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    Destiny 2 “Last Call” Teaser

    Dude, I got a ps4 for 100 bucks at a pawn shop. You'll need a better excuse than that.
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    Doom (2016) CPU analysis.

    Wow cool story bro. This is a computer hardware forum so that doesn't really seem relevant. Though I do agree that somebody else in this thread is being a little sensitive...
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    AMD vs Intel

    That statement is not even close to correct. Numbers don't tell the whole;e story there. Games that are heavily threaded will stutter like crazy on my wifes i3 with a r9 290X. Average frame rate is worthless when crap like that happens. That's just one example.
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    If you are just starting with Win 10 from Win 7, what are the Top Ten things to know?

    Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man. ;)
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    AMD moves Radeon 5000 and 6000 series to legacy status

    Who the hell asked you to keep 4 cards from 2008? Expecting drivers that are catered to those cards in 2015-16 is delusional. I have a 4870 and that rig works with windows 10 so besides crossfire I am not sure what you are bitching about. To sum it up. Boo fucking hoo
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    PNY CS1100 240GB SSD - $69.99 @ Amazon & Best Buy

    I have been using the 240GB variant of this PNY hard drive heavily for 6 months now and it has been rock solid. I literally just installed a 500gb 850 evo model MZ - 75E500 about 15 mins ago because I needed more ssd drive space. Samsung's magician software shows the evo being a lot faster...
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    Looking for the best but not overkill AMD FM2+ Mobo

    I have used gigabyte for every moyjrtnoard in every build I have done since the Athlon X2 days. It started as a good deal purchase. Since then I have honestly never had any Motherboard die on me ever. I absolutely love the current motherboard I have, and before this board I had a cheap 970fx...
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    Which AMD Processor

    My vote is the 860k overclock it a little bit if you wanna but no need. Get the 650 from your friend (as long as it is indeed cheap) and call it a day. Coming from your 939 system this will make you more than happy.
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    Do you agree with Hardocp?

    Actually, I did read the other sites reviews, which is what I was referring to in the first place. But feel free to resort to personal insults (or accusations) if that makes you feel better. How did you know that I only read reviews from one website? You mean there are others out there? You make...
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    XFX R9 290X Black OC Edition CrosFire Video Card Review @ [H]

    The only "tweak" is an overclocked core. 5ghz is normal memory speed for a 290X, The 390X is the same damned card and AMD is keeping it around a while so your conclusion is the only thing "dead" wrong. It seems like you may need to brush up on your understanding of the 290/390 tech specs.
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    Do you agree with Hardocp?

    Sounds more like hurt feelings. Also, nobody's following a script here, or walking on eggshells. If you can't take the heat then stay out of the testbed.
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    Do you agree with Hardocp?

    You fail to demonstrate bias with that quote. You also fail to see that [H] has a sense of humor in their reviews. If the tables were turned it would have been nVidia getting the bird. Shit I bet if they were doing benchmarks and saw the Fury winning it would have been exciting. Remember the...
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    Do you agree with Hardocp?

    I know it wouldn't happen but I can't help but wonder what people would be saying if next week they slashed the price $100 and offered rebates to early adopters.
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    MSI Launches The GTX 980 Ti GAMING 6G

    You do not get to dictate the meaning of enthusiast to other people. Sorry to break it to you but just because you believe something doesn't make it true. Oh and last time I checked CF and SLI are equal in terms of headaches. If anything I have seen CF scale very well.
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    MSI Launches The GTX 980 Ti GAMING 6G

    This is becoming less and less true. I used to feel this way back when I had my 7870 and got a 290X when it came out. There hasn't been a single game since then that 1080p (19x12 for me) even posed a minor threat unless you wanna run 16xmsaa or something ridiculous.
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    Fury X vs 980 TI - Reality

    Very well thought out and thorough insite noobie. Wow I am glad we cleared that up ;)
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    Fury X vs 980 TI - Reality

    I was thinking this as well. Also, with an aircooled fury it may require some rearranging on the PCB. It'll be interesting to see mods/ future models of this card.
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    Fury X vs 980 TI - Reality

    Yep. He has a point, and it pretty much works that way with GTAV
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    AMD’s Radeon R9 Fury X All Sold Out On First Day Of Launch.

