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    Has Windows 10 Overtaken XP Already?

    Even if it stopped increasing, the numbers look pretty strong for a new OS. I'm yet to update, just waiting for the final reason that convinces me. :p
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    New 290 Random crashes with AMD Drivers

    I just updated GPU-Z to 8.0 and found something very interesting on the history: Any of you having troubles were running an older version of GPU-Z? My 290 vapor-x wasn't affected by this, but maybe it's the combination with...
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    New 290 Random crashes with AMD Drivers

    Temps are ok? Maybe a bad contact? Try unplugging it completely (power cables and all) and reconnect. Otherwise, try uninstalling the drivers with DDU. Download and read instructions here: And then install the latest...
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    are you waiting for Steamroller?

    If you don't mind waiting 6-8 months, then go ahead. I'd go with the 8350 now.
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    New AMD FX chips coming out?

    As said, not anytime soon. Go with the FX 8350.
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    When can we expect a HD7970 price drop?

    So.... doesn't sound like they'll drop prices anytime soon, right?
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    Help make a choice?

    Option A.3 Sell UD3, buy Asus Sabertooth 990fx. I'd go with A.2 + A.3, if you can.
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    [ANN][LTC][POOL][PPLNS][STRATUM]Invasion Mining Network

    I'll try, but on other pool I get much better stales with the same setup. (around 0.5%)
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    [ANN][LTC][POOL][PPLNS][STRATUM]Invasion Mining Network

    Afterburner --> Settings --> General --> "Synchronize settings for similar graphics" Make sure it's checked.
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    [ANN][LTC][POOL][PPLNS][STRATUM]Invasion Mining Network

    I'm using reaper with Guiminer. And stratum proxy on my side.
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    [ANN][LTC][POOL][PPLNS][STRATUM]Invasion Mining Network

    2.25% stales on 1000+shares. (with stratum) Are you guys doing better?
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    New work laptop - looking to extend life of SSD

    Sure, no problem. I used it on my last build. That and Samsung's magician.
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    New work laptop - looking to extend life of SSD
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    AMD refresh Volcanic Islands

    He refers to this.
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    AMD Announces Memory Series Designed with Gamers in Mind

    ^ Pretty much this. Maybe things will change with hUMA, only time will tell.
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    RAGE PC Stuttering w/ Cat 13.4

    If your GPU is OCed, go back to stock speeds and try again.
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    getting into bitcoining?

    With 4850s? not really, they mine btc at 70-80 Mh/s, which is pretty low. You need 5xxx or newer.
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    Photoshop CS6 x64 sometimes jacks up images when "Use Graphic Processor" is turned on

    I don't use Photoshop, but if you install AMD's OpenCL SDK.... shouldn't it allow you to check that OpenCL checkbox? Try installing it. Maybe using OpenCL fixes your problem.
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    Star Trek

    I loved AngryJoe's rant.
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    FX-8350 Marlboro ? lol

    After 2 months of buying it, I finally checked.... Chinese tea on my FX 8350 tin.
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    will be buying a Surface pro, Jump now or wait?

    Buy now, and sell it when a refresh comes?
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    Windows 8 Tablets Hit 3M Shipped In Q1

    No, it doesn't, my AMD CPU + AMD VGA system is working perfectly with Win 8.
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    Apple Looking for a Replacement for CEO Cook?

    Hector Ruiz, please.
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    Bullstorm only using 29% of second GPU

    Try other driver version? Sounds like SLI scaling problems. Or.... is your CPU @100% usage? (don't know how many cores the game uses)
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    AMD To Unleash A 5GHz Processor?

    It's just a rumor, and for all we know, it could be the speed with turbo on, not the 8 cores @ 5Ghz.
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    getting into bitcoining?

    Why? You don't like the scoring system or something else?
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread Part 2

    Try: They have a nice guide on how to setup all you need.
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    AMD FX 8350 OC 5Ghz

    I'd like to remind you, that overvolting might reduce your CPU/GPU life span or directly kill it, if the overvolt is too much.
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    Disney Closes LucasArts

    14 years and they never cared to make another X-Wing game.... Hardly Disney's fault.
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    AMD FX 8350 OC 5Ghz

    ^ +1 You'll have to drop your OC a bit for it to be completely stable. You can also use Povray's latest beta to test stability. The beta is fully multithreaded and has a built in benchmark.
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread Part 2

    In case you didn't solve this.... In Deepbit you should put your public key. (the one Bitcoin generates). You need to have the bitcoin client open to receive the coin. And then on Deepbit's site, you should have a "Payout" button or something like that.... when you press it, it will...
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    AMD Crossfire a scam - Almost no benefit over single card

    This guy with 2x Titans disagrees.
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    Any amd cpu worth gaming on?

    For comparison, maybe it helps you. I just build an FX8350 and put an old Radeon 5830, both at stock speeds... Deus Ex: HR works butter smooth. GPU works at like 80% on 1080p, CPU at low % usage.
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    AMD 8350 stock fan too loud

    It shouldn't do that... what mobo do you have? Make sure you enable Cool 'n' Quiet on the BIOS.
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    AMD Crossfire a scam - Almost no benefit over single card

    Nice title... won't bring flames at all...
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    Yes, played it some time ago... it's very fun and enjoyable. The Steam rejection... I read that it was because of some adult language.
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    Is my GTX 470 dying or my PSU?

    You should also inspect the capacitors on the mobo, to see if there's any in bad shape.
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    Skyrim Video Ram Usage

    Disable the high res packs.. and try again.
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    ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 and FX-8350 Overclocking

    Upping up the voltage could kill your components.... so, it's a risk. If your are a newb with OCing... I would advise against it.
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    ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 and FX-8350 Overclocking

    In BIOS, set memory speed, and latencies as listed on your memory package. (4 latency values, I guess) At least, that's how I solved it on my Sabertooth, with Gskill 1866.