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    Kansas City Residents Slow to Sign Up for Google Fiber

    **** it, wrong forum, wrong post, wrong time.... and no edit button.
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    Kansas City Residents Slow to Sign Up for Google Fiber

    GaymerCon's's defenders have said homosexuals need a "safe" place, free of "persecution". But, I've been to gaming events and have never witnessed homosexuals being persecuted. They've only been treated the same as everyone else. So, what's the deal? I think I have it figured out...
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    Kansas City Residents Slow to Sign Up for Google Fiber

    30+ is getting common with cable companies. But, what counts is the speed available in kansas city.
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    GaymerCon is a Go!

    That white-male line is so tired. And, boohoo, there aren't any homosexual playable characters in AAA titles. I play Starcraft. Should they have marines saying "ooh, big boy..." instead of "yes sir" when you issue commands? That would be so gay. And, it also has nothing to do with...
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    GaymerCon is a Go!

    Yep, there are plenty of insults to people's manhood, just as a frivolous convenience. But, so? There's also plenty of other vulgarity, but this stuff isn't at the gaming conventions in any significant amount.
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    Free OS

    As I indicated earlier, I wish there were a official Linux operating system, instead of just an official Linux core (kernel). A "distro" is the result of someone taking the Linux core and building a full operating system on top of it. Part of this process is adding a User Interface, which...
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    GaymerCon is a Go!

    That "bozo church" is thought by some to be Liberal activists posing as Conservatives ... They're deliberately obnoxious and were protesting at military funerals when the military wouldn't let homosexuals serve openingly. Do the math. Why weren't they protesting in front of those courthouses...
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    GaymerCon is a Go!

    If they just want to focus on gaming, then why are they putting their sexuality right smack dab in the middle? Safe space? Please tell me about the suffering of homosexuals at regular gaming conventions. If they want equality, then why are they discriminatory? What if straight people...
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    Google Nexus 7 or Amazon Kindle Fire 2?

    A rear camera is nice. I think most of the people who say it's not important are depending on the rear camera of their smart phone. But, I don't have a phone with a camera. Even if I had one, a tablet is easier to use (because of its size). A camera does a lot of thing other than "taking...
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    Free OS

    Mint is one of the most popular distributions (variations) of Linux. (The other post should have used the word "distributions" not "districts") There is no Linux equivalent to Jelly Bean. Somthing I fault Linux for is that, unlike Android, there isn't one official official Linux version...
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    Free OS Go get it. Burn it to a disk. Install. There will be some learning curve, because you haven't use it before. But, it's easy enough. The harder part is getting use to new applications, if you're not already using cross-platform applications such as Firefox.
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    GaymerCon is a Go!

    Someone does something discriminatory and is criticized for being discriminatory, and then you point to that criticism to justify the discrimination. If you're going to call someone a douchebag, I suggest you say it to the mirror.
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    GaymerCon is a Go!

    The people behind this homosexual gaming convention are complete hypocrites. Gay cruises and bars are about facilitating homosexual relationships and anonymous sex partners. Gaming isn't about sexual relationships.
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    Google Nexus 7 or Amazon Kindle Fire 2?

    We don't know enough about Kindle Fire 2, but I'm willing to bet the Fire will be a better choice. The Nexus 7 has several severe shortcomings, such as no rear camera and no SD slot. And, I wish adobe hadn't decided to drop flash support for Android 4.1. So, wait to see what the Fire 2 has...
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    Kansas City Residents Slow to Sign Up for Google Fiber

    Standard ISPs already provide enough bandwidth to stream several HD movies at a time. So, not even a nerd like me would be willing to spend more than tiny premium for gigabit service.
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    GaymerCon is a Go!

    What's the point? Is homosexual gaming so freaky that they need their own venue? "Oh silly, slap that monster... oooh!"
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    Intel Testing Oil Immersion Cooling for Its Servers

    This might be a better idea than the Buick radiator I have strapped to be CPU.
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    Amazon Has Sights Set on Double-Sided Tablet Device

    I think having the e-ink on the back is stupid. A book is better. e-ink on one side, color on the other. The e-ink side can also double as a keyboard for the color screen, or just be additional screen space. Or, of course, used alone for long battery life and bright-sun reading.
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    World of Warcraft Cut Off in Iran Due to U.S. Sanctions

    How does prohibiting common citizens from gaming interfere with Iran's nuclear weapons program? I guess because there's no real evidence of such a program, the only point is harassing Iran, which is where prohibiting gaming comes in.
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    Space Elevator Planned for the Moon

    If this were viable, a single billionaire would be happy to pony up the $800 million. (Sorry Romney, you're too poor.)
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    "Why I’m uninstalling Windows 8" Article

    The trouble with defaults is when we're not using our own computer. Places of work often don't let people tweak their computers. When friends and neighbors call for computer help, they'll be using the defaults.
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    "Why I’m uninstalling Windows 8" Article

