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    Square says Japanese market no longer sufficient to sustain them

    like legit.... besides chrono cross remake, i have no idea what game they have even released. I seem to remember chocobo racing was a mobile game on a console and babylon something was a total disaster. I used to be such a huge fan of squenix but i haven't cared about them in years.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti is real

    umm.... am i the only one kinda upset at that statement. I totally blame the consumer for paying these prices..
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    Microsoft to buy Activision Blizzard

    fifa is ea... and also, i believe ea discontinued their fifa agreement and using specific leagues now i believe.
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    Microsoft to buy Activision Blizzard

    i think this is important to note. Besides CoD, their releases have a lot to be desired. The newest IP is what... overwatch? I haven't played an activision/blizzard game since... starcraft 2?
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    Intel Core i9-12900K, i7-12700K, i5-12600K Specs, Pricing & New TDP!

    i thought i read that existing coolers might have an issue with cooling alder lake cpus because of the height of the cpu or something hence the delay?
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    Should the 5700xt be considered one of the greatest of all time?

    i still maintain the 9500 non pro is one of the greatest video cards of all time because it was able to be soft modded into a 9700. I think that video card was important because i found that is when i started looking at a bang for your buck ratio. To this day, i still follow that too.
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    NVIDIA Bans Reviewer for Concentrating on Rasterization Instead of Ray Tracing

    why are there STILL ppl defending nvidia on this???? Nvidia apologized already twice... and yet ppl still think what they did was ok?? seriously???
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    NVIDIA Bans Reviewer for Concentrating on Rasterization Instead of Ray Tracing

    because they just apologized like a couple of hours ago? and i am not giving them credit when they are ones that made this mess. i think the bigger picture though is, i am shocked at how many ppl were defending nvidia. Do that many ppl drink the cooperate koolaid?
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    NVIDIA Bans Reviewer for Concentrating on Rasterization Instead of Ray Tracing

    and what future gpu reviews does HU not have ray tracing benchmarks? I'm really curious if u have actually seen any of HU's videos...
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    Where Gaming Begins: Ep. 2 | AMD Radeon™ RX 6000 Series Graphics Cards - 11am CDT 10/28/20

    hmm, surprised the 6800 is priced at that, i would have thought 550 max. Also note that the chart says with *smart access memory for the benchmark. The 6900xt said it had smart access memory and rage mode enabled as well. It too bad they didn't say when reviews would be posted for all the...
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    Radeon 6000 series speculation

    oh i agree, i think it will be 649 as well but if they really wanted to put insane pressure on nvidia, why not do 550 or 600? Nvidia cannot match that since they would be losing money on their chips. I'm assuming amd would still be profitable at that price of course.
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    Radeon 6000 series speculation

    i'm really curious what amd wants, do they want profits or mind/market share more. Say the leaks are correct and 6080 is roughly 5% faster then a 3080, if they wanted to put the screws to nvidia, why not launch 6080 at 550-600 and 6070 at 400-450? The thing is, this does lower their profits...
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    Where Gaming Begins: Ep. 2 | AMD Radeon™ RX 6000 Series Graphics Cards - 11am CDT 10/28/20

    i don't normally buy into the hype for most gpus but for some reason, this launch has me very excited because i'm hoping we will get some normal pricing again
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    3080 'tied to release with Big Navi'?? Seems I'm not the only one suspicious

    you are talking about nvidia here..... how they say a MSRP is xxxx yet there is maybe a single sku across all aibs at that price. No one seems to call them out on this, they always say the card starts at xxx yet 95% of the products are always over that price (i.e has anyone actually seen a...
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    Jensen Huang: Ampere shortages to last throughout the end of 2020

    its too bad we will never know the real numbers with how many ampere cards actually shipped. Looks like EU got totally shafted with orders (from reddit). I wonder if all of EU even got more then a couple of K. Makes me wonder how many shipped in NA or the rest of the world in the first...
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    Jensen Huang: Ampere shortages to last throughout the end of 2020

    i'm really curious, i see so many ppl complaining about not being able to get the card(s) they wanted but i am really curious. How many of those complaining are actually going to change their purchase decision because of it? Will even 10% of those change their purchase choice? The reason...
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    Jensen Huang: Ampere shortages to last throughout the end of 2020

    the more i read up about ampere, the more i think it was just a launch to satisfy their shareholders. I question how many actual cards have shipped... I wonder if it would even hit 5 digits by the end of the year or not...
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    Anyone think the 3080 supply availability might be tied to the Big Navi release?

