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    what displat choice for elder scrolls??

    I don't think there's any new content in the original game world, and one of them will dump a quest on you almost immediately. But they did add some useful stuff to the base game, like an overhaul of the journal system. I'd probably install them, but disable them. Just run the launcher and...
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    Good video card that'll work on 300W PSU?

    I wouldn't risk it. Most of those no-name PSUs are garbage. There's a decent chance it's just going to blow up, whatever the specs say. Then your friend gets to spend a month without a PC while he waits for a replacement. And he won't find out until then whether it took the GPU and/or CPU...
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    Broforce — Contra meets The Expendables

    Early Access now on Steam:
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    C++ linked lists

    It's really pretty straightforward. Linked lists give you unlimited size and fast inserts/deletes, but accessing data takes time. Arrays allow fast lookups, but they have a fixed size. Vectors provide inserts/deletes/resizing on arrays, but these operations are not cheap. If you're using them...
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    Replace a string with a corresponding string.

    I'd just run this file through sed, or your text editor's search/replace, to turn it into a list of sed commands. i.e. Replace each "<old_id>,<new_id>" with "sed -i 's/<old_id>/<new_id>/g' <input_files>", and just paste the whole 1400-line script into the shell.
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    Dark Souls mod thread

    What's the problem with motion blur? Seems to be getting along fine with DSFix over here.
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    Titanfall - Respawn Entertainment's first game

    The problem for me is that, whenever I drop $30 on a game, it ends up on sale for $5 before I get around to playing it. So it's hard to justify spending any more than that, at least until I've done something about this backlog...
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    Direct2Play - legit?

    Shit, just took a look at their prices and it's barely even worth it any more. Thief is cheaper on GMG right now.
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    Direct2Play - legit?

    My understanding is that, while violating a contract leaves you open to litigation, it is not in itself illegal. In other words, the law doesn't say that you must honour a contract, only that if you don't, then you are liable for any resulting damages. So it's well within your rights to violate...
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    Direct2Play - legit?

    It's not illegal to violate a contract. And if anyone's in the wrong here, it's the seller; the EULA is between the publisher and the end user.
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    Direct2Play - legit?

    Steam has authorised resellers, and these guys certainly aren't among them. That said, you don't really have much to worry about. No idea what the law has to say about this - in the dozens of discussions I've seen about this, I have yet to see someone back up a claim one way or the other -...
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    c++ command line arguments and "^" ?

    Nothing's stopping you from typing "abc"x^z", but the quoted string is terminated by the second quote. The x^z is not quoted in this context, so the caret will not be taken literally (the x^z will resolve to xz). If you want it to be taken as a single quoted string, you need to double any...
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    c++ command line arguments and "^" ?

    I think I can see where the confusion is coming from. There are two parts to this problem: the OS parsing the raw user input to build the command line string, and the program parsing the command line to build the argv array. The documentation in question only refers to the second half of this...
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    Titanfall - Respawn Entertainment's first game

    The thing that defines the gameplay of arena shooters is not just the freedom of motion they give you, but the fact that you can fight while you're at it. As long as you're coming to a near stop and pulling up your sights every time you take a shot, you're always going to be stuck with the...
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    Borderlands 2 - Free weekend

    The install folder might take up 20GB, but the download is only 5.8GB.
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    Any way to force 3D clocks?

    MSI Afterburner lets you bind clock profiles to hotkeys (and failing that, lets you replace the 2D clock profile with your own). MSI card not required.
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    PCIe Card causing slow boot?

    A few things to try: - Boot with all your disks unplugged to eliminate software issues - CMOS reset often does the trick (button or jumper somewhere on your motherboard) - Try a different PCIe slot (I know you said they're usually blocked, but just for the sake of diagnosis) - Motherboard...
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    in app purchases wrecking the state of gaming

    Hard to keep a straight face once you notice that he's selling blog posts for $18 a piece...
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    Large sized gaming display

    First of all, I don't think that's a 120Hz screen. It's "120 CMR", which is Samsung marketing BS for "Just as good as 120Hz, I swear...". But even if you get one with a real 120Hz screen, that's no guarantee that it will accept a 120Hz input. Most of these TVs still take 60Hz signals and just...
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    Zerocoin To Become An Independent Cryptocurrency

