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    Power issues with mining and wife's hair dryer

    I have a guy coming in the morning to give me some idea on best course of action. For cooling, was thinking a hanging rack from the ceiling for almost 100% airflow
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    Power issues with mining and wife's hair dryer

    Yeah, probably best advice RE: own dedicated circuit. Thx for the idea!
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    Power issues with mining and wife's hair dryer

    Hey everyone, I have a LTC mining machine with a 1200w psu powering 4 ATI 7950's and 4 500w (using 280w per) psu's powering some block eruptor cubes in the garage. Wife ran her blow dryer today in the master bathroom which flipped the gfi breaker. I am going to test other plugs in the...
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    Can't seem to join the [H]orde Team 33

    Haha, Oh boy. Exactly what my wife doesn't need me to be doing atm :).
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    Spoken like a true husband. I had bought two 23"s to go on both sides of my 24" but the wife commandeered the 24" to go with her Macbook Air. What we do for love :P
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    Can't seem to join the [H]orde Team 33

    That makes me feel better... I had done the rest of the instructions... Looks like I'm contributing as expected using EOCs website. Ranked 2251 so far. Time yo keep climbing the ranks. What's the total amount of team members?
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    Ubisoft justifies its crummy PC port of Asassins Creed 4!

    Hmm. I've been running this maxed out on my GTX680 and i5-2500k while converting my blu-ray rips to mkv without issue. I haven't noticed any lag and looks great.
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    Need to get yourself a bigger screen yo. Looks like you're working off an iPad.
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    Can't seem to join the [H]orde Team 33

    Hey guys... Couldn't find anything about the registration page having a problem and can't seem to register my handle on Got two new GTX680 cards and trying to contribute to the cause. Tried IE, Firefox and Chrome to no avail. The "register" button is linking to...
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    OCZ Vertex 3 SSD - Random Blue Screens...

    Ugh, it blue screened after 8 hours. Time to securely erase it and RMA it. Goin to go with the Crucial m4 instead as I haven't seen as much static over those failing. Is a shame as that drive is fast like lightning.
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    OCZ Vertex 3 SSD - Random Blue Screens...

    Going on 5 hours... so far so good. If it goes for 48 hours without a bluescreen, I'll just lean towards it being the motherboard. Wife is approving of me upgrading, now I have a reason as I actually work on this machine :P Wanting to buy a 60 gig Crucial m4 for my hackintosh drive. Will give...
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    OCZ Vertex 3 SSD - Random Blue Screens...

    Firmware is up to date at 2.13... (came shipped with it). Read that native TRIM support only works with AHCI...? Will try swapping over though. If IDE works and AHCI doesn't, would that lead you to believe that it's motherboard related instead?
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    OCZ Vertex 3 SSD - Random Blue Screens...

    Hey guys, Just wanted to get the hive opinion before I look into possibly RMA'ing my new OCZ Vertex 3 SSD. Have the SSD on Channel 0 of my Gigabyte EP-45R board (yes, i know.. I need to upgrade to the Intel i5/7 and get full 6gbps SATA II) and it will randomly blue screen (usually hours in...
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    KÜHLER as it Gets! - Antec Big [H] Giveaway!

    Antec is top notch stuff. I love my cases by them. This would be my first dabble in water cooling. How about 2 pictures of my dog?
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    What Did You Get For Christmas?

    Wife bought me more ram for my MBP and a new power adapter since our puppy ate mine. Also, $200 to spend at Amazon on whatever I damn well please :D. She scored the new Kindle 3 along with accessories and a new (to us) 2009 Toyota Rav4 4x4.
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    Amazon to Replace Problem Kindle Covers

    Why did PC Mag link to the wrong item? You would think that they would at least read the title of the item linking to...
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    What are your favorite andoird apps and why?

    I want swype on my EVO :(
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    iPhone 4 pre-order

    Woot, here also. 2 phones, on their way. 10AM delivery.
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    Brag here if your getting an iPhone launch day

    Got two on their way. Woot.
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    iPhone transfer music from mac to mac

    This also looks easy...
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    iPhone transfer music from mac to mac

    I've never used this software but it looks simple enough... I don't know if YAMIPOD works w/ iphones
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    10.6.4 is out.

    Here are some notes on what Snow Leopard has that Leopard doesn't....
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    iPhone 4 pre-order

    Because everyone is hoping that the 'sold-out' mantra doesn't really mean that. I imagine every one of those 600,000 units that they sold will be all sorts of crazy shipment arrival dates/times. I wonder how much of a deal FedEx is cutting AT&T/Apple to ship the phones?
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    iPhone 4 pre-order

    My wife and I were able to order our phones late (5PM PST) through Business Premier without any issues. We couldn't upgrade her old plan though and just signed up for 2 new phone numbers and will close the old once it comes in. That account was 4 years old and 2 area codes ago though so no...
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    Installing Windows 7 on Macbook air

    Really buggy? I have had 0 issue with mine and my wife's macbook running windows 7 since the supported drivers came out... What bugs are you addressing?
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    MacBook 13"

    A quick question... Hackintosh is against forum rules but no one seems to get uptight about jailbreaking?
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    RAM issue with White Macbook

    What are your new sticks of ram? (Manufacturer/Model/Part Number) I assume that the manufacturer supports the Apple Macbook w/ the ram?
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    uninstaller program?

    I personally like AppCleaner (free) but there is also AppZapper ($).
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    best method to unlock iphone 3gs

    Rock... Snow... Scissors?
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    MBP 13 battery life under Windows 7

    Already did. Took about 15 minutes to upgrade everything. Haven't noticed any changes/differences yet on my MBP. Will install it tonight on my wife's MB to see if it fixes her issues w/ her isight...
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    Will there be a Macbook or Macbook Pro with i5/USB3 soon?

    Hardware is a wicked web of convoluted ties. AMD snatching up ATI definitely made Intel and nVidia give them dirty looks. I've had ATI cards for the last 3 upgrades and have had 0 issue w/ them. My Nvidia cards... can't say the same.
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    Show off your OSX desktop

    Thx. Was leaning towards that but didn't want to assume. I'm just now trying to get Hamachi (HamachiX) up and working between all of our household computers (as I travel a lot and trying to help my wife on her computer from a distance is painful if I can't see her screen).
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    Show off your OSX desktop

    @Mathemabeat I have to ask... What are the "4 orbs" icon in the upper right corner...
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    Mac Mini and High Pitched Noise

    Slap it around a bit. That's what I do when my devices start whining. I have the same issue with a USB hub when I plug in something w/ a hard drive and my printer.
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    Will there be a Macbook or Macbook Pro with i5/USB3 soon?

    Is this something along the lines for the new MB/MBP's?
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    New iPod Touch. YouTube incredibly slow

    I assume you've reset the unit? I'm not very helpful... :P
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    So... xbox 360 getting long in the tooth due to no blu ray?

    Mass Effect 2 already stated that it will be a two disc game... I don't think MS is ready to expand to other mediums for disc distribution... Essentially they will let the larger games install to the hard drives, similar to what PS3 owners do now...
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    Show off your OSX desktop

    @Moparx Linkage!
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    Saphire 4850x2 - 3 monitors w/ default driver, 2 monitors w/ ATI's latest driver.

    So... Finally got it figured out. GotNoRice gets the brownie points. Disabling CrossFire allows all 4 display ports to work. What sucks is having to go in and turn it on/off when I want to play games. Haven't found a batch file/reg key yet to make the switch quick though. Will keep...
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    Using Airport Express to extend network from Airport Extreme

    I think you can... Here's an something from Apple that may shine some light on it...