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    Retail 4770k from microcenter OC results

    Are you throttling at all at the higher voltages?
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    Can't enable SLI with NVidia Surround

    Thanks for pushing this. Hopefully resolution comes soon and not in weeks. And I'm running Windows 8.
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    For those who bought Haswell. Was it what you expected?

    Manual I believe - I set it explicitly in the Asus bios.
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    For those who bought Haswell. Was it what you expected?

    I'm sort of meh. My i7-2600k did 4.4 GHz, and served me well for ~ 2 years. My i7-4770k does 4.3 GHz at 1.2v on water using a Corsair H110 (haven't tested stability with lower voltages). It can do 4.5 GHz on all cores but needs 1.3v to do this, and the heat output with Prime95 is insane -...
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    Can't enable SLI with NVidia Surround

    I am having the exact same problem you are - and the problem started when I upgraded to Haswell - running an i7-4770k + ASUS Z87-DELUXE. Setup with i7-2600k worked fine, upgrade to Haswell and fresh install, nothing. Wouldn't even recognize my 2nd GPU at first but after a reboot it refuses to...
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    EA Slams NPD Reports

    NPD is irrelevant because it doesn't track digital sales. That means every single game purchased on Steam isn't tracked by NPD at all. As more and more people transition to digital purchasing, it becomes increasingly irrelevant. Let's try to look beyond the EA hate here and see what the real...
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    Catalyst 11.11b Performance Driver Released

    Definitely some weird stuff going on, had laggy performance again. Reinstalled the drivers and performance problem went away.
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    Catalyst 11.11b Performance Driver Released

    Just realized that the skyrim 4g mod is disabling crossfire :/
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    Catalyst 11.11b Performance Driver Released

    I should also add the 4GB workaround completely stopped my random crashes to desktop
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    Catalyst 11.11b Performance Driver Released

    Ray-Ban, this is a texturing loading bug, basically the game runs out of memory so doesn't load the texture - the workaround is to use the skyrim4gb mod, that enables Large address aware on the exe. With the skyrim 4gb workaround + Hayden's WSG eyefinity fix, I can enjoy this game the way it...
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    Catalyst 11.11b Performance Driver Released

    6970x2 here, these 11.11b drivers work like a charm for me. 11.11a were terrible, I'd get lag that I'd have to alt-tab twice to fix every time I went into a new area.
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    Video Games Saved This Man's Life

    I like the conversation after the fact: ARE YOU OKAY?? <angry> YES. HOLY FFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
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    Recent HD 4870 issues

    Is your heatsink/fan filthy?
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    The Better Deal: 6870 vs GTX 460 1GB

    Anyone who claims nvidia drivers are always better than ATI drivers clearly never owned an 8800 GTX during the early days of Vista. I spent $1400 for 2 of these cards and they were f***ing paperweights for 6 months.
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    Guru3d 6870/6850 review

    I hope PRIME1 can provide some sort of rational explanation as to why this is going so poorly for nVidia.
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    Benchmark Wars

    I don't understand why you guys want this artificial performance block to stay in; it hurts both AMD and nVidia to have tessellation where it's going to be wasted; i.e. having to do multiple passes on something that's already been done before.
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    NVIDIA Fermi - GTX 470 - GTX 480 - GTX 480 SLI Review @ [H]

    If you want to run 3 monitors with a 480 you need to have ... 2 480s. They do not support any more than 2 monitors per video card. So your price of ownership for 3d surround is $1000 minimum, and that's if you trust nvidia to stick to the $499 point that the video card is at. $520 or $1000. Hmmm.
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    SemiAccurate gets some GTX480 scores

    Winning an internet flame war is serious business.
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    SemiAccurate gets some GTX480 scores

    You realize xman you just sold your source down the river. It shouldn't be too hard for nvidia to put 2 and 2 together and find the guy that went on vacation/honeymoon and fire him. GG.
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    World of Warcraft and Eyefinity problem

    I've dealt with the same issue, and honestly, I just use an add-on now that replaces the floating combat text with something user-configurable. You also see the same issue with name plates as well - which again, I use a custom mod to fix this.
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    Intel kills of consumer version of larrabee

    So a hand-tuned SGEMM kernel written for Larrabee, on an overclocked (read: they had to jack up the frequency) part, beats a year old video card running non-tuned SGEMM? Color me impressed. Someone wrote a SGEMM kernel that was doing ~800 gflops on a 48xx at stock. Imagine what a similarly...
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    5870 gray screen crash.

