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    Sage MasterBuilder

    Bump. Thanks
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    Sage MasterBuilder

    Anyone has experience with moving the license server to another server..pref v13 or v14 knowledge. Thanks for any help.!
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    I found your post about Autolab. I have everything downloaded for the lab but ran into problems...

    I found your post about Autolab. I have everything downloaded for the lab but ran into problems because the lab was made for 5.0 and not 5.1 yet. How do you go about getting the lab started?
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    Direct Access for 2008R2

    Actually we still on some xp and more more we are upgrading to 7 standard. Will that become a problem because we are just using the standard version?
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    Direct Access for 2008R2

    At a client we are trying to roll out direct access on a spare server they have. We have enough resources to get it working and i am just wondering if it worth putting time into?
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    Frontier internet

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    I have access to my company's sonicwall portal. What learning should I start with?
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    Any Medisoft Users

    Office Hours part of medasoft
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    Any Medisoft Users

    How to upgrade a client pc from v15 to v17. I know just a uninstall from v15 and installing v17 wont just do the trick because i get some errors when doing that with v17. How to do this Thanks
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    Static Ip hits bing search

    I am outside of the 65.15.x.x, Yes i get the bing with try to go to that ip address from the outside world on one pc.
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    Static Ip hits bing search

    When i go to IE and enter my ip address 65.15.x.x;8080. it goes to the bing website and wants to do a search.(this is on the customer pc). On my home pc i use the same version of IE and i can hit the web internetface of 65.15.x.x;8080. Why is my gateway hitting a bing search?
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    VPN Architecture

    I got put on a project to install a single network device at about 9 different site.This device will communicate back to a master device that is located at the customer main site via vpn router at each site. My question here is how should i structure the network address for each site. The main...
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    Name your domain/server naming scheme.

    Where i work our domain is call..theforce and we name our server after star war characters..
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    New Pc Build

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    New Pc Build

    Antec P182
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    New Pc Build

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? Programming,Virtualbox,Webdesign, Web browser 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? Not higher than 1500 3) Which country do you live in? If the U.S, please tell us the state and city if possible...
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    Learn about juniper routers

    I work in IT consulting, we have some clients that use juniper, somicwall, and cisco. We had a person that set up a mpls and VPN network with juniper routers that is no long with us. I am trying to learn off what he setup with the juniper routers. What would be start point to learning routing...
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    MS Exchange + Web Hosting in need

    I have a client that uses, they hate it. I am trying to find a reliable exchange and web hosting that i can switch them to. i am trying to find both from the same company. Client is 3 users.. It's a small engineering firm so i need large mailbox sizes to.
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    CBT Nuggets worth the price?

    Look to get my ccna, possibly some other cert...I was thinking about the essentials package. Is there any others out there better or cheaper?
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    IBM/DELL/HP Resellers

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    IBM/DELL/HP Resellers

    I am looking at be coming a reseller for one of three companys. I have some projects over the next 5 years that i can easily buy 100k of computers/server from one of these resellers. Which one is the best to go with?
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    ipv6 Question

    I soon have to write a report about ipv6. I am looking for some bullet points that i will help me out for writing this paper.
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    Text Messaging Software

    Looking for a program that is similar to outlook in a sense of calender and sending mass text messages. What i want this program for is to send out text message to my workers to tell them what there schedule is for work and if anything else comes up.
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    Is this build possible

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Web browser, virutalbox, learning solidworks 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $500 but i dont think i can get a decent build with that low of a price 3) Where do you live? US 4)...
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    SBS 08 with virtual terminal server

    Should be maximum of 5 users.. Only reason for a terminal server is because you cant have more than two user login to a sbs server.
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    SBS 08 with virtual terminal server

    Anybody has any experiment this before. We will be hosting a this sbs server in our data center. We order a 2 quad core processor and 8gb of ram with i think just a normal 3 sata drives. Overall question is will it work without buying another server just for terminal use.
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    Where to find lcd screen beside ebay

    I am looking for a lcd for a hp dv7 series beside ebay.
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    Describe Your Experience.

    Describe a experience as a system administrator that you had to call somebody else in because you didnt know what the hell is going on.?
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    CCNA Lab Question

    Looking for suggestions of equipment for my ccna lab.
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    Latitude DVD-Drives.

    10 or 15 dollar a drive.
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    Latitude DVD-Drives.

    I order some refurbs with dvdr-rom but dell sent me with only dvd-roms. I already got the correct drives in the laptops already and now i am just trying to get rid of this things. I don't know what price to give this things but i have 6 of them shoot me a price.
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    What does cisco have what mikrotik doesn't

    Who uses cisco and mikrotik, whats the advantage and disadvantage about each other.
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    List the programs you use.

    What programs do yall like to use for coding/webmasting.?
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    POS System

    List of pos software that you had interaction with, and what where you thoughts about it.
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    List your networking tool set

    Does anybody have a tool bag or backpack that has a place to put a laptop because currently i am the backpack below to put all my tool in plus my laptop and i cant go on a job without it.
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    Music Organization

    I once love mediamonkey for this feature that it all this feature to fix how your music is organize but the program kept i went back with itunes..i hate that itunes doesn't have a better organization is there a program out there that is free.?
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    List your networking tool set

    Trying to get a bag together of a good tool set..Thanks for sharing.
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    WSUS not pulling from local server

    why you say tatoo.? all you do to delete wsus is go to local machine/software/policies/policies/ and delete wsus.. maybe this is the best way for him to do this..but i use this when doing updates clients computers i have format
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    omniform to pdf

    Whenever i am going to get some free time at of our clients is a police station and they are currently using omniform(outdated). So my task is to transfer they docs to .pdf.. Does anybody know the process of how to do this?