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    FS: Oculus Quest 1 64gb - Mint cond, $150 shipped

    Removed sold items, added pics for Oculus Quest.
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    FS: Alphacool 240mm Radiator

    Not trying to thread crap, but this can be used with a USB3 A to C adapter. I have the Evolve2 65 USB-C, and successfully used it with said adapter on USB3-A ports. Yea, eBay kinda sucks for sellers in that respect. GLWS
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    WTB Cell Phone $130 to $150 shipped.

    Any interest in a Pixel 4a (128gb, as they all are)? Perfectly functional but cosmetically challenged - I had d-brand skin on it since brand new, but when i went to remove it some of the plasticy coating on the back of the phone came off. Battery health is at 98% per AccuBattery.
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    5700XT longevity

    There was an annoying driver bug with the 5700XT where it would not idle the RAM clock (w/ 34" monitors). That made it run a bit hotter at idle, causing the card to ramp up the fans just a bit. I found it super annoying in my quiet PC. Sold the 5700XT ref for $950 shipped on eBay last October...
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    Are all DVD writers the same these days?

    I used to have a CD/DVD drive in my home server/htpc - just in case type of deal. Then, I was doing power consumption, and realized that the drive was using 5W of power at idle, just as soon as power was connected to it. Disconnected it right then and there. It is a hassle to find a...
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    CLOSED; WTB; Ubiquiti Edgerouter 4, Will consider 6P or 12

    I have EdgeRouter 3L and 4, would let go of the 4 as it's more than I need for my un-complicated home network. It's got a few dings from being in a box with other hardware, but perfectly functional. Router and power cable only as shown. I'll do $155 shipped. Can't find any recent sales here, and...
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    Will I notice a difference in speed?

    Spectrum basically told you to flip off because they couldn't be bothered to troubleshoot your problem. That modem is capable of 343mbps down, per specifications. You'll have to call again, unfortunately. Even if what they told you was true, then the 20 you're getting is a bit short of 120...
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    WTB/TF: Antec Sonata Case (Open to Other QUIET PC Cases, LMK What You Have)

    Fractal Define Nano S w/o window. The panels have sound deadening mat on them, glass panels obviously do not. Not the quietest case possible, but not far off and has acceptable airflow. NZXT HUSH HU001 is another classic sound deadened case, though airflow is pathetic as with any old case. Might...
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    FS: Netgear RAX48 Wifi-6 Router, Logitech G512 SE Mechanical Keyboard

    PM'ed on B550 + laptop stand combo.
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    FS: Oculus Quest 1 64gb - Mint cond, $150 shipped

    $280+S&H. C'mon guys, don't make me return this to EVGA. This is cheapest BNIB price around by a decent margin.
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    FS: Oculus Quest 1 64gb - Mint cond, $150 shipped

    Bump. Open to reasonable offers.
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    Yep, still there. Just came here to post about that. Can't wait for below MSRP deals to start popping up and some healthy GPU market return! That is a deal so hot I'm getting a boner just thinking about it. Still there (the deal, I mean). If I hadn't already purchased the EVGA 3050 3 days ago...
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    FS: Oculus Quest 1 64gb - Mint cond, $150 shipped

    Got some good stuff looking for a new home. Oculus Quest 1 64GB - $150 shipped Mint condition, under 10hr worth of iRacing use on it. Original owner, all original packaging, reset to factory defaults. Payment via PayPal (add Fee if G&S), Zelle, Venmo. Everything will be super well packed for...
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    Received a Dead Deck

    Reading this thread now, I'd say the support was overall mediocre. I've seen worse, and much worse. With some companies, they will have you follow their general procedure step by step no matter what, even if blatantly obvious you've got a brick on your hands. But no, every step of their...
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    WTB: 2u or 3u rackmount chassis

    I got this beauty: PM'ed with more details.
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    Got some weird free networking equipment, will this help me selling it and getting a 10gb home network?

