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    Xonar DX -> Essence. Worth it?

    For Essence money in Europe you're better of buying an external DAC if music is more important to you, even half decent ones like the Essence are poor cousins to a mid ranged DAC. But you seem to be getting it alot cheaper than us so .....
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    EVGA X58 Classified vs Gigabyte EX-58 Extreme

    I don't think there's been an EVGA board released w/out some decent compatibility problems, so this one might be a benchers dream but i've been burned on their previous boards and we all remember 680i. Not to mention it's meant to be another hot running board but then it is an EVGA so thats to...
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    EVGA X58 Classified vs Gigabyte EX-58 Extreme

    9/10 ppl who buy a classified don't need one for their kind of clocks, and vanilla guerrilla when was the last time you used a gigabyte board? .....about 5 years ago by the sounds of it. OP unless you're a LN2/DI'er or the fancy color scheme is worth another £80-100 the GB will do everything an...
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    Perc 5/iR information

    you can flash them with LSI firmwares also, and obviously use the drivers too.
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    Perc 5/i - Where to stick it

    my perc 5/i is running in a 4x electrical slot just fine, just don't put it into a 1x electrical slot ....even though it should give enough bandwidth the card performance suffers alot.
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    Anyone Done SSD RAID?

    it's easier to just ignore the guys who clearly have no idea :o
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    Does crossfiring 2 4870's still have microstuttering? should i use 3rd market coolers

    microstuttering is gone on 48xx series
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    4850s CrossFIRED w/ S1 -BEWARE PICS!-

    good stuff but it's even better when you strap a 120mm to them :cool: can't fit S1+120mm with Crossfire you say??? *cough* poor 3d06 score but we know to expect that ;)
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    Terabyte drives: WD GP or Samsung F1

    i wouldn't be jumping on a 1TB F1 drive right now, seems to be quite a few bad drives around. the GP will be more quiet, run colder and i'd say more reliable's also slower due to being a 5.4K rpm drive but in real terms it's no slouch either.
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    areca ARC-1231ML-KIT in a x16 slot?

    you could also look at grabbing a perc 5/i off ebay, they're hardware cards with IOP333 chip that are shipped with Dell servers.....they're actually LSI 8408E SAS cards. won't be as fast as an areca but it also costs about 1/10th the price and still gives solid reads/writes in raid 5...
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    Hitachi or Seagate TB drive?

    reviews i've seen of the 7200.11 elsewhere are the same old seagate story, fast STR and average real world results. OP - i don't know why you dislike WD their RE2 1TB GP drives are great for media servers and alot cheaper than comparable 1TB drives, if it's really for storage speed shouldn't...
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    Best 750gb SATA drive?

    similar dilemma as i was going to grab a few 1tb RE-2 WD Green Power drives but after seeing the price of the 750gb F1 slashed i'm in 2 minds. this is for a raid 5 server so speed really isn't the only factor which is why i was so keen on the WD GP's but gee the price/gb on the samsung is...
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    Is a WD Raptor drive worth the cost?

    they aren't storage drives? thank you for pointing that out :) the latest 7200rpm drives aren't catching up, they've taken over already in most areas ....which is why it isn't a pointless argument to compare cost/GB verus a Raptor anymore - and unless they increase the platter size how do you...
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    Is a WD Raptor drive worth the cost?

    for the price & noise of raptors i think they've had their day now with 250/320gb platter drives available. they need to increase the areal density on them, atm they're just poor value for money in my eyes ...they're not even the fastest drives for map loading anymore but still cost an arm...
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    Reccomend me a raid card

    you'd be better off running a linux server and doing software raid under that than spending hundreds on a raid card with no XOR processor. better performance and best of all it's free.
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    Which 8 port PCI-E Raid Controller?

    The Areca cards are good performers for sure but for the money the Perc 5/i is a damn nice card for a home server who doesn't need the increased write performance of the Areca. as always ymmv but spending a grand on an Areca versus 100 dollars on a Perc 5/i which is still IOP333 based is...
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    Which 8 port PCI-E Raid Controller?

    he said he's not using it for OS
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    Highpoint RocketRaid 3520

    yeh i saw that review the other day, one of the most inept i can remember in my life. how do ppl so clueless even get a gig to review hardware.....over 700mb/s STR from 4 drives in raid 0 rofl ...u couldn't make it up :) he was so dumb he couldn't even change the cluster size to use all 8...
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    Perc 5i SAS Card For 680i SATA RAID?

    i think i found the last BBU kit in the UK :) got it today, battery/cable/holder. not from dell, a spare parts warehouse just waiting on my Perc to arrive.
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    Perc 5i SAS Card For 680i SATA RAID?

    what a cruel joke, it appears dell don't sell the BBU unit or the cable on their UK site - i can see both of the items on the USA site. even though they sell Perc 5/i cards with their systems here!!! guess i should ring them up and see what the deal is, maybe they would ship one from the...
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    Perc 5i SAS Card For 680i SATA RAID?

    ok thanks for the info, i've found a place that has the BBU but it doesn't say whether it comes with the cable ...have sent them a msg.
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    Perc 5i SAS Card For 680i SATA RAID?

    how does one attach the BBU to one of these cards? i've got one coming that doesn't include the BBU and i'm just wondering whether there's any special cables etc that's needed.
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    More bad 3870 cards seems normal now.

    i got 2 saphire 3870's running @ 865/1260 temps hit 60c load on automatic bios profile. tip - the cooler on the 3870 is really very nice but the bios profiles to control the fans suck flash to a better/working fan control bios. btw it's impossible for that cooler to suck air in ...very...
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    780i's are out..

    lol sorry but that was a nice one :p
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    So let's cut the BS. What is the best mobo for OCing a Q6600?

