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    Media Computer for Family

    There's onboard video? Didn't even know. It seems like a waste of a 6850, especially since utilities are included in her rent. I'm using one of the Velocity Micro Lian Lis, full sized ATX.
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    Media Computer for Family

    I don't see why not... I assume I'd be using the stock Intel cooler?
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    Media Computer for Family

    Hey guys, I haven't been in the computer scene since Core 2 Duos were the hot stuff, and everyone was trying to overclock their C2D 6400 Conroes... anyways, I have a build question. I need a motherboard, RAM, and CPU (and cooler) for a general use computer running Windows 7 for my mother. I...
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    Man Cave Project

    Wrong thread, my bad, please delete.
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    No issues with disconnection here, the game apart from the crappy UI has been a blast. For some reason I've really been going to my sidearm- Nice to see it's actually useful. (Ran out of rounds in my M16 as I was storming the subway station escalator, pulled my Glock and dropped a good 4-6 guys...
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    Video Card for Early 2007 Computer

    So an update on what I eventually did. Got an amazing steal on a XFX Radeon HD 6850 Pro which I might pull over to a new system, and an Kingston V+100 SSD. Popped in 4 gigs of RAM, and pushed my overclock to 3 Ghz. For video editing, design work, and moderate gaming, it should last me a couple...
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    Video Card for Early 2007 Computer

    I know, it was just a weird observation.
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    Video Card for Early 2007 Computer

    strangest thing here... a 260 is about 100 dollars more than a 460, at least brand new in Toronto.
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    Video Card for Early 2007 Computer

    This PSU's a OCZ GXS700... I thought they were made by the same company that made Corsair's? It's been in a gaming rig of my friend's for two years, he just recently upgraded to a 1KW PSU. Ah, that throws a wrench into my plans.
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    Video Card for Early 2007 Computer

    I'm Canadian... but the ASUS 460 card posted earlier is 162 on Newegg's Canadian site. I might grab that then, especially if it drops to 142 CAD due to a 20 dollar rebate. Do I need to upgrade my 500W PSU or is it capable of handling the card?
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    Video Card for Early 2007 Computer

    To be honest, I haven't tried OCing my CPU past 2.66... wasn't sure how much my RAM could handle. It's DDR2-667. I would have gone for the 7900 GS, but the ATi was cheaper for better performance. I'm looking to spend a max of 200 dollars.
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    Video Card for Early 2007 Computer

    So, as listed in my signature, is my trusty Velocity Micro computer. It's been through a lot, and I haven't asked for much more from it. I might toss some extra ram in there, as 2GB might be a bit anemic, but eh. However, what I've been noticing lately is that my X1950 Pro (One of the ATI ones)...
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    Multiroom Output (Cheap Amp)

    Well, it's outside, so audio doesn't need to be that loud to cover the 20x20 patio.. But as long as I can hook the wires up to the device, then it should be okay. 129 seems pretty pricy, given I could get a stereo with line in for a bit less.
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    Multiroom Output (Cheap Amp)

    Before we start, let me completely state that I feel like a retard at the moment and am out of my element. A buddy of mine is working on a restaurant. He wants to have sound from his personal collection on his iPod playing in the dining area. Also, he has a TV mounted facing out towards the...
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    Need a new HDTV

    So I need to start considering new TVs. My Sony 32' CRT from 1996 is dying, after 13 years of use. Basically, I'm looking for the best value/performance in a 42 to 52 inch HDTV. I'm not sure about whether to go LCD or Plasma, or what brand, or what not. HDMI is a must, and so is a built in...
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    Velocity Micro System v. Severe Problems

    And I have the 680i... one of the biggest disasters in motherboard history...
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    Velocity Micro System v. Severe Problems

    So, I have a VM Machine I bought about two years ago. Specs in my sig, except I run XP now instead of Vista. Anyway, just a few hours ago, the screen started flickering green, parts of it would flicker, screen would go off and the computer started to lag. After a few flickers, the computer...
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    Ipod Freezing.

