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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    As someone who worked at an online retailer who shipped builds often, it's actually quite rare there's any major issues. We generally used insta-pak where applicable, and that held the heatsink in place quite well in a high majority of cases. This is an ncase m1 with a U9S. Not a giant case with...
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    Currently using a 1600p - upgrade to 4k?

    Just remember your ability to see pixels doesn't necessarily equal your ability to determine the difference in clarity. Great examples are phones. Iphone has a ~320ppi requirement for their phones to be 'retina', determining from a certain distance you can't make out individual pixels. However...
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    Need a PC

    +1 to refurb units. Best bang/buck you'll get at the price point. Consider maybe a dedicated low-profile GPU on top to alleviate any pixel pushing issues.
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    amd 3000 cooler?

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    New PC build time

    2600x + B450M board? Comes with a usable cooler, double the threads, sure you lose a little IPC, but you can also Zen2 upgrade later down the line.. Or 3 assuming supported! The two options below are both a fair bit below your current picks...
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    Most significant upgrade you ever made ?

    Biggest upgrade was a full system leap really. From a Celeron something 800mhz to an Athlon 3500+ and 6600 GT AGP. Ran D2 like butter while it was struggling on my old uh... Geforce 2 MX?
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    Intel 6500T

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    Need to find a MB with the following specs

    I'd really have to ask what a church that drives a few screens needs a 8700k for. You could try the used market for Z97 boards? I just sold two earlier this year myself... Or alternatively I'd really consider a B360 board, an 8400 i5 +something like a GT 730 or low-end card that comes with all...
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    Need to find a MB with the following specs

    Yeah I'd really not limit your options to a VGA-featured board.. Perhaps?
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    Nuc or itx build for quiet?

    The NUC will give you the small form factor you want, but lose out on upgradeability and overall performance. For your use case, I'd probably go the Nuc, given I don't expect the requirements for YouTube or media streaming etc for a long while. It's also just an easy build, get the NUC, RAM and...
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    Google Pixel 3

    My pixel 2 laughs at your puny bezels. XD
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    Google Pixel 3

    I have 2 gripes with the 3a. One has nothing to do with the phone itself. 1. Lack of any water resistance. Not a deal breaker, but I'm clumsy and have previously dropped a phone in a toilet before (long gone now :P), so whilst I own it's my fault, water resistance is nice! 2. The price in...
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    I need new Computer Headphones... recommendations?

    Nice, i literally just bought these for my brother for his bday. He's pretty happy and in the small moment I had to check/play with them they sound pretty good for a budget headset. Detachable mic is nice though finnicky.
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    Demand for HDDs decreasing more than previously estimated...

    Although SSDs have come down in price, I haven't seen a huge shift in HDD prices. With less demand won't we see potentially higher HDD prices? I personally just have 2 SSD's in my system and it's realistically plenty. 250 + 500 gb drives, and a 2x3TB NAS for general storage.
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    I need new Computer Headphones... recommendations?

    Again as above for around ~60 there's the Shure SRH240? I own two higher end models and am very happy with them, however I can't really vouch specifically for this model. I've always been happy with my Shure products, and based on a quick look a reviews seems like most others are too...
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    The lies of IGP.

    I take issue with this statement. 'Slightly more expensive'. I'm sorry have you seen the price of the 9900k vs an 2700x??? In Australia at least, 2700x = sub 500 ($469 from my go-to website). The 9900k at the same store is a giant $879. For that price difference I get a decent board and fast...
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    Breaking my own promises...

    What's the 32GB for? Probably my only gripe. If you don't really need 32gb, save the case and drop to 16. Consider upping the SSD to 1TB instead? Also I know everyone advocated for Z390 board.. But I personally see pretty minimal point grabbing a Z390 board with a non-k CPU. Sure it gives you...
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    An annoying downside to PC building.

    I build, I test core components over a few days, use as normal. Then I toss all but the motherboard box, which I keep leftovers/accessories etc in. I've had the same case (NCase M1) for a while now, but I have kept that box, for the sake of transporting my entire system, as it has a nice foam...
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    Breaking my own promises...

    Not hugely. It's better by ~15-20% but if you were to sell the 1070 ti's I'd consider a 1080 Ti (faster than an RTX 2070) or RTX 2080. A used 1080 Ti will give you the best bang/buck. Would likely work out cheaper perhaps if you sell both 70 ti's?
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    PC Gaming Too Expensive, Switching to Consoles, so long [H]

    Have to agree with others. Sticking to modest builds at 1080p or 1440p (max) would have meant much easier management of hardware over time. SLI was a mistake IMO. I do enjoy my consoles though (Switch, 3DS, PS4), but can definitely have a balance!
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    Decisions, Decisions.....

