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    Nasty New Malware - Anyone seen this one?

    Danit, I have this right now!!!!! I googled "Fable 2 The Bargain" and clicked one of the links. The next thing I know, my printer started making sounds like it was being activated and my computer restarted. Now, I have an annoying red X in my tray telling me that "windows" has found spyware, it...
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    Is it difficult to secure a MySQL database?

    I wouldn't say so. Just grant each user only the access they require, such as SELECT, INSERT, etc. If you want to go even farther, only allow the user to connect from a specific host, instead of just using wildcards. Set your firewall to only allow connections to mysql from the outside IP that's...
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    Where is the cookies.sqlite file in Firefox?

    Well, mine is in "C:\Documents and Settings\Jay\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\breyuxok.default\". But the folder in the Profiles folder, aswell as your user folder, will be named differently.
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    Need some help with DFS. How to aggregate shares into a single folder?

    Will this not work?
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    How do websites identify you? (besides ip)

    Flash cookies are probably exactly how they do it. I'd bet money on that. Southern Bank has something similar, where if you select that this is a private computer, it will remember that until format, no matter how many times my public IP changes (it's changed a few times, unfortunately) or I...
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    Oh Mr. MSG, where'd ya go? (MSG command doesn't work)

    I would be too but I don't know how it would, without a service running to receive messages from the network.
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    Oh Mr. MSG, where'd ya go? (MSG command doesn't work)

    Well, if the services are disabled, it will say so. This is saying that the command is not found. Would I be able to copy it from my XP machine (which has it) and it work right and receive messages from other network machines and all?
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    Oh Mr. MSG, where'd ya go? (MSG command doesn't work)

    Well, I've read that 'net send' was replaced by 'msg'. Well, on my Vista machine, I can't find 'msg'. It says that it's not recognized as an internal command, blah blah blah. Is it not included in some distributions of Vista? The comp in question is running Home Premium.
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    Keep VPN connection established after log off

    I'm going to keep this short and simple. I have two servers here, both Windows Server 2003. One has been settup with the role of VPN server, and the other has been set up to connect to it. The client is using the regular windows client, the one that's set up by going to network connections, add...
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    Help! Added a switch to my router and now all traffic is being sent to the switch.

    This probably doesn't help, but I have the same router, WRT54g and I bought that same switch for the exact same reason. :) I have my computer and my xbox hooked up to it. Both of them are static ips for various reasons but they work with dhcp. I'm not sure why your having this problem but mine...
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    Free Html Hosting You can try there. They offer more than just simple html but you can do what u want. Code your pages in html and upload em with ftp.
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    Social Networking

    I hate myspace. I use facebook. But everybody at my school seems to use myspace so I just have to learn to like it. People put some much flash and flashing things on their page that it would lock up my old 256mb-o-ram computer. My suggestion would be to use php, just because I find it easy to...
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    Dumbest thing you've ever heard an IT-Poser say?

    "Well Mr. Bob, your C:\ floppy checks out alright!" Perfect, my plan is working..... ;)
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    Need help picking out some ethernet cable.

    That's where I plan to get mine. I'm about to order. EDIT: Now that I look at it, newegg has some good deals too! And on CAT6 cable. I already has planned on buying a switch from them.
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    Network pics thread

    This is just the diagram. I hope to get some pictures up soon. Hopefully I'll get a NAS for my anime/movie collection and a media extender so I can watch it on my tv.
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    A Good IP Hider or Changer

    Tor :cool:
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    Making network think router is a computer?

    Couldn't you just turn off the wireless? They said you couldn't have a wireless network but just because you have a router doesn't mean it's wireless. They probably caught the other guy by walking through the halls and scanning for networks.
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    Strange Problem - Can't connect to some sites...

