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    HOT: Barebones Ryzen 9 6900HX Mini - $484 Acer Nitro 5 (Cert. Refurb): 17.3" FHD IPS 144Hz, Ryzen 7 6800H, RTX 3060, 16GB DDR5, 1TB SSD $791.99 so + 300 but you can get a rtx 3060 and the other...
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    WTB: 2x8gb or 2x16gb DDR4 2666 (or better) SODIMMs

    I got a few listed in my fsft post too if the above does not work out.
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    new pc or cpu?

    I would say take a look at this video by eta prime, not sure if you have the same deals up there but you can get a ton of pc power on the cheap, and just drop in a modern gpu.
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    Help me understand AMD vs Intel differences

    I would say think of it like a dodge hellcat vs a corvette c8 you would think the 707 HP Hellcat would smoke the 485HP Corvette, but they are very close except in full stop 1/4 mile drag. I would suggest though looking for a used cheaper 5900x/5950x / 5800x3d upgrade though vs a new platform...
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    WTB: SATADOM, small NVMe or M2 SSD 32GB+

    Yeah I have nvme and 2x 128gb sata doms ... Sent pm
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    FS CPU, GPU, 2230 NVME M.2 ssds (great for steamdeck), HDDS

    It looks like the 2133 8gb ddr4 is dual rank 2rx8 from the label hope that helps.
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    FS CPU, GPU, 2230 NVME M.2 ssds (great for steamdeck), HDDS

    All PMS replied and thread adjusted.
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    HURRY - Micro Center - 12700K + ASUS TUF Z690 Combo - $350

    So what would you do if say have a b450 amd build.. any upside to z690 and 1270k vs an AMD 5800xt?
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    What video card for Plex?

    FYI here is a better chart comparing gpu
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    Microcenter: 5950X $499.99

    Haha yeah join the rebellion, or you know wait 2 weeks and see the AM5 stuff or 13 series Intel stuff and see if the price to performance balance changes.
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    WTB: 64GB or 256GB Steamdeck

    I just got a 64gb from queue, so they are starting to come out. If you snag one of the smaller ones I have a ton of 256gb 2230 ssds listed in fsft and a really easy swap if your interested.
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    Steam Link/ Remote Play and Gsync

    I am pretty sure steam link caps at 1080p maybe 4k and 60fps or at least the last time i used it. Best bet to enjoy your rig on fancy display is to move it ;) Or you know build a second rig...
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    Upgrade this Gaming rig, or gut it and rebuild?

    Not sure if you would consider prebuilt (yeah I know some junk parts) but there are some pretty good deals out there like this hp I5 10th gen, ssd and rtx 3060 for $699...
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    FS CPU, GPU, 2230 NVME M.2 ssds (great for steamdeck), HDDS

    Just 1x of the 16gb modules.
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    Upgrade or New Build?

    I would say if a 3200g is cutting it for you then maybe just jump to a 5600g for around $150 and wait for gpus to plummet. I'm pretty sure that b350 will only give you pcie 3 so no real reason to say jump to a 5600x, or even a 5950x unless you actually need more cores.
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    2080Ti died...what to replace with?

    I went from a 2080 gtx to a 3080 on same tv setup and got some nice top end enhancements not sure if the ti to same would be as huge. Fyi microcenter has the 3090 for $1350 right now or if you check slick deals 3070 are at 500+ and 3080s are around 750+ but not sure models match up to good water...
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    Big Printer for office, help please!

    We run a slew of Canon Image Runner Machines at work, I would say the bigger units like the image runner C3530i are pretty hassle-free minus employees not cleaning the scanner glass and a few parts from service here or there. We use uniflow document management integrated with Onedrive but I...
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    WTB: kaby lake cpu

    According to looks like you need a 6xxx or 7xxx series CPU for those looking
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    WTB: kaby lake cpu

    What chipset does this run on as I may have a few i5 / i7 9500 or 9700t chips? I think they may not work for you though.
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    Error 43 on GPU has me completely clueless

    I had this error on an older msi haswell gtx 970m laptop, it was triggered by update 1903 in windows, I am thinking because it was a GPU bios issue. I know you have a way newer system but do you have a bios switcher on your GPU? Maybe try that or see what version you have vs techpowerup GPU db...
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    Cheap Low End PC Part that Really Surprised/Impressed You with its Excellence?

    I got a 4 bay 3.5" yottamaster usbc das enclosure for $100 off amazon and has worked really well for backups and moving primary PC windows storage space arrays around. That or my $80 open box rx 570 8gb card from 20 months ago ..... a steal by today's prices and I think I got some AMD bundle...
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    Wanted: coffee lake cpu

    Assuming the board works you looking for a i5-9600t or i7 9700t? I have a few in older dell workstations. Honestly though the 5600g Amd has a decient gpu integrated and cheaper than a 5600x in general. I would bet a good 1030 gt with ddr5 is upwards of $130, 970 somewhere above that.... and...
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    Sudden low fps after ram upgrade

    You could have a single rank and dual rank mem sticks, usually best to match memory. But it sound like a power setting issue if it happens under load, have you checked windows power settings or bios to like force turbo or something. That or drivers. Have you looked at l an app like gpuz or...
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    Which Server OS Should I Use?

    I would either grab a new distro of Linux or use server 2016, server 2012r2 is sunsetted btw so there is a point in the near future for no more patching or support from MS. I too use Veeam on a server 2019 in-house machine as it integrates really well with VMware and makes migrations and...
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    Weird lockup issue... need brain power!

    Cool nice find, if resurfaces then could be pcie link state power management settings in bios.
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    Quick Samsung 980 Pro question.

    If you care there is a thread on samsun forums here:
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    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Official Thread

    I just beat this bad boy, it can definitely get it's hooks in you. I would say way better formula than other wb titles with similar run around and conquer an area then move to new one, specifically batman Arkham games, mad Max, lord of the rings games or even new god of war. Only better ones I...
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    FX 4100 system to have its guts replaced, looking to finally take the upgrade plunge

    I would look at a 5600g as it would be close to on par with the 960 from just the apu, and get a 6 core cpu, or look at a 12600 or 12400 6 core alder lake with a b660 chipset board with your 960.