    i personally think nvidia very much cares about AMD because if they didn't, they would have priced ampere video cards like what they did with the turing cards. Nvidia seems to love money so there is no way they priced ampere to help out the consumer.
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    Time to Take Moore's Law is Dead Nvidia Article Seriously...

    i thought that was a given now? Most ppl seem to just take everything at face value to influencers more then anything now. I find it rather depressing how most reviews seems to be a promotion of the product rather then a review of a product and ppl just eat up it up. There are very few...
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    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    am i the only one that thinks it is wrong him saying that a 600 watt PSU is ok? It doesn't seem like he accounts for anything extra like fans, rgb lighting, hard drives and such for power draw. Even in the video, he says that the power draw from the wall hit over 630watts in some cases yet he...
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    AsRock 5700 XT Challenger or Sapphire 5700 XT Pulse

    actually i am tempted to get a vega 56. I guess they are on clearance now and i see them going for about 360 while a reference 5700 is 100bucks more. How patient do i want to be... gah.. I am a little worried about the AIB tax that will hit on these 57xx cards.
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    AsRock 5700 XT Challenger or Sapphire 5700 XT Pulse

    i'm jealous, the AIB boards still aren't available on :( i'm just waiting for any of the AIB boards to be instock so i can buy it >< Seriously tempted to just get a reference model right now.
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    AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT and RX 5700 Review Roundup

    wow... i think i might pick one up. It is much better then i thought it would be. I am very HAPPY it doesn't have the ray tracing since it simply isn't time for it yet.
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    Gearbox Borderlands 3 rumors

    too bad they didn't announce what storefront the game would be on.... read rumours it would be an epic store exclusive...
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    Apple Will Reportedly Launch a Credit Card This Year

    and more ppl will go into debt i think.
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    A "Legend" Reborn: Logitech Brings Back the MX518 Gaming Mouse

    my Mx518 is next to my keyboard right now... still going strong!! maybe it's time i replace it.
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    Yes, Rian Johnson Is Still Working on His "Star Wars" Trilogy

    meh, grats to him i guess. after episode VIII, star wars is dead to me... he killed it.
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    The Nvidia 1660 TI Will Launch on February 15 at $279

    triggered.. i really wish ppl would stop posting it supports RTX... when it isn't really playable at any normal resolution at the one game that supports it...
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    Battlefield V NVIDIA Ray Tracing RTX 2060 Performance @ [H]

    god dammit, i was drinking my pop when i was reading the 3rd page and almost killed myself choking when i got to the graph. I didn't think it would end up being that bad.. oops. ah well, spot on conclusion. I was saying, what is the point of the RTX, especially on the 2060. I get annoyed...
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    Blizzard Hiring Spree Suggests Diablo 4 Is Being Fast-Tracked

    how blizzard has crushed the korean scene for sc2 is just crazy i think... I think activision's soul has clearly bleed into blizzard's for years now..
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    Nvidia Expands G-Sync Support to Approved Adaptive Sync Monitors

    so... doesn't this prove that nvidia was gouging their users for buying gsync monitors then?
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    NVIDIA Blames AMD for Excess GPU Inventory

    ok.. i just got up so maybe i don't quite get what he said.. but.... what the hell is he talking about??!!! 1080 is the #1 selling gpu?? really? i assume he means 1060? and then what the hell does that have to do with amd??
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    Crypto Hangover Could Take Blame for NVIDIA's Potential GeForce RTX 2060 Delay

    what the heck is the point of a RTX 2060 when you won't be able to use any of the RTX features?
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    The Windows 10 October 2018 Update Still Has Issues

    wait is this suppose to be a surprise? I thought it was standard for something to get borked during update?
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    C&C Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert are Getting Remasters

    wait a sec, why would they announce this when development hasn't even started yet? i don't think the game will even be released before the decade is up..
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    NVIDIA on the Cause of RTX 2080 Series Card Failures

    wow... i was actually expecting them to somehow say these failures are a "feature" still seems like a rather BS answer to me though...
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    Windows 10 Version 1809 Is Getting a Re-Release Today

    i wonder what it will break this time...
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    Venom Is a Waste of Tom Hardy's Talent and Your Time According to Reviews

    uh... the general public are lemmings. If the marketing can convince these lemmings to buy tickets, that is how it will succeed. Heck, the jurassic world movies are HORRIBLE.. yet they both made $$$
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    iPhone XS and XS Max: You’re Charging It Wrong

    clearly, it is an issue with power. Its a bad electricity from the outlet hence y it won't charge.