    The Windows 7 default taskbar... What TF is the benefit of wasting so much space on the taskbar (launch icons don't use much space)? What TF is the benefit of not identifying by name what's opened on the taskbar? What TF is the benefit of making it take twice as long to switch between...
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    Dish Sued by FTC Over 'Do Not Call' Rules

    I love the no-call list. I once had a job where I was required to call past customers and pester them into returning. I usually didn't make the calls and so got grief from the boss. But, after the state created a no-call list, I didn't have to do that anymore.
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    "Why I’m uninstalling Windows 8" Article

    I would recommend everyone avoid Windows 8 because of it's interface... EXCEPT, people are so bizarre and stupid that I have no idea what people really want. The Windows 7 default taskbar is absolutely idiotic, yet many people like it. MS has found enough people to like the metro to put it on...
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    Lexmark Inkjet Printers Run into Red Ink

    Lexmark was the result of IBM spinning off its printer division. With laser printers so cheap, there's not much reason to buy inkjets, anymore. I snagged a Brother B/W laser printer for $60 at Office Depot a couple of years ago. It's still going strong, with dirt-cheap toner refill...
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    Argh Matey, Pirate Bay Launches PrivitizeVPN

    P2P uses too much bandwidth for a free VPN. Whatever happened to anonymous P2P (e.g Freenet, after more than a decade is up to v0.7)?
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    FCC Eyes Tax on Internet Service

    Dialup is insufficient for today's Internet. And, people who live in the country often have low-quality phone service, making dialup service even worse. Anyway, this internet service tax would mostly be used to help poor city dwellers get free internet rather than getting a job to pay for...
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    FCC Eyes Tax on Internet Service

    The eternal disgrace of the Republican Party is that they're as much fans of big government as Democrats. The GOP just prefers to borrow-and-spend vs. the Democrat's tax-and-spend. Private companies will get internet to everyone eventually, without taxes. And, those taxes will last forever...
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    Man Made $28k a Month Writing Fake Reviews Online

    The two kinds of reviewers to watch out for: The shills and the dopes. One way to help spot them: The shills give five stars. The dopes give zero stars.
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    Ubisoft's ‘I Am Alive’ on PC September 13

    Reviewers have been brutal to I Am Alive on the consoles (IGN "Isn't fun."). The game is garbage. And, ports are generally insults to PC gamers (DX9, etc.). I don't blame companies for releasing console versions first.
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    Apple to file for An Injunction, Samsung Files Appeal

    All the jury probably were friends of Apple employees.... Why couldn't Samsung get a change of venue?
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    Could a 'Printable Gun' Change the World?

    Technology is often a game changer. Eventually, technology will allow any country to easily get nuclear weapons and any individual to print a gun.
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    Considering a new tablet...

    There are several good 10" Android tablets. 7" is popular because it feels more portable, without feeling as cramped as a pocket-sized device. Of course, the smaller 7" screen also helps reduce costs.
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    Court Affirms $675K Penalty In Music-Downloading Case

    Yes, the RIAA is evil, and Congress created huge penalties for song sharing. I believe: The court will order this man's assets seized and he's likely to have to turn over future income to the court. He'll be allowed a few assets, such as car and the house he currently lives in (if it's...
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    Parents: Do you worry about your kid's P2P activities?

    A court has ordered a guy to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for sharing 31 songs. There have been thousands of shakedown threats of lawsuits against P2P users, collecting thousands of dollars at a time. Millions of kids are filesharing. It must be a scary thing for parents to wonder...
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    Court Affirms $675K Penalty In Music-Downloading Case

    Basically, this man has been given an economic death penalty for sharing 31 songs. We can barely punish hardcore criminals. But, commit a victimless crime... (Yes, victimless. IP law constitutionally exists to promote creativity, not to protect imaginary natural ownership of information.)
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    Apple Trying To Profit From Director’s Suicide

    It is disgusting to exploit someone's death for a buck. But, it's what consumers want.
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    Best Buy's New CEO Signing Bonus: $20M

    I think one reason many companies are ran so poorly is because CEOs don't plan on staying a long time. Management is short-sighted. You pay the CEOs obscene amounts of money, and they do what they can to fluff up the company in the short term, by compromising the company's future. They give...
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    extremely strict budget pc

    You can drop in a relatively modern CPU, like a Pentium D and double your speed. The cheapest and easiest thing to do is: You can use a fast USB flash drive and set the Windows swap file to it. That'll speed it up a little.
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    HP Reports $9 Billion Loss

    HP proves that CEOs of huge companies are no smarter than the average guy on the street. A WebOS tablet was idiotic. People don't want yet another OS. Buying Compaq was foolish. It's pointless to by company in competition with you when there are a lot of companies in competition with you...