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    Kindle E-Reader $30 Off Today

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    ASRock X370 Gaming ITX/ac

    For those that follow Ryzen news, BIOS update is available now for AGESA couple of days ago
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    Seasonic Focus Plus Power Supplies - 140mm depth

    hardocp review - jonnyguru review - newegg -
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    ASRock X370 Gaming ITX/ac

    Now on Newegg:
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    ASRock X370 Gaming ITX/ac

    Official product page is live:
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    ASRock X370 Gaming ITX/ac

    Where did you read about the board being delayed?
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    ASRock X370 Gaming ITX/ac

    I grabbed a screenshot from HardwareCanucks video which just says "USB 3.0" but considering it still doesn't have a product page I dunno....
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    ASRock X370 Gaming ITX/ac

    pics and more info -,34590.html ASRock X370 Gaming ITX/ac CPU Support: CPUs in AM4 form-factor Graphics: PCIe 3.0 x16, or integrated in case of APUs Chipset: AMD X370 Memory: 2 x DDR4 DIMM slots Ethernet: 1 × Intel GbE...
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    Biostar Racing X370-GTN ITX AM4

    source (article)(german) - source (pics) - I had thought SFF AM4 was going to be X300 chipset (because of this) but I guess it does not need to be?....
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    Intel 200 series ITX motherboards (Kaby Lake)

    Early list of 200 series ITX motherboards for Kaby Lake (but they support Skylake too). Edit 4 - Feb 1: Filtered newegg link...
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    Skylake-Based Z170 Gaming Mini ITX Motherboard

    ....I was just logging in to ask this same question and saw you already did... I am also curious to know about this....
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    Microsoft's Project Sonar: Malware Detonation As A Service

    Multiple companies are doing this now. Cisco's FireAMP is similar (Immunet is the free version as far as I understand).
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    Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard @BestBuy $79.99

    Thanks OP. I couldn't help myself. Bought one. I'm finally upgrading to the mechanical keyboard crew! I am going to miss my Microsoft SideWinder X4. It has been so good to me.
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    Shadowrun: Hong Kong

    Since there is no existing thread for this.... It came out a few days ago. The kickstarter was successful again. Friends and I are playing it. We all like it. We played the last two (Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun Dragonfall) and liked those too so this was an easy purchase for us since it's...
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    Amazon Premium Headphones - $10 - Free Shipping

    Apparently Amazon brand has a small lineup of headphones.... I had no idea....
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    Skylake-Based Z170 Gaming Mini ITX Motherboard

    All blurps from anandtech's motherboard article. ASUS Maximus VIII Gene mATX Gallery - ASRock Z170 Gaming-ITX/ac Gallery - ASRock Z170M-ITX/ac Gallery -
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    Windows 10 WiFi Sense, The Worst Idea Ever?

    From the source. So you have to opt-in and it's not new?
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    Logitech G303 mouse $29.99

    A decent group of people think the PMW-3366 sensor in it is the best mouse sensor to date. That being said, the 303 (and 302) have a very unique shape. I tried it for a few days and couldn't handle it, too weird, so I had to return it even though I really wanted to like the mouse.
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    Pebble Time vs Pebble Steel

    The Pebble Time Steel is going to be $299. A full $100 more. In case OP has not seen it:
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    Pebble Time vs Pebble Steel

    My vote is for the Pebble Time. The band can be swapped out whenever with something better if you need to. The shape is better being a little more rounded.
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    2600k to 6700k

    The context seems to indicate that OP is a gamer. Those 5-10% increases with each release have mainly been performance increases in benchmarks/software unrelated to gaming. Games that are CPU bound are few and far between. Most gaming benchmarks I've seen have shown very little change in the...
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    OnePlus 2

    please have a good camera please have a good camera please have a good camera please have a good camera please have a good camera
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    The Official Guild Wars 2 thread