    As mentioned, grab the most powerful single GPU for your format. Don't SLI/Xfire. AMD really isn't that bad, but you do you. The 2080 Ti will be held back a bit by your CPU. So consider that. Depending on your res. I'd consider a 1440p ultrawide or WQHD monitor personally with an RTX 2070...
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    Build Advice for Gaming PC Decide for yourself based on 1080p results. Check for games they use and see if any tickle your fancy and base it off that.
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    Build Advice for Gaming PC

    Really? Why is that? Is it a case of Intel is the equivalent iPhone and everyone has to have one? (geniunely curious?) OP: RAM is fine, your SSD is fine. If it's a question between a new SSD (NVME) and a higher graphics card, stick with the better GPU/CPU. As someone who went form an 840 Pro...
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    Build Advice for Gaming PC Zotac RTX 2060 $350 Ryzen 2600x $200...
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    Build Advice for Gaming PC

    You mentioned 'expensive' so assumed you wanted to be wary of a budget, hence the recommendations. (and surely the conversion isn't amazing either?) Whether you're a fan or not doesn't really matter. Given you're not fussed by budget as much, if the price is right, consider instead last-gen...
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    Build Advice for Gaming PC

    What monitor are you using? 1080p? 60hz? 144hz? etc. I can't comment on the best site, but newegg and amazon are generally most popular, or if your friend is near a microcenter you can get some awesome deals from them. My suggestions for budget-oriented: AMD: Ryzen 2600 + 16GB 3000-3200mhz...
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    What is the recommended amount of RAM these days?

    I've never gone over like 12gb at home. At work I have a 32GB machine, and I hit around 17-18GB peak typically. I don't really run VMs, or anything fancy, but I do have 4 different browsers due to different environment logins for the same system, many tabs in each, several remote desktops and...
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    RAM for 2700x and B450 Tomahawk MSI ?

    2x8GB 3200mhz C14 is preferable. C16 is fine for most people, if the price differential is too high. /end
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    Microsoft Launches Disc-less Xbox One S All-Digital Edition

    I'm all for all-digital moving forward, but they really need to bring the good sales to the online market more, as I can walk into a store and buy a nice cheap game on sale, but often via the store is much more (speaking as a PS4 owner, I don't own an Xbox). Also as someone from Australia where...
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    If money was no obstacle.......

    MFS likes high core speed over core count. The fastest I guess as above would mean the 9900k at 5ghz+. And any high end GPU really.. Far as I remember MFS is more CPU bound than GPU.
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    Is 1080p gaming CPU or GPU bound ?

    Bit of both, but typically lower res = more stress on CPU. Higher res = more stress on GPU. As a general rule* not always the case, game dependant. Also depends on your gear. If your main goal is gaming, the 50/50 approach will typically give you the most gaming performance you can get, as...
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    Quick ?

    I think it depends when the key was last activated.. My Win 7 Pro key from like 2011, which has been used on 5 different core machines with at least 6 months in between activation, has allowed me to swap it between multiple machines, inclusive of the Win10 upgrade path. But then when I had to do...
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    Building a new PC

    I do really have to ask why the need for 64GB of RAM... I really can't imagine anything you've mentioned requiring that much. And 'future proof' isn't really a reason? My DDR3 system was 16GB. My DDR4 system is 16GB. That requirement didn't really change. If you're on 8-16 now, I'm sure 32...
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    Really need some help with a build

    Sleep mode is still a joke in windows. My parents computer won't do sleep mode at all. So they use hibernate when they don't need it for a while. XD
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    Building a new PC

    I really think you'll be good with a Ryzen 2700x system based on your use-case... But if you say money isn't a huge issue, the 9900k will somewhat offer you the best of both worlds in terms of single core and multi-threaded performance in general. 8 cores 16 threads is nothing to scoff at, and...
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    Motherboard dead.... Go New or used?

    Ryzen presents fantastic value, hence the recommendation. The 2600 for example will run circles around your 920, and really isn't that expensive comparably. Intel has the lead on IPC and clock speed, but still tends to come with a price premium especially for K Sku entries. The non-x variants of...
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    Motherboard dead.... Go New or used?

    Comparable? May as well go better. Like Alpha said, price up maybe a 2600-based system. Great value. 3000~mhz ddr4 RAM 16GB, Ryzen 2600, or maybe a 1700 if the deal is better, and a B450 board. Should be less than 500 and work out better value than your priced out 9700k system, which doesn't...
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    Going from a Core 2 duo to i5 with GT 1030?

    OP: Can you be a bit more specific? Are we talking an i5 650 here or an i5 3570? etc. Core 2 Duo is really not up to standard today.. You could maybe consider (for cheaper) finding a Q6600 and giving it a mild OC (if the board supports) to drop in.
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    Your 9900k still cant handle Crysis

    I feel the same way. I remember FC1 looking amazing, with the exception of beaches?! Mine were super bright, some shading issue or textures, I have no idea... But for 2004, it looks pretty damn good!?
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    What is the recommended amount of RAM these days?

    Yes, 16gb is still plenty for 95% of users. If you need more, you'd generally know it!