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    FS: Q8300, 9800GT, XFX 650W PSU, DDR2, AV30, and more

    I will take the Mushkin, Corsair DDR2 800 kits. Let me know where to send the monies :D
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    Best RSS Reader (with Push Notifications) on iOS

    I use boxcar for RSS push notification & Reeder for RSS reader
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    Expanding Wireless Signal Range

    those netopia 3347's have the smallest wireless antenna I've ever seen, definitely get a dedicated AP with a aftermarket antenna solution and your parent's cabins will have have nice wireless solution in place.
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    DSL Splitter Wiring Question

    i haven't seen a ethernet jack on a dsl modem yet (wan side that is) but it really doesn't matter in the end, if your modem has a rj11 jack than just plug the cable into that rj45 socket and itll all be good.
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    Squid Proxy

    that's easy too deal with. just setup a rule in your firewall too only allow a specific dns server. if the pc has the wrong one than they can't browse the web at all.
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    WTB: Sub $150 XP laptop

    Well I started a new job recently and I'm a subcontractor going around doing network equipment, cable and misc installations. I'm required to carry a laptop just in case I need to configure a router / switch or test if the equipment is functioning properly, ping test, tracert, speed tests...
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    Remote access question I need to work on my dads computer out of town.

    another vote for teamviewer, they even have a free iPhone app.
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    Post your Smoothie/ipcop/etc. specs

    pfSense 1.2.3 on a Symantec 1620 1GHz Via C3 512MB RAM 40GB HDD 3xOnboard NICs
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    Fry's B&M 6/11 Athlon II X4 630 + Biostar 760G combo $79.99AR

    Fry's really needs to come to the East side of the country =(
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    thinking about buying a Bigfoot Network card...

    instead of blowing a wad on some fancy NIC, buy a Intel NIC and maybe invest the rest of your money in your network infrastructure.
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    IT certification study tips...

    implement what you read in your home setup. I used to have issues reading and retaining and it's basically a state of mind and once you get it down it's easy. I find that reading out loud really helps me.
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    Shell Shocker : Acer B233HUbmidhz Black 23

    this was a excellent deal. I picked up 2 @ 353 after bing CB and having dual displays is great. thanks for the portrait info!
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    Logitech G11 29 shipped

    picked one up earlier this afternoon! great purchase!
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    Hot! CM Storm Sniper and Sentinel Advance Mouse - $99 FS

    I got my case yesterday and mouse today. I transferred my setup too the case and it's really a great case for 99 bucks! Definitely better than my previous Antec 900. I sold my Antec 900 for 40 and the CM mouse for 35 on craigslist today.
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    Picture slideshow software

    My professor asked me to burn some pictures to a CD and it turns out he wants them in a slide show type format that he can play on the DVD player. He wants a custom like title that is 3 lines. Does anyone have any advice on some good software pref free?
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    WTB: PCI Graphics Card

    dang! I was looking to spend under $10 or donation and that 14 doesn't include s/h which I am sure tigerdirect will stick it too me. Thanks though!
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    WTB: PCI Graphics Card

    Long story short, I purchased a symantec 1620 to turn into a spare pfSense firewall and I need a PCI graphics card so I can begin the installation of pfSense. If anyone has one they are willing to part with for cheap or is willing to donate to my project, I would be very grateful. I have...
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    How do you view Apple's "Step-Up" Marketing?

    QFT ~ My question to the ones who bash on Apple and say they are pulling one over on their customers, have you actually ever purchased a product from Apple??
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    OK.. There is Definitely something wrong here

    why are you using ie8? switch to firefox..
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    Why will you jailbreak after iPhone OS 4?

    tethering and gv mobile+
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    pfense box

    yah I know keenan, like I said they are for a project so I am not looking to push then like that.
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    pfense box

    thanks for that link keenan, I just picked up two of those intel pro gigabit nics for a upcoming project.
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    pfense box

    I have nothing but good things to say about this model: PILA8460C3
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    Post your Smoothie/ipcop/etc. specs

    Dell Box Intel Celeron 1.1GHz 384MB Ram 2GB CF Drive 3xIntel Pro 10/100 S NICS pfSense 1.2.3 Release
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    pfense box

    that's the spirit! I'd also recommend you pick up the pfSense book on amazon as it's a great read.
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    capture of wireless info

    if he blocks at the router or uses opendns than how is he supposed to get his fix?
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    pfense box

    Def go for some Intel PRO NICs, I used some cheapy 3 dollar NICs in my original pfSense box and man o man did I see a nice performance gain when I installed the Intel boys. I got 3xIntel PRO 10/100 NICs off eBay for like 30 bucks.
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    Unethical or just plain Unlawful? What to do?

    I was joking! This thread was full of serious business, so I decided to try and lighten the mood up. My bad guys I didn't read the last page before posting! doh! :D;)
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    Unethical or just plain Unlawful? What to do?

    Visad we are going to have a very nice long talk at work tomorrow. btw this is your boss :mad:
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    Starcraft 2 Beta Friend Invites

    I still have not gotten a key on either of my accounts.. I can't believe it as I've had my beta settings since day one and I've got both my system posted.. any kindness of a friend key would be greatly appreciated!
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    Building computer for Grandma

    I hate when other family members influence the purchase of a computer for another family member such as a grandparent. They consider best buy the oasis for computer and the luring factor from the weekends ads has such a powerful hold on some people, especially aunts and uncles. I would have...
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    Cheap Mac for 24/7 usage: mini or macbook?

    O please I have 2 dell vostro a90's (twin brother to the mini 9) and yah i'll admit it's pretty damn cool too run OS X on one of these little guys but I feel as if your only telling half the story. Purchase a mac and you don't have to deal with upgrades and the headaches that go along with...
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    Windows licenses suck. Seriously.

    if it's an OEM key, which it most likely is if it's a Dell, Gateway, etc.. than you will need a OEM XP Home disk and it will take the key / activate no problem.
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    It's time for an upgrade, I need suggestions & help.

    My desktop is starting to get long in the tooth and I feel it's time for an upgrade. I would like to upgrade the Motherboard and CPU to something newer with a higher clock speed. I have Corsair XMS2 4GB (4x1GB of DDR2 800) & OCZ Gold 4GB (2x2GB of DDR3 1600) ram to work with. I do a little...
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    K8N-DRE dual 940 mobos NIB for $18.99!!!!! :eek:

    2 of the board are cheaper now, one is 12.99 and the other is 14.99
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    Logitech G7 - $40 FS

    I was looking @ mice on amazon the other day and was trying to find this model and couldn't remember the name/number combo. picked one up, thnx op!
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    Looking to replace my WRT54G with a real Cisco router

    I would look into setting up a router using a free distribution and some old hardware. My suggestion would be pfSense or m0n0wall as I have exp with both and consider them to be very good. If your wanting to get your feet wet with cisco gear I would check out PacketTracer, GNS3 or purchase...
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    Best PDF Reader for Windows 7?

    I use CutePDF
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    Would you sell your 15" MBP for a i7 27" iMac?

    If your doing most of your computing @ home, I would say sell the MBP and go for the iMac. Also I read the other day Apple has re-enabled atom support in the latest 10.6.2.
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    The Deamcast story

    I too still have my dreamcast and occasionally pull it out and play it.