    Huge patch today that is going to change a lot of things:
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    Skylake-Based Z170 Gaming Mini ITX Motherboard

    What's the audio chip onboard? I didn't see it mentioned. ALC1150 I hope.
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    Acer Predator XR341CK 34" 144Hz Curved Gaming Screen with G-sync

    35" @ 2560x1080 is the same pixel density as 27" @ 1920x1080. I currently have a 27" @ 1920x1080 (BenQ XL2720Z). Once you get used to it, you don't mind. I appreciate having a resolution that is easier to drive.
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    HDMI Audio TV problems

    I have a friend with the same TV. He contacted LG a while back for a separate issue. They told him the 47LD500 does not support firmware updating.
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    HDMI Audio TV problems

    I have tried all three HDMI inputs on the TV. They all behave the exact same way. I am able to drive all my video card's outputs simultaneously (4 outputs, displayport #1 monitor, displayport #2 monitor, hdmi reciever, dvi monitor). I'm pretty convinced the TV was the problem by, as toast0 put...
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    HDMI Audio TV problems

    Tried different inputs and tried sending a different signal to see if I could figure out how the TV was deciding to change. None of that worked. I actually borrowed a receiver from a co-worker and that is working better as it is detected properly as an HDMI device and allows me to send audio...
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    Use sub pre-out from reciever with old computer speaker sub?

    Is it possible to use the sub pre-out from an AV reciever with the powered sub from a set of computer speakers? Usually for 5.1 computer speakers, the sub is one of the channels from 3.5mm stereo cable that is shared with the center (which is on the other channel). So could I use an RCA male...
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    HDMI Audio TV problems

    Video card: 980 GTX Drivers: 350.12 (also recent 350 betas and previous whql) TV: LG 47LD500 OS: Win 8.1 Recently changed my setup so now I need to send my audio over the HDMI to the TV. Sounds simple right? So when the TV is off and I have just turned the PC on then...
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    "Sound card" type network device?

    Shot in the dark here because a quick google search didn't turn anything up. Is there such a thing as essentially a network attached sound card? Basically a DAC with a NIC that outputs to 5.1 on 3.5mm jacks? That I can send my PC's audio to? I'm not looking for a settop box. Just transparent...
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    Guild Wars 2 || $10 || Jan 24 & 25!

    You can easily solo all the way to max level and solo every map zone to completion and all the story missions. If you want to treat it like a single player RPG you totally can. You cannot solo dungeons. You cannot solo world bosses.
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    Guild Wars 2 || $10 || Jan 24 & 25!

    sPvP and WvW are not casual friendly is mainly what I meant by that. You are going to have to min-max and stick to fairly established builds if you want to be halfway competitive.
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    Guild Wars 2 || $10 || Jan 24 & 25!

    For $10 I think this is ridiculous value. I really enjoyed the game all they way up to 80 (max level) which you reach quickly and zero grind is required anywhere. Even after you get up to that, for a while, there is plenty of new things to try. Just take it at your own pace. Explore. See the...
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    New sub 10L itx case, SilverStone RVZ02!!!

    I feel like I'm in the minority but I've kind of liked the designs Silverstone has come out lately on some of these units and I usually don't like "stylized" cases.
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    970/980 Coil Whine

    One last update: Got RMA card back. Put it in. Just as much coil whine. Instead of immediately trying to process another RMA, I decided to try getting a new PSU after I saw someone's post (which I think was in this thread). Went to local Fry's and bought a Corsair AX series. Installed it. Card...
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    X99 MoBo with best audio on board?

    If I'm recalling this correctly, the Creative Core3D audio tech is driven by a Realtek ALC-1150 which is pretty much what all the X99 boards have so I don't think there is much difference if any.
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    970/980 Coil Whine

    Last update on this card: Despite many hours of burn in now, the noise has gone down a tiny bit more, but it's still too much. Started RMA process.
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    HTC One (M9)

    Curious what they will choose for the back camera and how it will perform.