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    Noob help - PCI passthrough

    I been doing this for years via ESXi. It is picky as hell however about esxi build, bios ver, driver revisions. Check the signature
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    Sony Has Announced the 25th Anniversary PlayStation Classic

    I'll pass. I'm happy with my fat back compatible PS3.
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    Pro/1000 XT Server Adapters for pfSense

    I had one of those in Dual core Athlon64 box running pfsense no problem so I don't think it is pfsense that is the problem here. Might just be something finicky hardware wise.
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    Ford is Cutting Car Production Back to Just Mustang and Focus Active Models

    I can't blame them. The market with these kids growing up is changing a lot. I see a lot of kids not at all interested in driving or even learning to drive. Half of them even seem to ave anxiety issues when it comes to the concept. Then there are the kids that will drive but have no desire for...
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    Questions about my ESXI Server (HDMI and NIC)

    ESXi supported realtek nics i think back in like ver 4.1. Sometime after that they dropped support for them. You can still get them to work but it will take a bit of effort to inject the driver into your preferred install method. An easier method might be to just install 4.1 then upgrade to 6.5...
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    Litecoin Emerging as the Next Dark Web Currency

    Oh cool. Maybe those 20 coins I mined like 3 years ago might end up being worth something.
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    Starting to lay the groundwork for Win10 VMs (VMware)

    6.0 at home. 6.5 at work. Both running win10 no problems.
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    Microsoft Meltdown/Spectre Patch May Bork Athlon Systems

    Yup its connected to the internet and stays updated.
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    Microsoft Meltdown/Spectre Patch May Bork Athlon Systems

    My arcade cabinet doesn't really need anything newer.
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    StatCounter: Windows 10 Still Hasn’t Overtaken Windows 7

    I haven't seen a win7 box in the wild in a long time it seems. Most people/businesses I do work for upgraded their machine itself eventually which came win either win8 or 10.
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    Starcraft II Going Free-To-Play

    Worked well for valve and TF2. It gets a lot of players that possibly otherwise wouldn't of played the game to download your appstore.
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    ESXi vCPUs multiprocessor limits?

    Keep in mind, if you are using free ESXi. It will only allow you to use one CPU.
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    VPN on my server. How to get other PC's on network to use it.

    o.O people share internet like this still? I think you should do one of the DIY routers like pfsense and have it share the internet to your LAN as well as do you vpn connection.
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    How can I use my server at home to host my own VPN server?

    you should install ESXi on that machine, run your win2k12 as a VM then also add on pfsense and let it run your VPN for you lan.
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    Why does windows updates take forever on a VM?

    Hmmm, I'm not seeing a difference between a bare metal computer vs my VMs. Can you post your specs?
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    VM with passthrough "freezes" entire ESXi box when shutdown/rebooting guest

    That just seems to be the nature of ESXi and GPU passthrough. Some setups will work with 5.5, others with 6.0+ Some with only certain bios revisions of their chosen motherboard. I myself am running on 6.0u2 build 3620759 and its happy as can be. I tried updating to 6.5 a week ago. GPU seemed...
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    The Top 5 Best Overclocking CPUs of All Time @ [H]

    Soon as I saw the title the first thing came to my mind was the Thoroughbred. I had a lot of fun with that proc.
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    SAS Controller/HBA Card for Home Server upgrade

    The card in my signature has been working flawlessly with 16 mix of 2TB and 4TB drives for the last 3 years.
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    Rate Your IP

    31 while behind my VPN 0 while naked (shrug)
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    The Top 5 Best Motherboards of All Time

    For me at least: Best motherboard ever DFI Lanparty UT nF4 SLI-DR Expert It was kind of picky about a lot of things, but when you go it right, would overclock like a mofo. Had 8 sata ports, dual IDE and dual lan which was kind of uncommon at the time. Made a great fileserver after I retired it...
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    Let's talk about VPN's for a moment

    1. I personally use TorGuard 2. I have 25MBPS Down 6MBPS Up. The VPN limits my Up to 2MBPS. I configured in pfsense to have 1 of my internal IPs (plex media server) to not use the VPN so that I can' stream at full speed. 3. No Idea 4. Yes it still works for me.
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    ESXi GPU Passthrough with Mac OS X? Nvidia w/ Radeon

    I had a relatively easy time doing ESXi/Radeon per my signature.
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    Easy way to get serial number of each drive.

