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    I think I am going to get the Asus Transformer pro 3 and sell my Surface pro 4

    That thing looks incredibly promising if quality/reliability are there. Been holding out for USB-C/TB port on one of these things.
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    Next generation MacBook

    Your guess is as good as anyone else's at this point. Mac side of Apple's release schedule is kinda unpredictable/broken given the last couple yrs of data.
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    Need a laptop for a mobile IT pro

    That is incredibly disappointing. That model seemed to tick off a lot of checkboxes in all the right places :-/ Wonder if the Precision has the same issues, since they appear to be driver and not hardware related.
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    Laptop Brand

    If Windows laptop and you aren't gaming (which you prob don't really want to do on a laptop for best performance anyways), go with the professional versions of Lenovo (Thinkpad), Dell (Precision), etc. if you want quality. Better builds, better wty, don't foist as much bloat and crap onto you...
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    Dell XPS 12 / 13 / 15 with Skylake

    My main concern is the touch screen drivers on Linux; however, no requirement to actually use the touch screen if they suck. I agree on magsafe, but at least some newer laptops are moving to the multi-use usb/charge port, which is a little nicer than the crappy, old-school adapters.
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    Dell XPS 12 / 13 / 15 with Skylake

    Thx for the updates. About how hard are you pushing it as far as work flow, and at what settings (brightness, etc)?
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    Dell XPS 12 / 13 / 15 with Skylake

    Looking forward to hearing owners input on the battery life they are seeing under various scenarios. From other forums, it sounds like patches have finally evened out a lot of the issues on the xps 13 and 15.
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    MicroCenter - Samsung 950 Pro 512GB - $297

    Whoops, I need to brush up on my reading skills :)
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    MicroCenter - Samsung 950 Pro 512GB - $297

    For the time being, Amazon has it for $220.00. Get it while it's hot! :)
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    Retina MBPro wont boot. Ideas?

    Probably a silly question, but did you try attaching it to an external monitor to check if it is in fact not booting vs a damaged screen? I notice you mentioned it chimes when powered on. Do you hear any other noises or indications of function (e.g. keyboard backlight turning on, fans kicking...
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    The Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro 4

    Lenovo halted the Thinkpad line of swivels with the x230t (Ivy Bridge). You could technically throw in the Thinkpad Twist the following model year; however, it was much like their low-end E series in that it was a Thinkpad in name only. Not sure what they went for brand new, but near end of...
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    Dell XPS 12 / 13 / 15 with Skylake

    Any news on the xps line's workstation counterparts?
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    Dell XPS 12 / 13 / 15 with Skylake

    Mobile Tech Review has their review up now. Looks sexy!
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    Dell XPS 12 / 13 / 15 with Skylake

    curious, anything in particular driving you back to Windows from OSX? or were you already using windows via bootcamp on mac hardware?
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    Surface Book

    Notebookcheck finally has their review up.
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    Surface Pro 4

    Mobile Tech Review goes over both the core i5 and the core m3 in their review.
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    Surface Book

    I continue to be impressed with Dell since they chose to go private a while back. Quality has gone up considerably on the high-end, consumer side of things. XPS 13 and 15 Skylake are going to be the pro-sumer laptops to beat.
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    Surface Book

    Don't see book on anand yet, only sp4. Hopefully, they are really pushing the surface book.
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    Surface Book

    Looks like NDA has lifted on reviews. So far seeing them from Ars, Paul Thurrott, and
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    Surface Book

    Agreed. Would prob either go with a SP4 at this point if I had to have pen or the XPS 15 Infinity Display. Would be more sold if I could add 16gb to a SB that was closer to $2200 or less.
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    Dell XPS 12 / 13 / 15 with Skylake

    Yep. MBPr is great if you are going to use OSX predominantly with a little bit of Windows thrown in via Fusion or Parallels, but 100% Windows via Bootcamp is a terrible solution. You lose all of the mac benefits and get subpar drivers as well.
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    Surface Pro 4

