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    Player unknown Battlegrounds

    I am looking forward to see how the scope changes play out in the patch. (reitcle not mirroring barrel location properly)
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    Any way to force drain a phone battery? (Frozen phone trying to power cycle)

    Would plugging in headphones help increase power draw? Not sure if that port is always active.
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    Thinking of getting a cloud service for an additional backup.

    You should accept the fire as a cleansing process. Then you can invent yourself, new name, new family, new music. Backups are not required in life :D
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    slow nic with asrock z270 mobo

    Sounds like it is having trouble negotiating the speed properly. What brand nic is it? It could be a bad cable, the laptop nic might just be more tolerant to a bad cable.
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    Why no DVD bays on front, Mid Towers??

    Oh yeah, that is what all the old pornos are released on.
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    Not getting full Gigabit...

    Try plugging your computer directly into the modem and test it. This will prove its not the router. If your connection is still low it may be the modem itself or the lines, or network saturation ( remember most ISP only promise up to the advertised speed). When are you doing speed tests...
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    RX560 now official

    TDP is high at 50w, the 1030 is 30w and I would like to see a rx540 in the 30watt range.
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    RX560 now official

    Hope we see a 540 model so HTPC have access to a h.265 decoding engine.
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    Switching to Opera: It's Time to Break up with Chrome and All the RAM It Eats Up

    Except firefox has threading problems with more then 30-40 tabs open and it pukes and on itself, chrome might be a memory hog but you can get up past 100 tabs open.
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    Why no DVD bays on front, Mid Towers??

    Whats a DVD? Can you eat it?
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    Pc will not run for more than 3 seconds with new ram installed

    Return the ram and try another brand?
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    Stephen Hawking Wants Us to Leave Earth within the Next 100 Years

    We need to bombard Mars with a few comets. That might introduce enough material for an atmosphere. The low gravity is a problem thou....
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    Pictures Of Your Dually Rigs!

    Those are all fair points. I got a new job and I kinda want to try one of those 90 degree silverstone fortress cases, they all seem to be MATX thou, bummer.
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    4x4 or 2x8 ddr4, upgrading

    2x8 will technically be more stable compared to 4x4
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    Gamers in Hawaii Can't Compete Because of Latency

    Sucks to be them then, now lets gets some serious guns from asia to the US through hawaii :D :D :D
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    Gamers in Hawaii Can't Compete Because of Latency

    While I do agree we need some more lines to Hawaii and Alaska (i assume some of the latency is due to saturation of the existing bandwidth), I think this problem is ultimately a non-starter...welcome to life....move....besides you guys have bigger problems. Like your Nazi gun laws.
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    MSI video card quality

    I had an MSI board and an MSI radeon 290, worked flawlessly together.
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    Best tablet for Netflix, e-books, etc?

    I have found the best tablets are the Ipads. Screen/battery life/ app selection.
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda Video Card Performance Preview @ [H]

    Would also like to see 32inch 1440p 27 is so darn small these days! 32inch, 1440p, 120hz would be a sweet spot for me.
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    Best shielded CAT 6/CAT 7 cable? Need advice.. has shielded cables at good prices.
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    Most reliable X99 Board

    I have been very happy with my gigabyte phoenix; hardocp has a review on it.
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    Player unknown Battlegrounds

    Thats really what it is, Dayz condensed down to its best elements.
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    Nintendo to Launch SNES Mini This Year

    I still want to get a gameboy shell and drop in a color lcd and a emulator using rasberry pi. I am sure a million people have done this.
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    Player unknown Battlegrounds

    I love watching Dr Disrespect play this game and get pissed off at the lag. I own it but I am waiting for improvements.
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    Mouse like the G700 that doesn't stop working after a year

    I am on two replacement g700s currently. One barely gets used and the other was my gaming mouse.
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    Odd router behavior

    I would say make sure the other router is set to auto negotiation on the wan port/lan ports and if that doesnt work, chalk it up to faulty hardware.
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    What are folks using for thermal paste these days?

    I am using Noctua NT-H1, Its atleast 3 years old, still works great.
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    Pictures Of Your Dually Rigs!

    I love my AIR540
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    Odd router behavior

    300/20 time for a pfsense build :D
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    Any good AM4 board incoming?

    I am not sure you will ever see a Intel controller hosting AMD, but I could be wrong. Dual intel and thunderbolt should be possible. PLX sucks, but yeah AMD could use more PCIE lanes. I am thinking we might only see good boards after Zen+ hits and only if Zen sells well enough.
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    NieR Automata

    I bought Bayonetta but I havent had the time to play it yet. I am excited as well!
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    NieR Automata

    Ah well, I am patient, I can wait...few weeks or months it will be $45 and it will have seen some patching by then as well.
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    NieR Automata

    More like....I want proper 2017 support and I want it at a realistic price point. Currently they are charging top shelf pricing for a non top shelf product.
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    NieR Automata

    Yeah I got an LG. And blizzards reasoning for OW not supporting UWHD properly is just retarded. I think my dream monitor today would be a 32inch, IPS, 120hz+, 1440p. Wish it existed.
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    NieR Automata

    I want to play this game but I am waiting for some patches to resolve issues such as the KB/M and Ultra Wide Resolution, and for the price to reach around $45.
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    Killer 1535 lag help

    Your doing it wrong. Play a round of your girlfriend if you are at her house.
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    11 States Now Considering Bills to Protect Your Right to Repair

    He shoulda asked the mechanic to leave it unlocked. Better yet....prybar + dremel. If my car and I paid for it, I should have a key to the oil filter door like I do to all the other doors. Next thing they will charge you a premium for a special key to open the trunk.
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    More snakeoil or legit?

    Sounds like windows 10 game mode.
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    CPU idling at 60C

    Are you sure the cpu is actually idling? I would check that if you havent, Just because you arent doing anything doesnt mean the cpu isnt. could easily be a rogue app.