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    5800x cooling question

    So why is AMD's software trying to run the chip at such a high voltage? I shouldn't manually have to undervolt the processor to get it to behave correctly. Even my idle temps are crazy high, with -0.1V it idles at like 42°C on a 220 AIO.
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    5800x cooling question

    Personally, I think there's something wrong with the way the way the software for the 5800X is tuned. On my machine, I just ran back to back Cinebench R23 runs: Vcore offset [V] Peak Temp [°C] Peak Clock [MHz] Cinebench R23 0 87 4591 14614 -0.1 81 4690 15040 There is absolutely no...
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    FS: Gigabyte GTX 780 3gb Windforce I've owned this card since new, purchased in 2014. Runs perfectly, only selling because I built a new computer w/ a 1080. Comes with box (no sleeve). Sold locally
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    Are two 1440p DVI DL monitors impossible on a GTX 1080?

    Cool. So my $470 videocard is actually a $570 videocard. Super happy about that.
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    Are two 1440p DVI DL monitors impossible on a GTX 1080?

    I'm going crazy here trying to figure out how to get my 2nd Qnix up and running now that I've upgraded to a GTX 1080. My previous 780 had two dual link DVI ports so it was no problem. I assumed a newer card wouldn't struggle, but I can't get HDMI → DVI DL to work at all. Does anyone know a way...
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    Been out of the game a while - Card for 1440p 120hz?

    You're saying that upgrading from a 2500K to a newer processor is a good idea if I'm reading this correctly? My plan is to upgrade to a 6600k while I'm at it.
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    Been out of the game a while - Card for 1440p 120hz?

    Honestly, I'm 100% on board with this. I guess I should have been more specific, but I have no need to max every setting in every game just to say I did it. I'm mostly concerned with texture and post processing quality (although I always turn off DOF and Motion Blur). With most games right now...
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    Been out of the game a while - Card for 1440p 120hz?

    I'm looking to upgrade in the near future and I haven't been paying a lot of attention. It seems like the 1070 8gb is the best reasonably priced option. My worry with the RX480 is that it wont' have the staying power at high resolution. I've heard rumors of AMD dropping higher end cards some...
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    Streaming video buffers but won't play - driving me crazy

    I can try that for sure when I get home, but I'm not sure it'll help. I've had the monitor overclocked for longer than I've had the issue. Same problem on both monitors, neither will play. This is a "clean" install of Win10. I fully wiped my old Win7 setup, reinstalled 7 and then did an...
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    Streaming video buffers but won't play - driving me crazy

    Both really good questions that I did not think to test. Just a note, it happened again right when I was first reading these posts and a reboot fixed the issue as usual. It's very predictable, except I don't know exactly how long it takes to set in or what is happening when it starts. A couple...
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    Streaming video buffers but won't play - driving me crazy

    I know this isn't the prefect venue for this type of question, but I'm not active on any other better suited forums. I've been having an issue with streaming video that's driving me crazy. It has followed me (on the same build) from Windows 7 to Windows 10, although in 10 it's gotten worse...
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    Shadowrun Returns is $5 on Humble Bundle Store.

    FYI for anyone interested, make sure you get Dragonfall. The base game's campaign is super disappointing. I almost wrote off the game, but luckily I played Dragonfall and it's quite good. Totally worth $15.
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    Battlefield Hardline Beta for all!

    Did you sign up? I got my email yesterday after a few days of waiting. So did most of my friends.
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    Need to find 290x stock cooler screws, please help!

    See if you have a local machine tool supply store near you. You can also see if someone like Fastenal carries them. Do you have one to use as reference? Does it have to be the EXACT same screw or just one that fits?
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    50% off - VPN or Proxy for Life!

    I'm also wondering about this. Couldn't find anything after a quick google search. Edit: I asked their chat support and they said to just leave the SSH Tunnel option as "none". Still not exactly sure what it means.
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    Passively cooled 750 Ti

    We're talking about video cards here, not EvE online.
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    Passively cooled 750 Ti

    Haha. That is most definitely NOT a passive GTX 780. It has fans mounted under the heatsink.
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    Need Help with picking GPU

    None of those games are very GPU intensive, I'd think that a 770 would be overkill. The only game that a 750ti would struggle on max settings would be the Total War series. I still think that would be a good choice, although a used 660 might be a good choice too.
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    Which GPU is better? Which would you take?

