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    Which of these CPUs should I use for BlueIris/PRTG?

    I run a Blue Iris setup with a 4790K. I currently have 47 cameras on it, running at 720p and 10fps. Current load is 46% on the CPU. I am not sure what resolution, frame rate, etc. you plan to run the cameras at but for 3 cameras the 4790k will definitely be overkill.
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    Beginning to learn Hyper-V Server

    Never mind, I was able to accomplish it with RDS.
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    Beginning to learn Hyper-V Server

    So I have been trying to learn how to deploy Hyper-V to clients and I really can't find much information on it. Is there a seed or something I need to install so they know to connect to the server for the OS? I want the process to be transparent to the end user as possible. I've done lots of...
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    This Is The Samsung Galaxy S8, Launching March 29

    I really tried to like the curved edge display but it really bothered me so it's a shame it's making its way across all the flagship Galaxy phones it seems.
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    Smart Electric Go Kart For Kids

    In private communities and subdivisions kids can drive anything without tags. It's like taking your kid to an empty parking lot to drive when they don't even have a drivers permit.
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    Nintendo Halting Wii U Production This Week

    I loved the software. The GamePad would have been nice as an optional accessory but not mandatory. I think they should have released without it and priced the system at $199.
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    Ways to block Microsoft store on Windows 10?

    Are there any ways to block the Microsoft store on Windows 10 Pro now that the official method by Microsoft was removed with the anniversary update? Or at the very least, is there a way to stop people from downloading and installing apps? Even though the user is logged on as a User, not...
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    GPT and hot swap drives

    Oops, yes, MBR to GPT. It is Server 2012 and not sure if the RAID controller matters but it is Dell Perc H730.
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    GPT and hot swap drives

    This is the first time I have had to setup RAID in modern times with such large drives. I have 8x 2TB hard drives and I don't want to be limited to 2TB per volume so I know I need to convert from NTFS to GPT. But now I have read in some places that GPT does not support hot swapping. Is this...
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    iPhone 7: Why Do We Even Care?

    I haven't cared about any technology from both sides of the aisle in a long time, it's not just Apple products.
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    Legendary Apple Engineer Turned Down For Genius Bar Job

    While I think it is safe to say there could be other reasons for him not being hired, but isn't there even a remote possibility that he should not be working on the front lines with customers? At my job, we have people who work the front lines and in the back. Most that work in the back, you...
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    New Nintendo 3DS XL + 32GB memory card + power adapter

    Nintendo New 3DS XL Black Handheld System + 32GB memory card + power adapter
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    Changing Passwords Is Bad For Security

    Everyone at my work just posts a sticky on their monitor because they have to change every 60 days, and we're a government facility.
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    Movie Ticket Prices Hit Record High

    My theater in AZ is very reasonable so I go lots. $4.99 (normal or 3D), online reserved seating, leather reclining chairs and unlimited free soft drinks / icee's, loyalty card gives free upgrades on popcorn sizes so you can jump from medium to large for same price as medium.
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    Amazon Sues Alleged Providers Of Fake Reviews

    I am sure companies will also reimburse people who do paid reviews if they buy the product to get the "Verified Purchase" next to their name.
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    Amazon Prime Video Now Has Four Times As Many Movies As Netflix

    So 4x the crap? There is still nothing available on Amazon that I want to watch when I do a search. It's not like I can find it on Netflix either, but if they have 4x the selection I am wondering how many bargain bin B movies they are.
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    The Internet Has Made Libraries Obsolete

    I've been working in a library since 1998. This is a problem we face all the time, especially as content becomes digital. But we work hard to evolve with how we supply content and experiences. Our library is not a traditional library. Yes, we have books, we have movies and computers to use...
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    Sticking With Windows 7? The Forecast Calls For Pain

    I did a clean install of Windows 7 last month. Because we were upgrading almost every piece of software on the systems I thought it would be nice to start fresh. Just having it query for the Windows updates took almost 6 hours. It used to take maybe 5 minutes. Finally it brought up the list...
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    Build for web casting and Adobe Illustrator

    LOL - yeah, pretty much thought a pre-made machine would be the way to go but this person is pretty dead set on building their own, just doesn't have a large budget to work with.
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    Build for web casting and Adobe Illustrator

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Web casts, Adobe Illustrator 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $600 includes everything 3) Which country do you live in? If the U.S, please tell us the state and city if possible. AZ...
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    Free Chipotle Burrito