    If the dgpu is really only 1gb, I would probably go with the SP4 at similar specs for less. Any reason not to? I do get wanting the more solid keyboard, extra resolution, etc. but still...
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    hybrid laptops with active digitizer

    Thinkpad Helix and Thinkpad Yoga 12" both have active digitizers. Lenovo is also releasing new versions of the Thinkpad Yoga soon with Skylake in 12" and 14" with active digitizers as well.
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    Surface Pro 4

    I would agree with heatlessun and maxius. I would like a larger size, but thunderbolt/usb-c would be my top priority. Have a feeling we have a better shot at the tb/usb-c though, as a larger size will make accessories a PitA for MS. While it would be difficult due to thinness, I would also like...
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    Skylake - Bad time to buy an ultrabook

    XPS 13 Skylake update
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    Xeon laptop with ECC memory

    I would be shocked if the mobile xeons went beyond quad. Fingers crossed though!
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    Win10 2n1 recommendation

    Slightly off topic, but germane if OP is considering a SP3 i7 ;-), are you having any overheating issues with your i7? Been reading a lot about heat dissipation problems and throttling with that model. ------- Back on topic, I feel like we need a little more information. Is this an extra...
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    Win10 2n1 recommendation

    I'd hit up the lenovo outlet and grab a 13" Yoga 2 Pro or a Thinkpad Yoga 12.5 (better built than the yoga 2 pro). I don't doubt that the Surface 3 is nice, but I feel like you give up way too much for the price when you can get one of the Yogas for $700 or less with better specs. Granted you...
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    My perfect macbook pro

    Yeah, he took his MBP in for water damage... genius told him water damage wasn't covered by AppleCare... Jesus says, "What about wine damage...." Unfortunately, still not covered :D
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    FS: (BNIB) Linksys WRT1200AC Wireless AC Router

    Free bump for a good router. Wish I had seen this weeks ago when I was still in the market for one!
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    Budget Options

    I would probably avoid hackintosh if you are trying to figure out if the "pure" OSX experience is right for you. You don't want to be dealing with issues of hardware incompatibility, OS updates screwing up your setup, etc. If you must hackintosh, Notebookreview's forum allows discussion, and...
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    Laptop stickers rant

    HA! Wow, a MMX reference.... you sure these young whippersnappers will get it? :D
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    Laptop stickers rant

    Yeah, I don't get all the hubbub. I care about functionality, reliability, performance, etc. If it gets the job done, it could be covered in wallpaper, or it could be a nice, untouched slab of aluminum :) Granted, I tend to not buy consumer laptops, so maybe I have just not been affronted by...
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    5th Gen Intel 15in Laptops

    Yeah, something like the Thinkpad W550s will be as close as you get if you want Broadwell in a (pseudo)workstation, but you don't have the patience (or time) to wait for quadcore Broadwell or Skylake.
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    Gaming laptop - recomendations?

    Notebookcheck has a review up for the Gigabyte P35xV3. Thorough as usual :)
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    New Surface 3 starting at $499

    Agreed. They are their own segment. You either need that functionality or you don't.
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    Amazon EVOLVE GAMING Gold Box Deals of the Day 3/24

    How decent are the bots if you don't have a full team?
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    Lenovo W520 vs Buying New Laptop

    Personally, I would repair what you have now and then sell it toward a new model when Skylake is released. Skylake will be a major jump vs Broadwell processors and is just around the corner if Intel can manage to hit their release dates this time.
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    Suggest a cheap laptop

    Per usual, I'd recommend Lenovo Outlet (if you are not scared off by recent news). Did a quick search and found several options in the $500 range. I know that is a little above your price point, but I am betting if you aren't in a hurry, you can find something cheaper if you are patient...
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    Most expensive refurbed Inspiron, EVER

    Totally worth it. It had a tray load dvd drive... TRAY LOAD!!! And that sexy WXGA screen...