    Can't find site? That means that it couldn't take the domain name and turn it into a ip address. In other words, it is a problem with your dns settings. Try another server, like open dns or the easy to remember '' '' '' servers.
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    post your Server Screenshots

    What a laugh. He (you) sounded like the witch off the Wizard of Oz or something. I encourage everybody to watch the video and laugh at the guy holding the camera as hard as you can.:D
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    Have a server at and want

    True dat. I don't know about his situation but I couldn't bookmark my ip since I have to access it from different computers at my school's network and else where. That's why dns comes in handy for me. I assumed that he knew that he didn't need dns. But we all know what assuming does.:rolleyes:
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    Have a server at and want

    That's kinda obvious. :p But can you remember your ip? (pls don't say yes :D)
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    Have a server at and want

    He already has a domain through 1&1. I've heard nothing but bad reviews about them. I prefer peer1. But that's off topic.
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    Have a server at and want

    Wait a minute stonecat, maybe you could help me understand this better. I thought cnames pointed to A records. Why would you use cnames in this situation? I've always used A records for stuff like this. I would understand if you had multiple names pointing to your home ip but for just this one....
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    Have a server at and want

    I'm not the best with it either but you're gone need an A Record. Make it and point it to your home ip address. This will work assuming you have a static ip address.
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    Strange Problem - Can't connect to some sites...

    Ok, what does it say when you try to load the sites? Connection timed out? Couldn't find server? Connection refused?
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    Hosting files on my computer with limited access to router

    Haha, I know what your going through. My dad's satelite internet has this problem. They must block ports in the NOC or something. Even connectly directly to the modem, I can't download from limewire or anything. It sucks. And now, they have a limit thingy where he only has so much bandwidth a day.
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    wireless network keep dropping signal

    Quick question on the same topic. Will changing the channel stop the microwave from making the connection drop? The microwave is right in between the router and my laptop and every time I cut it on, it makes the connection drop and it won't return till I stop the microwave.
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    Q-Flash won't read floppy

    It must be the floppy disk. The other computer can't format it. It just ways windows can not complete the format. I'll have to go find another. Those things are so ancient, I don't have but one around that I know about. EDIT: Nope. I got a new floppy, formatted it, put the files on it, and it...
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    Q-Flash won't read floppy

    I just got finished building a computer and hooking it up. Everything runs smooth (a little louder than my dell but still smooth) and I went in the Q-Flash menu of my Gigabyte DS3L rev. 2.0. I hit update bios from disk, it acted like it was doing something, then said "Invalid MBR" or something...
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    Xbox 360 :: Nat problems

    No, it's getting my public ip address. I guess I'll just have to come off some money and get me some network cable and a switch. (my router's ports are full) Thanks anyway yall.
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    Xbox 360 :: Nat problems

    Here's the problem I've been having. It's only affected me severely recently try to join others in halo 3. All other games it doesn't bother me. My xbox says that my nat is moderate. But I can't get it open. I have disabled the firewall in my Linksys WRT54g and disabled UPnP (I saw it on the MS...
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    Which MOBO do I use?

    That's the mobo I'm getting with that processor. And I don't know about the memory but if it doesn't, I'm in trouble cause I ordered 800. But I think it will still take it. You can probably only use a max of 1066.
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    Which Mobo for E8400 Out of the Box

    I just asked Gigabyte and they told me that revision 2 supports it out of the box. They told me to ask the retailer about which one I'd get. Edit: Sorry, forgot to say. Revision 2 of the DS3L board.
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    New build, minor issues

    LOL, the HDD sounds like the old Win 3.1 comp out in the barn. :p
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    Gigabyte P35-DS3L new beta released BIOS for 45nm support

    I have a question to anyone who has this combo: Will it post with the 45nm cpu without this update? I don't have a spare cpu to flash the new bios with.
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    My First Build :: Review Please

    I meant I'll post names. :rolleyes: As a matter of fact, I'll update my list tomorrow. (I'm busy today)
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    My First Build :: Review Please

    If I don't have the need, I don't plan on OCing at all. If I do, I'll be buying a better case and better cooling products. Thanks for your help and I'll make sure to post links next time. Maybe I can just get them to send me a bios chip. I really want that eVGA 780i board but at $300, it's a...
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    My First Build :: Review Please

    I'm always up for new stuff. I will be getting it if it doesn't bring the price up too bad. But how would I solve this problem here?