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  1. python134r

    I need a good RPG.
  2. python134r

    What's your fallback card?

    HD 7970 R 290
  3. python134r

    What's your fallback card?

    GTX760 4gb FTW AND A R290 THAT i baked back to service
  4. python134r

    Who Needs A $100 Smart Toaster?

    An accessory to an 800 dollar phone and 600 watch...........
  5. python134r

    usb 2.0 vs usb 3.0 headers on case front

    You can use the 3.5 ans / or 5.25 slots w 3.0 USB adapter. Plugs into mobo, there ya go.....
  6. python134r

    To err is human, to arhhh is pirate

    To err is human, to arhhh is pirate
  7. python134r

    PornHub Announces VR Category

    wot!!! I need answers...........
  8. python134r

    CORSAIR H100i v2 Replacement Thermal Compound?

    Been using it for years, can be messy to apply tho....
  9. python134r

    Post Your Workstations 2016

    Xeon E3-1230 V2 Corsair H100 AIO Sandisk 240GB Extreme II 1TB WD Black Spinner Asus P8Z77-V-LX 2x4GB Gskill Sniper 14900 Diamonsd HD7970 Ghz Ed. OCZ 600W ModXstream Lian Li PC-7BplusII/Modded Asus VN247H / Sanyo 42" Logitech Z5500 Sound Katana and chair.
  10. python134r

    critique my OC build please

    Your new incarnation might not OC either, I would get the Asrock and see what results there are then, definitely a better board. Then I would make a decision of hardware upgrades depending on the results, 3 SSD in raid 0 is unnecessary, I used to raid them 2 x 256 940 pro with WD raptors in...
  11. python134r

    Accelero S1 v2 on 8800 Ultra mod.

    A Voodoo 5 5500, I had one during the civil war, huge it was. 8800 ultra and 8800GTX (G80) were fantastic in their time, big sucka's before it was fashionable. However they could handle all that was thrown at them, 8800GT (G92) could not compare. They ran very hot, I think I had 11 Fans in a big...
  12. python134r

    repair asus p5k deluxe?

    Great board, I think I had P5K black premium, with a xeon 3210 quad. Purchased 2 of them eventually, oc'd from 2.13 stock to 3.6(normal OC), went to close to 4ghz but not totally stable there. I'd give the 25.00 ebay deal a shot.
  13. python134r

    Troubleshooting analog audio on ASUS P8Z77

    Do you have the Realtek® ALC892 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC sound drivers installed? Depending on if its a LX, V, V-Pro, deluxe, etc there are different sound chips, the LX has the Realtek® ALC887 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC *4. On the menu there are settings that can...
  14. python134r

    FS/WTT: Assorted RAM and Roomba 770

    Interested in G.Skill 16GB (4X4GB) DDR3 1600 MHz Memory RAM F3-12800CL8D-8GBXM Gaming RipjawS reply back w price
  15. python134r

    repair asus p5k deluxe?

    My second favorite all time board, try it, you can always get another on ebay, I think I had the black pearl edition
  16. python134r

    Can't stop the Windows 10 upgrade

    Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.
  17. python134r

    My computer keeps crashing what could be the issue?

    Most do not have the luxury of a testbed machine, makes troubleshooting so much easier.
  18. python134r

    Clip-On Handgun Attachment Makes Bullets Less-Lethal

    I would like to field test it for a while. In the field, Mr Murphy comes a calling and shite happens.
  19. python134r

    Taser Impacts Bare Skin At 28,000 FPS

    Used surplus tasers ~150.00-300.00 available by many distributors.:)
  20. python134r

    An afternoon wasted - I am an idiot.

    Jesus, I lost count on those days years ago....:)
  21. python134r

    Which latest video card do you own?

    HD 7970 Ghz Ed.(running stock for now) HD 7870 my edition (OC) both play alost everything without hiccups till I upgrade with new build
  22. python134r

    10 Reasons You Shouldn't Upgrade To Windows 10

    Its friggen good, much faster than 7,8,8.1 or my GF to a bottle of vodka. Once you lock it down, get rid of the greasy hipster app shit its damm good,
  23. python134r

    Core2Duo - upgrade to Core2Quad?

    Some one is selling a Xeon X3210 here for $20.00 I saw yesterday
  24. python134r

    Highest end motherboard with AGP and ISA?

    A retro sub forum would be nice, I still have a box of ISA cards
  25. python134r

    PCB repair?

    Great post, BTDT more times than I care to admit. You can fix many of those traces.
  26. python134r

    Asus P8Z77 Burned Up

    My condolences, I was removing a water block off the same motherboard and the screwdriver slipped, I cut the traces that were part of the voltage regulation traces, instant massive over-voltage to cpu. I used the mobo for a collage on my wall now......
  27. python134r

    Old school / melancholy gaming build

    8800GTX was a beast for a long time.........tears in my eyes.....I still remember the day it moved out to a new home.....not for love ...but for Money.:(
  28. python134r

    2600K to 4790K worth it?

    My minimalist answer is NO
  29. python134r

    ASUS fustration...

    Yeah I'm done with asus, have been using their motherboards and/or graphics cards for years, no more. 2 x Bad RMA experience with motherboards turned me. Purchased another Asrock instead, told them keep the board. Their sending it back anyway . Lousy Cx service.
  30. python134r

    Microsoft announces Windows 10 for late 2015

    Not bad, better.........start menu is getting there, 5 min learning curve......;)
  31. python134r

    Raid accessible in AHCI mode?

    Good article, I recently changed out power supplies, when I booted back up(to a rig with 1ssd in achi mode, no joy, used to have 2 ssd in raid 0, now it was working in achi prior to the switchout, I reset the bios back to raid and all is well. Go figure I am not running a raid array anymore.
  32. python134r

    Samsung 840 Pro SSD Review @ [H]

    Replaced 2 x Kingston 64gb Raid 0 with a single New 840 pro 128 last week, major speed difference, wow
  33. python134r

    ASUS RMA is Ridiculously Horrible!

    I have been purchasing Asus Mobos for years and have been lucky, I am about to purchase another Motherboard for a new build, and a monitor to go with it, both Asus, I think now I will look elsewhere, it's not like there's a shortage of manufacturers. ;)
  34. python134r

    2T stable, 1T crash?

  35. python134r

    8800 GTX still relavent?

    I Still love this card, although it's getting long in tooth. I am using dual Dell1908FP monitors at 1280 x 1024 resolution so most games, even newer ones I can max out the detail. It has not had a hiccup in 3.5 years now. I plan on purchasing 2 24" monitors so I will be using higher resolutions...
  36. python134r

    E8400 $212.99 + FS @ BUY.COM

    Just ordered one from Compsource $196.00 shipped:):cool:
  37. python134r

    E8400 $212.99 + FS @ BUY.COM

    Compsource is noe even listing them anymore, they were listed yesterday thou, oh nice to be back.:cool: My bad they are there