't look fake to me. The...