    I'm sorry are you telling us that [H] is the only review out there?
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    980 Ti

    Doesn't sound like he attacked nvidia, he just pointed out an observation and said the wrong company name. You sound more up in arms over it. Resorting to calling someone a fanboy over something as simple as a name mistake. How about making your point without jumping down the the guys throat or...
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    980 ti $650

    He has a point but so do you. I think the 980 staying at $500 is fair for now If Fiji ends up being faster and cheaper I would personally sell my g1 and jump ship. Since I paid $529 brand new 4 months ago, I should be able to get a good percentage back if the 980 goes to $499. I may sell now and...
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    980 ti $650

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    Windows 10 Home Edition May Force Updates On You

    ^^^ (can't edit sorry)
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    Windows 10 Home Edition May Force Updates On You

    That's BS and you know it.
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    Windows 10 Home Edition May Force Updates On You

    When I hear that I can't help but think to myself, sucks for you. My father in law has a similar situation but got a good deal on satellite ISP which is capped as well but not very badly. Thank god I stuck with my data plan from 2009. I have used 12gb this last month and haven't ever been...
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    Torrentday Invites

    I would love an invite please :)
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    EVGA SuperNOVA NEX 750 $94.99 ($74.99 w/rb) Personally I use Corsair, but my friend uses the 550W version of this PSU and paid $80 for it at Best Buy (yeah I know) it's been a good PSU for over 1 1/2 years now so I thought this might be a good...
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    XFX 7970 Gone Bad? Anything but MS driver Artifacts Bad

    I think you answered you own question a few posts back. Bummer man. The good news is the rest of your system is plenty fast and then some. What are you thinking for the replacement?
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    Whats the problem with AMD

    Late to the party, but I know for a fact those numbers are not right.
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    ASUS & HardOCP 20th Anniversary GTX 980 Gold Edition Lucky Draw

    concrete-core chokes and hardened MOSFETs After the 290X DC2 debacle, this would be sweet for seeing what ASUS has done since. This card is killer.:D
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    GIGABYTE GTX 980 G1 GAMING Video Card Review @ [H]

    Been running this card for almost 3 weeks now. I got it for $499 at fry's (they price match an amazon sale). Been running at over 1500/8000 without touching the voltage. I am so happy my friend wanted my 780ti so badly since he wanted matching cards. I basically paid $60 for this beast. Great...
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    Looking for GPU Editors for HardOCP

    Exactly what I was thinking. Somehow I feel like living in Oregon might not work out. I would be HardOCP's slave if they could hire me :D
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    Help with 290X fan replacement

    I appreciate the advice. But I have tried that many times. Even once recently. It didn't help matters.
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    Help with 290X fan replacement

    I don't blame you. It was an old thread. I forgot to update all the little details. I did "sell" the card to a friend of mine after trying the drivers that came with the card and thinking it worked ok. Then when he told me that he updated the drivers and it was going to shit on him I knew what...
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    PNY LS1100 120gb 240gb 480gb DAD TODAY ONLY FREE SHIP

    Not to bad a price. In for a 240gb. Should be enough to try a few games on it. I gotta move away from these mech drives eventually. Thanks for posting sizzler, I can pick it up in 7 mins :)
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    Help with 290X fan replacement

    I felt like I should update this. I got a reply to the review I left on newegg much to my surpise. What should I expect? I still have the card luckily. It only works with the stock asus 13.12 drivers that came with the card. Here is the reply. Dear Valued Customer, We want to thank you for...
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    DX12 core scaling on FX-8370 and A10-7850K.

    Mobile Device subforum is a little lower guys. But I agree that DX12 is not limited to 6 cores/threads. That would make no sense. Especially if it is sticking around for a while.