    What ipod is it? What steps are causing the freezing? What actions have you taken? Have you contacted Apple? You can't really expect anybody to work with what you've posted. But now that you know, let's see how I can help you.
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    Employees Sue Over Half-Hour Boot Times

    Throwing my two cents in, Our school used to run on a hub/spoke system. Communications inside the school would go through local network, and anything else would go out to school board headquarters. Two years ago, they centralized the system. And thanks to that, and the software they...
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    Platform Gamers at War: Trashing Metacritic Scores

    People need to get some f***ing lives. In the time it takes to do this, you could have gotten laid. Several minutes of your life wasted on a score most of the world doesn't care about. Think about it for a bit.
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    NY Police Union Wants Saints Row 2 Pulled

    I find it funny how GTAIV's LCPD was basically just the NYPD, right down to cars, arms, and uniforms, and as far as I know the NYPD never called for the game to be banned. Now, if I remember correctly, the Stillwater PD looks nothing like the NYPD. *Sigh.*
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    Macbook hitting the dust... Over and over.

    Got the drive installed externally, but it's confirmed, the thing is dead. It whirs up for a second, and something sounds like it's snapping back to it's original point, over and over. So I'm screwed. Oh well. More of a reason to start taking more trips. It hurt to lose those pictures, but...
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    MP & Flight Sim X

    VMWare couldn't run a 10 year old program that came with FS2002 without running it in 16-bit color on my Macbook. FS2002, Halo, just didn't go. VMWare doesn't support 3D acceleration for Windows, sadly.
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    Macbook hitting the dust... Over and over.

    Well, I do update my backups frequently, but I've been on my trip for weeks, forgetting my Time Machine drive at home. But, I did some army paperwork, wrote scripts, and took about 4 gigs of pics that I might lose. Thanks for the help. If they replace it, it'll probably be refurbished, but still...
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    Macbook hitting the dust... Over and over.

    So, a few weeks ago, my Macbook started acting strange. First, it started to kernel panic a lot, which was traced back to the Airport chip not playing nice with OSX. So, myself, being on the other side of the world from my discs and support, decided to stop using the Airport and move to using my...
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    More Fun With Google Streetview

    I remember this posted a while back... ...still funny though.
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    First Class Goes High-Tech

    Hey, I was wondering if you knew, how comfortable are CP's new economy seats? I'm supposed to do a 32 hour stint in them in a month, and wanted to know more.
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    Well, you know, the alternate use for kleenex is... to clean up after a few minutes of fun. And I don't mean Wii Sports.
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    First Class Goes High-Tech

    Just wait until everybody goes to sleep ;)
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    First Class Goes High-Tech

    You think that's bad? July 2003, Air Canada Flight from Vancouver to Toronto. I'm seated next to this guy, he's kinda ill, but not too bad apart from a cough. Then two days after the flight, I'm messed up so bad that I'm rushed to the ER. Turns out I got some sort of virus from this guy that...
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    Show off your OSX desktop

    My desktop.
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    This is my set up, simple Macbook with 19 inch monitor. If you look closely, you can see the mock warning signs I've put up. Xbox 360 and Halo 3 Drawing that I got from X07 in Toronto. The desktop in a clean state. I love it. Macbook. Desk's a $5 junker, so I covered the dents and...
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    Old, old iMac and OSX

    Well, I'm running 10.3 right now, and it is lagging really badly. Youtube videos stutter, and if they do run they run out of sync with the audio.
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    Old, old iMac and OSX

    So I received one of the first iMacs, a G3 CRT. It's the iMac DV Special edition or something, with the following specs: 500MHz Power PC G3 13 GB HD 512 MB RAM (Updated from 128) ATi Rage 128 8 MB VRAM So basically, I have two versions of OSX with me, 10.3 Panther and 10.4 Tiger. Which...
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    Macbook trackpad button. Spongy?

    Something that might help is putting a thin card shim under the trackpad, between the battery and the case. Works for me. Or, you can use Apple's 14 day no questions ask return/exchange. I think they have that...
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    $500 Ethernet Cable

    *Spits drink out in shock* 500 dollars!?! I need a new monitor now.
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    Google and Yahoo – IM Partners Too

    I doubt it. You'd have to have a direct MS-Google agreement, me thinks.
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    Army Trying New Recruitment Tactic – Interactive Centers

    Doesn't really surprise me. Recruitment must be suffering as of late, and you gotta change or you die. The Forces up here in Canada now use simulators to qualify reserve soldiers before they get to go to a live firing range. Basically, C7 rifle with external gas connection to cycle, no rounds...
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    Broadband Providers Testing Usage Caps

    *Cries* I remember the days before capping. I'd get 100kb/s on Bittorrent, easy. Now I'm lucky if I can get 30. :|