    I personally use Stablebit Scanner.
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    Upgrade current gaming system or buy z600 to learn esxi/center?

    I think it is perfectly fine as you have it. You can always upgrade later if you choose to do more with it than be a lab.
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    Recommend me a VPN service worked well for me and seems to be highly regarded in the torrent scene. However I ended up switching to torguard for some extra optioins that PIA didn't offer. They work well for me.
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    Alternative Sil 3132 on ESXi 6

    I recall using a SIL3114 with no problems. But I think those were Sata2 only? Not sure if that chipset ever supported above 2TB either.
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    basic home network security ... would you put an IP camera up?

    I agree with Klank. Make sure the camera firmware is up to date, password protect the camera with a good password. I personally only allow access to it from the outside via VPN.
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    [H] All types of RAM [W] Basic hard drive

    Can't use ECC Registered ; /
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    [H] All types of RAM [W] Basic hard drive

    Do you have 2x 4GB sticks DDR2 - specs/pictures if you have them please.
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    Quick question about EXSi GPU passthrough with AMD R9 270

    0 problems here but im using an older card. Performance hit? I doubt you could tell any real world difference. Probably a small difference in synthetic benchmarks. I ran some 3dMark test and I always scored comparable to other users with bare metal configurations.
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    Microsoft Draws Flak For Pushing Windows 10 On PC Users

    I just moved over to mint over the weekend. I been dabbling with linux on and off for some years now and always came back because of games. Now that STEAM runs natively on linux I tried out their in home streaming business. Works perfectly. I can barely tell the difference. I'll probably stick...
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    VM performance in regards host machine Win 7 vs 8.1 vs 10

    Those drives on that controller are strictly for the fileserver's data. C:\ drives and program files drives are not.
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    VM performance in regards host machine Win 7 vs 8.1 vs 10

    I have 0 performance issues out of 7,8.1,10. My hardware is in my sig.
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    Learning to Virtualize...

    Not an expert but... 1. Yeah a fileserver is usually the easiest method. You could also do something like a NAS. 2. She could be using either a Terminal Server, or possibly XenDesktop. From what I seen Xen doesn't fire up VMs at will they are pre-created and a user is just assigned to a...
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    Home lab ESXi build suggesstion needed

    You got a link to a writeup on how to do that. I would love to use it.
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    Home lab ESXi build suggesstion needed

    I have that mobo. Should work with basics for you excluding a possible problem with the NIC. You can either buy a Intel NIC, I highly suggest if you do that get a dual or quad nic. OR you can do like I did and install ESXi 4.1 then upgraded to 6.x. The older Esxi versions have the NIC driver...
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    Requirements for Gaming VM on ESXi 6

    Works perfectly on the box in my sig. Only real hurdle I had was making sure the graphics card was compatible. At the time of building only ATI/AMD HD series worked. It just so happened I was pro AMD anyway. I used this guys blog as a guide ESXi Whitebox | Home Server Blog It is kind of old but...
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    n00b ESXi 6 Help

    I HIGHLY suggest either a RAID card or a HBA card to passthrough mode for your NTFS drives. My sig shows the card im using currently. Works great.
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    n00b ESXi 6 Help

    Hmmm, just stick the NTFS drives in a ESXi box and go? Sorry but no not going to happen. I have already been where you are. vmware workstaiton VMs CAN be exported to work over in ESXi but you are going to have to go about it in a slightly round about method. ESXi won't just up and read NTFS...
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    User Change request form

    I'm looking for something that can help me create the following. I want a form that a user can fill out with a series of pulldown menu selections. It is pretty much an IT request permissions for user form. Like lets say we hire a new employee. I want it so the manager can go to this form and...