    Compddd, have you checked the event logger? Every time there is a BSOD it gets logged.
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    5870 gray screen crash.

    Also I noticed you changed OS's from Windows Vista to Windows 7. Have you possibly considered that these two operating systems are completely different from a codebase perspective? Windows Media Player in Win7 is substantially different as well.
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    5870 gray screen crash.

    Also, you have no problem when you're not running the ATI driver, yes? So it's clearly not the card at fault. You have replaced your video card, and that didn't fix the problem. The fact that hardly anyone else is experiencing your exact issue must mean - your system is at fault.
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    5870 gray screen crash.

    Well, is it the issue or is it not the issue? You're running at 4GHz, which is the very edge of Nehalem stability. How hard is it to back off the overclock, then come here and tell us that was the issue or not? If your video card runs solidly when EVERYTHING IS IN SPEC, and it doesn't run stably...
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    5870 gray screen crash. It's a component on your motherboard. Not as fine-grained as the TSC in the processor, but it remains unaffected by things such as power state changes and "turbo boost".
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    5870 gray screen crash.

    Just because your system doesn't crash at an overclocked speed with one video card, doesn't mean it's immune to a crash with another speed. You're not running the same driver code at all. Just because something runs Prime95 stable doesn't mean it's unstable in other areas. For example, 64-bit...
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    5870 gray screen crash.

    You might be waiting a long time. :/ Do your crashes occur at unoverclocked speeds?
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    5870 gray screen crash.

    Who would have thought this would have fixed any lingering issue? I would get this upon occasion if I didn't use the GPU Clock trick. It was annoying as hell. So what I would have to do is, before gaming, use GPU Clock to force my clock speeds to 850 core; then after gaming use it to restore...
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    Modern Warfare 2 & Eyefinity

    I love the widescreen fixer, but I have only been bold enough to use it in single player mode. I don't want to risk a VAC ban (even though looking through all documentation says they only check to see if the core game files were modified, who knows when they start adding memory value change...
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    5870 gray screen crash.

    Try downloading the GPU clock tool from AMD's website. Set the clocks to 850/1200, and hit apply. This disables powerplay and forces the video card to stay at 850/1200. When you're done gaming, go to the GPU clock tool again and set it to "restore default" settings. You'll want to do this before...
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    Windows 7 64bit + 5870 locking up randomly

    Try flashing your motherboard BIOS to a recent revision. It solved a whole host of issues people were having with the "Big" mouse cursor.
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    Interesting article in Hexus regarding Batman AA, nVidia and ATI cards

    For those of you who think this isn't a problem, how would you feel if AMD got developers to lock out Nvidia on DirectX11 apps since AMD's doing the "hard work" seeding developers with DX11 hardware, software, development advice? You'd be screaming bloody murder, and rightly so. Trust me, if...
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    L4D2 Demo Poor with 5870 CF?

    Been playing with Eyefinity 5760x1200 4xMSAA. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME.
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    Eyefinity 3x24" vs. Dell 3007wfp-hc

    Here's a thing: if you turn your head to the left when you are looking at a big screen you're going to see the rest of the room, because your vision isn't covered by the monitor. If you turn your head when you have eyefinity, what do you see? Another screen. That's the beauty of it, your entire...
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    Eyefinity 3x24" vs. Dell 3007wfp-hc

    Intel_Hydralisk, I prefer mine in landscape, because I also use my setup for work. But the beauty is, depending on which game you want to play, you can rotate into portrait, then back again; reconfigure your monitors however you like. Something you can't do easily with just one display (lol)...
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    Eyefinity 3x24" vs. Dell 3007wfp-hc

    I gave my wife my old Dell 3007 (30") when I got my eyefinity setup and haven't looked back since :)
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    AMD Next Generation ATI Radeon Eyefinity Technology

    The one thing I don't like about that pcper review is that they have AA turned on. AA is a big performance penalty when there are that many pixels being thrown around on 1 card.
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    My Eyefinity setup

    Onyxia 25 and ToCr 25 flawless. No perceptable lag even on heavy AE fights like whelps on Onyxia. I'm a shadowpriest, and mindsear puts out a tremendous amount of dps on whelps. Let's just say I had 3 screens filled with yellow numbers and it was 40+ fps.
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    My Eyefinity setup

    Updates: We did 10 man raids on Sunday; specifically Vault of Archavon and Trial of the Grand Crusader; No lag at all or stutter. Pretty fluid throughout. I have to say on the Heroic Anub'arak fight in ToGC having the extra vision on the left and right gave me greater situational awareness as to...