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    Ars. Reviews the Nexus 4

    Typical pro-Apple bullshit from Ars Technica.
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    Intel's Download Center

    Has anyone noticed the Intel Download Center update from a few months ago? They seem to have reorganized things so now there's no obvious way of just getting access to the drivers needed for specific chipsets. In fact, they've removed the whole Chipset category. Now if you want something like...
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    Carmack Sorry About Performance Of Rage On PC

    If he's really sorry, he'll do something to make amends. Until he does that, he can go fuck himself.
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    Airline Replaces In-Flight Entertainment Units With iPads

    More likely constant breakages.
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    Former Apple UI designer Joins Facebook

    Oh, great. Facebook will be turned into a blank white page with a big blue button in the center that says "Like".
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    Will any video card work on Mac?

    Apple don't want you opening their box of magic fairy dust for any reason, and "Choice" is an invention of the devil. If for whatever reason you want to use OS X, you'd get much better performance and options by building a Hackintosh. In this scenario you could chose from a wide variety of...
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    Wall Street Journal Tech Blog FAIL

    Dude, just use Google and open your eyes. What, are you actually Walt Mossberg or something?
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    Wall Street Journal Tech Blog FAIL

    Well I'm sure as hell not going to defend Walt's like a gullible sheep.
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    Wall Street Journal Tech Blog FAIL

    Slightly off topic, but these Walt Mossberg parodies are hilarious.
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    Wall Street Journal Tech Blog FAIL

    If you need to ask for proof, it's obvious you have no idea who he is. The guy is famous for his EXTREME pro-Apple bias.
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    Wall Street Journal Tech Blog FAIL

    Walt Mossberg. The biggest shill in the history of the universe.
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    Wall Street Journal Tech Blog FAIL

    Which is why I said I was surprised.
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    Wall Street Journal Tech Blog FAIL

    Because they're the only ones the Wall Street Journal could find who were unethical enough to pimp Apple's hipster trash with half-truths and outright lies while consistently bashing the competition? The WSJ is just a part of Apple's marketing department. I'm more surprised that they had...
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    24lbs Of Cocaine Found Inside Xbox

    Wow. I heard Microsoft was going above and beyond to make red ring of death sufferers happy, but DAMN!!!
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    Get Medieval With This Hoodie

    These will be all the rage in King's Landing. Winter is coming.
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    Gold-Plated Android Smartphone by Lamborghini

    Apple will sue Lamborghini for copying their patent "Method of attracting the biggest douchebags on the planet, AKA Shiny®".
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    Apple Restocks Its Shelves Every Five Days

    Because this is HardOCP, a site that's supposed to be HARD, but seems to post more Apple news than anyone else.
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    30 Days and Counting to Switch from MobileMe to iCloud

    Shit. I need more time to move over all of my Smug.
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    Jobs Would Have 'Lost His Mind' Over Siri

    As if Jobs ever needed an excuse to lose his mind.
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    What eldritch monstrosity dwells underneath the keys of my keyboard? (Horrific pics)

    Do you balls get sore after all the typing you do with them?
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    Clean Your Damn COMPUTER!!!!

    I had to service a computer from a veterinary clinic once. The inside was a solid block of some dust-like material that could almost be pulled out in one peice, and mice had been living in there and building tunnels in it. In various places there were little stashes of dog biscuits that the...
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    First look at Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs

    I'll wait for the DVD so I can just skip to the end and watch him die.
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    KegDroid Beer Serving Robot!

    There was also an iPad version, but Apple banned it because they don't support third party intoxication. Apple users are only permitted to be intoxicated by their devotion to Apple.
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    Things To Expect Shopping At A Microsoft Store

    Looks like an Apple fanboy couldn't disguise his personal bias and delusion as a joke very well.
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    The GTX 680 On An Open-Source Driver

    One word why an open source NVIDIA driver is suddenly very important - Wayland. NVIDIA have said they have no interest in supporting Wayland with a binary driver.
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    Jobs at Intel Mobile App Launched

    When I read "Jobs at Intel Mobile App Launched", I imagined Steve Job's skeleton announcing a new App from Intel.
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    Mac Security Is '10 Years Behind Microsoft'

    If Kaspersky really cared about security, they would give anyone who buys a Mac a free condom. It may not protect their Mac, but it might prevent the idiots from procreating. One second thought, you can't get pregnant from butt sex.
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    Crysis 3 Confirmed

    "The best kept secret in shooters just can't be contained". They're wrong. Everyone knows it will suck, so it's hardly a secret.
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    DOJ May Sue Apple Over eBooks As Early As Tomorrow

    I hope they get the book thrown at them. Buh dum tss!!!
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    Why not to buy Lumia, and a diss on AT&T by ArsTech.

    I don't read Ars anymore. Their Apple bias is obvious and strong. That they would go out of their way to write an article like this, and focus on Windows Phone when their complaints have much better targets, unfortunately doesn't surprise me.
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    Microsoft Windows 8 Has User-Friendly Reinstall Button

    Oh, yeah. Blow away the OEM's restore partition in the process. Reclaim the space, and forever be rid of the possibility that that garbage will ever be reapplied.
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    Microsoft Windows 8 Has User-Friendly Reinstall Button

    So who's idea of a "restored and pristine" installation of Windows will I discover when I run this feature on your average notebook? Microsoft's, or the OEM's? The number one reason for reinstalling Windows (at least as far as I'm concerned) is to completely nuke the OEM's Windows...
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    Robot Hand For Tele-Handshaking

    Make one with a tentacle and we'll talk.
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    FBI Using Unreal Engine 3 Crime Scene Sim

    Our detailed forensic investigation has determined that this was a M-M-M-MONSTER KILL!!!
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    Apple CEO In China Mission To Clear Up Problems

    "I want three more nets here, here and here. And a jumping castle under the dormitary filled with n-hexane!"
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    Stupid Police Batmobile Bust of the Day

    The police officer's name is Stark? I bet he has a costume of his own.
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    UFO Caught On Tape, We Are All Going To Die!

    The guy is either Centauri, or this is a terminal case of bed hair.
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    Electromagnetic Railgun Tested On Video

    What's the source of all the flame? Is the air just igniting due to the ridiculous amount of friction with the shell while confined in the barrel, or does the electrical discharge and intense magnetic field do something?
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    Electromagnetic Railgun Tested On Video

    I fly a Velator!!! Wheeeeeee!!!
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    BrailleTouch app Developed for the Visually Impaired

    I guess Apple are running out of clueless sheep to buy their products. Marketing to blind people seems like a logical progression.