    Best thing about this outbreak is there are no longer any lines when I go. I can actually eat my food during my lunch hour now. Keep staying far away everyone!
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    Amazon Shipping Has Gotten Slower For Non-Prime Members

    Only once did I get a Prime package late and it was just a day at that. But for $8.33 a month to get 2 day shipping, streaming video and music, and the fact Amazon is typically cheaper and I get cash back from shopping with them makes it very worthwhile to me.
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    Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs Releasing In March For $42.99

    If they are going to have such a high price tag they can at least select movies that are worth buying. I am looking forward to the format but in a world that is becoming dominated by streaming its hard to justify that intro price.
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    Gamers Are Redefining What a Saturday Night Out Is About

    I frequent Endgame near ASU. Very similar concept.
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    Microsoft And Team Up To Bring ‘Minecraft’ To Hour Of Code

    If you are trying to encourage children to learn coding, the last thing you want to do is make them sit through sessions of theory and logic. Let them be exposed through examples with something that interests them otherwise they will never give it a shot.
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    Asus RT-AC68U, Wii U system + extras and games

    Thanks for any bids you have all placed! eBay lifted my 5 item restriction so everything else I was going to sell is up for auction right now! - Wii U system + extras - Asus RT-AC68U router - Wii U Pro Controllers - Wii U Games
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    Asus RT-AC68U, Wii U system + extras and games

    Bump - more games listed. For some reason Ebay is not showing my items for sale. Direct links: NES Remix Pack - Mario Party 10 -...
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    best software NVR for hikvision

    No problems with Blue Iris and Hikvision here. Sounds more displeased with the way the interface looks, rather than the functionality. But as someone who has to use it weekly to review footage and give to the police it has worked wonders.
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    Ethernet port dies when printing

    Other computers print fine. Most are the exact same model. We have been using these laptops for a couple of years now. It just suddenly started happening. My next step I guess will be to do a clean install of Windows because I need to update them to Windows 10 any ways.
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    Ethernet port dies when printing

    It is connected to a 2960, though it did not become disabled on the switch. As part of troubleshooting I did connect it to an unmanaged switch with just a printer connected and it kept dying when sending the job.
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    Ethernet port dies when printing

    I have a Dell Precision laptop running Windows 7. Suddenly in the last week, whenever I print, the Ethernet port on the laptop dies. It has zero link light and it shows that the cable is unplugged. The key to fix is to remove the print job from the queue, reboot the printer and then suddenly...
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    Cloning with Windows 10 and it's free upgrade

    I have a lab of 25 Dell computers that all came with Windows 7 Pro. They are eligible for the Windows 10 upgrade. I am curious if there is any issues with cloning at this point or does the upgrade offer create an issue for it? I'd prefer to do the clean install method on the machine I will...
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    Apple Ads Claim 99% iPhone Satisfaction Rate

    The only time I have been unhappy with an iPhone was when Apple refused to increase the screen size, and when it first did, it was a measly half inch more. That made me jump to my Note II. I was going to get the iPhone 6 but could never find one in stock so went with the Note 4 instead. I'll...
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    Asus RT-AC68U, Wii U system + extras and games

    Bump - 5 more games up
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    Opinions and suggestions needed on gaming laptop

    Always been a Sager fan myself. Bought two of them, also from Power Notebooks. Either way that budget is more than enough for a 980M but I elected for the 970M as $300 difference just wasn't worth it for me and the games that I play.
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    Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Hit $2M Goal In Just A Few Hours

    I was hyped for the first one, but I think it was it just looked so good at the time. I had no idea what I was walking into game play-wise and remember being bored out of my skull so quit after a couple hours in. I'm glad fans of the series are getting a chance at a new chapter though.
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    Windows 10 Feature Depreciation List

    Wait, what? I see System Image features just fine in both 8.1 and the latest 10 build. Do you mean they intend to remove it? If so, that sucks... but at the moment I see the option.
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    Domain controller specs

    Thanks. We do currently have two domain controllers. Both were made in 2004 and have Xeon 1.4GHz, 2GB RAM and Server 2003. I am just so surprised I have not had any hardware failures yet (knocks on wood). But with Server 2003 support ending we need to do something. I am just afraid to put...
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    Domain controller specs

    Does anyone have hardware recommendations for a domain controller that also runs DNS and DHCP for 200 users? We have the licensing for Server 2012 but we don't have a huge budget for hardware so buying a server from Dell or other OEM is out of the question. Trying to keep it at $800 or less...
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    Domain controller specs