    List on eBay as untested at a heavy discount for a faster sale. Obviously, if you test it, reset it, and list as "tested, restored to factory defaults" with some quality pictures, you will get more money. But, you'll need to put some time into it. Worst case, a decent size hammer will resolve...
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    Apple Studio Display on Windows

    Ok, fair enough. If you're using it that much, why don't you instead invest into a decent camera, maybe even a DSLR, and a capture card to record the live feed right into your computer? I understand that a webcam is smaller and whatnot, but it doesn't sound like it's the right tool for the job...
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    Apple Studio Display on Windows

    If you're not happy with the Brio, I don't see how you will be happy with the apple webcam. How is your lighting situation? I have the Brio myself and pleased with it. But, like any camera ever made (including the pro stuff), it needs proper lighting. That Apple display is too comprised the...
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    NVME Drive Disappearing

    In my experience, that behavior is the final stages of the SSD dying. Before you do anything else, I would strongly encourage you to back up your data. Other than that, swap the drives in their slots and see if the problem follows the drive or stays with the slot. I would not rule out the pcie...
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    When I looked, FHR cards are still commanding a decent premium. For example, 3060ti LHR is ~$600 on eBay, while 3060ti FHR is ~$900. Most of the new retail cards are LHR.
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    Prices are dropping fast now. Scalper market is pretty much done, so I'd expect this thing on sale with a discount in 2 months or so :). I could've purchased the 6700XT this morning when I posted, but I already have a 3060ti, so no point.
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    6700 XT still in stock at MSRP on the AMD store as of right now, if anyone is interested. All the other GPUs have sold out.
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    FS: ASUS Strix Radeon R9 380X / Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 for PS4/PS5 / etc

    Hi, might be a dumb question, but what's so special about the 5750G vs regular 5700G that makes it worth double the price? Specs look identical from what I can see. Thanks!
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    Battling with ISP over ports

    Ouch. I imagine you have already explored the option of getting your own router, or have you? ISP provided routers have been getting more and more restrictive over the years. The more they limit the router, the less they have to deal with people mis-configuring them, or such is their reasoning...
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    Battling with ISP over ports

    Don't get all worked up here. If it's a large company, call again tomorrow and speak to a different rep. You may have to do that a few times before you reach the person that will be willing and able to help you. Cable companies' L1 tech support is fairly pathetic. L2 isn't always a whole lot...
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    WTB 4000 T series Intel quad core CPU for old HP

    The T CPU's are rare because almost nobody in the enthusiast community buys them (aside from folks doing low power builds). Your best bet will be eBay - there are a handful of i5-4590T CPUs there for $35 shipped right now, which seems like a decent price. It also helps to search by Intel's part...
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    In my experience in similar situation, upgrading the whole unit is more financially viable, though quite a bit more effort. For example, about a year ago I got my parents an AIO with i3-6200 for $150, then was able to sell their old Core 2 Duo AIO for $120 on eBay (net ~$100 or so). No amount of...
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    How long do keyboards last?

    I have actually experienced a key failure on a mechanical keyboard in ~4 years of usage: the Ctrl key started glitching up, sometimes not working. It was a Rosewill keyboard with off-brand switches, and I would venture to call that part of the reason. Undeterred, I took it apart, desoldered the...
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    DuckDuckGo DESTROYS Brand By Embracing Censorship

    To try to stay on topic: I tried to read through a bunch of links and did not find anything that would compromise DDG. A bunch of random facts put together that don't prove anything. As for that YT video, it was a waste of time: a bunch of whataboutism with no coherent argument. Just like FOX news!
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    Old UPS batteries (APC SUA 1500)... where do you source them?

    I get my batteries on eBay. Quick check reveals plenty of choices in the $70-90 range. That, of course, would require you to leave the walled garden of Lord Bezos, if you can stomach that. I usually look for sellers where they have relatively high sales volume. Look at sold items in the listing...
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    Firefox has pushed me as far as I'm going to be pushed

    I've been using FF for many years (10+), have auto updates, and have not had anything break in years. I don't go nuts with extensions, just have an adblocker, no issues. Like, what are you doing that things are breaking for you??? I've only had few notable issues with FF: - that time Google got...
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    Firefox has pushed me as far as I'm going to be pushed

    Welp, had you started your thread in this manner, maybe people would not have trolled you as much.
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    Two new builds, no video either one.

    Couple of ideas off the top of my head: 1. Make sure the monitors have the correct source selected. 2. Try to stick with a digital video signal (VGA is not digital). DVI supports and has pins for both digital and analog signals, but analog support has been getting dropped lately in ports...
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    Firefox has pushed me as far as I'm going to be pushed

    You always have a choice. So does Mozilla. You get to chose whether to use Firefox or not, Mozilla gets to chose how their application is to be updated. How dare you force your beliefs onto Mozilla? Who are you to limit their choices? That is very un-american of you to oppress Mozilla's...