    The entire Bitcoin transaction history is publicly visible. The only thing they don't already have is a link between the BTC wallet and its owner, and I can't see how their own currency would make that any easier.
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    Nvidia Control Panel Color Setting

    Depends on the game. Some will respect the control panel setting, and some will override it. Just temporarily crank the brightness right up, and it will be pretty clear whether or not it's working.
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    BF4 spinning up file storage/secondary drives

    Good idea. I think this is probably your best bet.
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    Opinions/Stories Best way to learn C - C++

    If you're working with 512 bytes of RAM and a 4MHz CPU, you probably don't want to be writing code without a good idea of what it's actually doing at the hardware level. High-level language features (i.e. relatively complicated logic hidden behind simple syntactic constructs) are only going to...
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    Opinions/Stories Best way to learn C - C++

    Sounds like you're talking about microcontrollers. In that case, I'd stay well away from C++...
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    Opinions/Stories Best way to learn C - C++

    "For microprocessors"? All CPUs are microprocessors. Are you talking about embedded systems programming or something? Anyway, I started C with a solid knowledge of Java and a little bit of assembly. All it really took was a few hours of staring at someone's code, plus an online tutorial or...
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    Not really. The TCP network layer has error-detection mechanisms which should make corruption during transmission just about impossible. And there's no reason that parallel downloads would make any difference. Even using a download accelerator, which runs 4+ parallel downloads to fetch a single...
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    Linked List Application

    This is central to the topic. Without an actual question (beyond the one printed on his assignment), the code he's written is all we've got to figure out what he understands and what he doesn't. And without that, we've got no starting point for an explanation, so whether he wrote it or not is...
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    Linked List Application

    Going through his comments, I'm not convinced he wrote that code... He's already got a declaration for node *head, but he's asking how to store his node. He's traversing the list in length() (well, sort of...), but he doesn't know how to traverse it in display(). He wrote a loop for the...
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    Any good PC action games that is NOT First Person Shooter?

    Yes, you can play it like an FPS, but as an FPS, it's not particularly good. The combat mechanics aren't solid enough to carry the game on their own, and running around gunning everyone down is about the least interesting way to approach it. If you want a shooter, there are far better options...
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    Bungie Talks Lack of PC Destiny Plans

    MS and Sony are feeling about as much pressure from PCs as they are from Macs. They're not conspiring against us; they're barely even paying attention.
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    why vsync is a problem?

    I don't really know. I'm not sure how the frame buffers are laid out exactly, but I guess there are enough of them that the cards are never left waiting around for a refresh.
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    Scheme Question/Help

    It does. Your interpreter just prints it differently. Depends on what you want to do. If you were after a pair of pairs, you've got it right. If you're trying to build lists, you're way off...
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    why vsync is a problem?

    It doesn't work like that in SLI.
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    Watch Dogs Coming, What Should I Do??

    Yeah, they draw the line at the amount they can squeeze onto a console. Most games on most PCs have plenty of VRAM to spare.
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    The effects of texture resolution on performance

    Maybe I'm overlooking something, but aren't you taking the same number of texture samples regardless of the texture resolution? It does, but memory is cheap enough that it doesn't make a difference.
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    Scheme Question/Help

    They're recursive. They work by calling themselves (with a smaller list). car gives you the first element in the list, and cdr gives you the remainder. i.e. car [1,2,3] = 1 and cdr [1,2,3] = [2,3]. So myListSum [1,2,3] ends up calling myListSum [2,3], which calls myListSum [3], which calls...
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    strange artifacts in video playback

    Doesn't look like this by any chance, does it? That's 16-bit colour. Can't think of much else which would cause "green lines" in both videos and pictures.
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    Weird gaming video lag

    Vsync? How long a lag are we talking about?
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    Crytek demos its next-gen CryEngine

    Scalability isn't an issue on a console, and I doubt the PC port even crosses their mind in most cases...
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    Crytek demos its next-gen CryEngine

    The point is that the shading is physically based, i.e. the developer can specify some material properties and let the engine take care of the rest, rather than having to add their own shaders for each object under all lighting conditions. The end result is nothing you couldn't produce by hand...