    BUFF is spot on, abit were in a slump for awhile but they're right back as a player. they don't have a huge selection of boards so they're more low profile i guess.
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    So let's cut the BS. What is the best mobo for OCing a Q6600?

    oskar wu is a master board engineer but we all know that already - i can see why extreme benchers still love DFI but for the avg guy who doesn't need to get GTL refs and memory tweaks to within an inch of their breaking point.....they're losing grip on the market. you're dead right, there is no...
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    So let's cut the BS. What is the best mobo for OCing a Q6600?

    DFI are irrelevant until they can start getting their boards to market before the next chipset is about to launch. they just can't compete with the big guns anymore and i really think they've had their day, of course you still get ppl who think their l33ter because they're running a DFI board...
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    So who's going to do the Quad 3850/3870s?

    well your rumours that x38 are junk is false. but it's pretty well known that phenom/spider is a flop and that's not going to change is it. i don't know why ppl continue to be anti this or anti that ..get the best product around at the time ..which is intel by a country mile. amd have...
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    Installed my new 3870. It is one heck of a card

    ati have generally had the upper hand with IQ and it hasn't changed imho, my 3870 has less shimmering than my GTX had and overall it's just sharper or more vibrant. before you call me a ati fanboy i just told you i had a GTX (for over a year) and have had many nv cards before - it's just what i...
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    Crossfire performance 975X vs X38

    there's an article on bit-tech testing crossfire between different platforms. they can vary wildly according to their testing more than just a few fps at times, funnily enough X38 gave lower results than the 8x/8x board which was the Blitz P35 - the article was done just when x38 was released...
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    ASUS Maximus Formula @ [H]

    picture of my maximus with d-tek fuzion + mcw30 on the NB and a couple of 3870's in my mountainmods u2-ufo. for the SB all i am using is some BGA ramsinks which keep it at decent temps with no noise ....~40c it gets some airflow from the radiator fans. got it 10hrs+ stable @ 3900 but now...
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    ASUS Maximus Formula @ [H]

    why do asus need to do anything? there is nothing wrong with the maximus ...there is a problem somewhere within your setup by the looks of it. maybe you have a duff board? but there is nothing inherently wrong with the maximus boards as a whole, my G0 Q6600 is sitting nicely @ 3900 24/7 and...
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    Beautiful water cooled rig

    nice looking job, very sexy. the only problem being you still have a hot nb/sb and a flaky 680i under the hood.....apart from that it's all good :)
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    Asus P5E solid and stable with 4x1 Ballistix?

    sounds like you had some bad experiences with asus at some point? i haven't used Asus for ages until the p5k-dlx and now my Maximus X38 but both boards have been insanely stable and fast. the trouble with asus is they release way too many boards but my faith in them has been restored with...
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    Asus P5E solid and stable with 4x1 Ballistix?

    i don't know about all these asus problems with 4x1gb? my p5k-dlx ran upto almost 500fsb 1:1 with 4x1gb and my current board is the Maximus X38 which is running my Q6600 at 3.8ghz with 1.45v and 4x1gb ballistix with 2.0v 4-4-4-12
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    Abit X38 Board Available!

    the maximus is a much better board so far and will only get better. the abit has been out a couple of weeks at least in the UK, i don't know of anyone who likes the board so far.
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    680i = crap ?

    6 RMA's!!!! what kind of volts were you putting through the ram? the 680i overvolts pretty badly, if you're putting 2.2/2.3 in bios i could understand why so many sticks were dying. if you weren't putting that much in then i guess you had a real shit board :D
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    680i = crap ?

    LOL very correct, i wouldn't recommend anything conductive on the NB/SB either ...unless it had a IHS like some boards. slip of the tongue ;)
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    PK5 Premium or Deluxe

    if you can provide some cooling with a low rpm fan over the pwm/chipset area, the p5k-deluxe is a great board. most stable board i've ever used and i've never experienced any heat problems around the pwm/chipset area but i have good airflow in my case and some active cooling over the area. ran...
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    680i = crap ?

    how many ppl remove the nb heatsink and prep with AS5 or similar? and do the same for the mosfet sinks? the default application on a stock board leaves ALOT to be desired. i really think the 680i boards aren't so bad but the NB gets extremely hot and needs special attention, for ppl with bad...