    How are they only getting 68fps at 1920x1200 high settings on a 780? Obviously I run different settings but I'm pushing 100fps avg on BF4 at high/ultra settings at 1440p.
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    Upgrading from ATI to nvidia -- drivers?

    Yep, make sure you clear out the old drivers completely. When I went from my 7950 to 780 I had missive issues with driver conflicts when just uninstalling through windows. You'll want to use DDU or Driver Fusion (sketchy?) to clear out all remains of the old driver.
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    How do i find what is my system bottleneck?

    Right here. Right here is where you said it.
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    What's the deal with mechanical keyboard availability????????

    Here you go, blue switches and blue backlight:
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    Google Glass - $1500

    No you don't. Not in public you don't. If you don't want to be recorded, go be crotchety in the privacy of your own home.
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    I'm tired of the PC games market. Console at 30FPS, PC at 60FPS.

    Most entertaining thread in ages. Way to go OP.
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    Proper steps when installing new GPU?

    When switching from a Radeon 7950 to a GTX 780 I had serious frame rate problems due to driver issues from "just uninstalling". I still suggest using a cleaner.
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    GPU Advice at 1440p

    I've got a 780 OC that I got for $480 that handles 1440p at 120hz pretty well. My average frame rate in BF4 (mostly ultra settings, no AA) are ~100fps. Personally I don't see the reason to have more power at only 1440p.
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    Thermaltake Meka G1 Prime Edition (MX Brown) - $49.99 after $30 MIR

    Really? They thought pink and red went together? Jesus, what's the color scheme supposed to be? Fresh wound?
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    QNIX QX2710 LED Evolution ll 27" 1440p $289 on Ebay Free Shipping

    That doesn't sound right, are you sure your settings aren't getting reset when you plug in another monitor? I currently run an old 60Hz Qnix and a 120 Qnix side by side and it works great.
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    My high-end build (weak, temp GPU) +question about lagging + performance?

    That really sounds like page-file lag. With as much RAM as you have you should probably disable it. Do you have most of your software installed on the SSD with your OS? I wouldn't worry about filling up the SSD since they don't lose performance the way HDDs when you get them close to maximum...
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    QNIX QX2710 LED Evolution ll 27" 1440p $289 on Ebay Free Shipping

    The AG coating on this monitor is not bad. I thought it was going to hate it after having a glossy QX2700 (the 1st gen, non OC-able version of this monitor) and I don't really notice a difference between the two.
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    Kingston SSD prices are low on Amazon! 2/17/2014

    Dammit, I just realized I bought one of these a month ago and haven't installed it. I better speed test it. Anyone have luck RMAing for a unit that actually performs in spec?
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    QNIX QX2710 LED Evolution ll 27" 1440p $289 on Ebay Free Shipping

    To prevent such issues, I purchased a $30 3-year square trade warranty so if mine breaks I can either get them repaired for free or get refunded for their cost.
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    Windows - change microphone bit rate from cmd?

    Yep, I tried this and it did not work unfortunately.
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    QNIX QX2710 LED Evolution ll 27" 1440p $289 on Ebay Free Shipping

    But I do have a monitor running 120Hz, it's this one. Granted I've never tried a 120Hz tn, but I'm happy with my ips.
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    Does running more monitors tax GPU performance?

    It depends. I know everyone else has stated that it doesn't effect it, but I've noticed a huge performance drop with my 2nd monitor enabled unless I disable Windows Aero. I prob get 20fps higher and less stutter in BF4 with Aero turned off.
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    QNIX QX2710 LED Evolution ll 27" 1440p $289 on Ebay Free Shipping

    Yep. I have no issues with ghosting when playing fast paced FPS games on either of my Korean monitors. Make sure if you're an fps gamer that you get the one (like the one listed here) that doesn't have multiple inputs(ie, a conversion board). These are driven directly from the graphics card...