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    Intel Acquires Killer NIC

    I had the "killer nic" software stack on Qualcomm hardware, it was interesting since it allowed you to managed bandwidth QoS / throughput caps between different applications running in windows, though this is very different than the original killer nic with the whole dedicated coprocessor...
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    Fat32 Formatting tools broken by windows patch?

    Thanks Rufus is the man.
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    Fat32 Formatting tools broken by windows patch?

    I don't use these tools frequently, but sometimes I need a fat32 formatted large usb drive. Seemingly none of them work on all of my Windows 10 PCs, does anyone know of a tool that still works? Without going through the trouble of a livecd.
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    The Outer Worlds (New Obsidian RPG)

    Seriously i'd pay an extra $10 each time to have all my games on the same launcher. Let the consumer pay the difference, and those who want to save a few bucks can go to epic. I have more games then time, and if i'm going to buy something I really want, i'm willing to pay for convenience. This...
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    Google Partners with AMD for Google Stadia Game Streaming Service

    I'm far more afraid that they will consider 30-60ms latency unnoticeable and then games will be designed with autotargeting, timewarp and other latency mitigation slop will come to be the norm. Nvidia claimed much of the same but the latency is noticeable streaming to the shield. So is in home...
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    China Embedded Spy Chips On Supermicro Motherboards

    Could have sworn Supermicro was a company of Taiwanese expats, you know, the rogue state trying to ignore the missiles that China punts over their airspace every so often. It's like saying Nvidia and (old) ATI Technologies are Chinese companies. They are in a sense but not in a political one.
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    Apple is Deleting Purchased Movies from iTunes

    Well idiots too. If they'd paid the guy off they could silently sweep this under the rug. Now it's news so they saved $50 in order to lose hundreds of thousands more. Thank you idiots for your public service.
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    Tesla Model Y Production Starts November 2019

    I think electronic stability controls on electric cars are simply much better than gas because they can modulate the drive in milliseconds versus on gasoline engines where the throttle body only affects the combustion of the next combustion cycle and therefore is slower to react. You can also...
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    Tesla Model Y Production Starts November 2019

    I don't think you need to worry, with VW group's big electric push, I'm sure you'll be able to get an electric Audi pretty soon. I don't think everyone else will go with the minimalist cockpit right away. Part of the dieselgate settlement is to spend billions on an electric charging infra in the...
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    Tesla Model Y Production Starts November 2019

    I've driven minivans pretty hard, they're pretty fun to drive if they have enough power (~300hp they accelerate just fine thank you. At ar), they're just a lot scarier at the limit but handles much better than truck based SUVs, and I've had just as fun canyon carving in a v6 Sienna SE as my STI...
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    Riot Regrets “Unnecessarily Sexualized” Design of League of Legends Character

    Isn't this what lead to the female Alec Ryder design in ME:Andromeda?
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    Kansas Passes “Anti-Swatting” Bill in Wake of Andrew Finch Shooting

    I think I'd prefer both, the SWAT team should be sanctioned, and the caller punished severely. The first is a deterrant since this type of poor judgement is unacceptable. The second is justice. Punishing the caller doesn't prevent other callers from being stupid, but the the family deserves...
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    Nvidia Halts Self Driving Car Testing Globally

    "May cause impotence, elevated blood pressure, flatulence and sudden death. Please consult with your physician before taking Adhedra. Adhedra, healing dry skin has never been easier!"
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    Robots Escaping Captivity Will Kill Us All

    They really need to scale this down; robotic mice that can locate and recharge themselves from electrical sockets. Hide during the day and perform intelligence ops during the night. Has gsm access, but can attack wifi access points, exploit bluetooth, sniff mac addresses and interface with...
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    Humans Screw Much Better than Killer Robots

    Be careful what you say when touring the Boston Dynamics lab. Some of those machines are exceptionally creepy and dexterous.
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    Chrome Will Soon Mark All HTTP Pages As "Not Secure"

    Yep, but I already have most of my home stuff unencrypted since i'm not really concerned about my friends and family poking around, nor do I bother with UID/GID sync between different boxes, or ldap for the home. Google seems to think everything needs to be handled like it's a business like a...
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    Chrome Will Soon Mark All HTTP Pages As "Not Secure"

    That's a reasonable approach, but in this case it isn't my own web server, it's the management interface for the Ubiquity Unify Controller, and some of my managed switches. Let's encrypt provides free certificates for apache or IIS which would be even better, no client certs but I have enough...
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    Electric Cars Likely Won't Save You Money

    There's a large group of owners tracking Tesla Battery degradation so it's a pretty reasonable data set, it will be interesting how this plays out over the next couple years.
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    Electric Cars Likely Won't Save You Money

    That hasn't really been a problem with actively cooled lithium cells used in cars and industrial applications, only portable electronics since they'll blow a wad to shave 1mm off the next iphone so batteries have only the most basic charge management. Even today, only a few laptops include...
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    Electric Cars Likely Won't Save You Money

    I'm not sure that's even actually a huge problem. Lithium in batteries can be recycled, since batteries degrade because of physical damage from dendrites in the battery structure, not because we somehow lose the lithium through a gradual chemical process. As electronics get more efficient, the...
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    Chinese Police Using Surveillance Sunglasses to Catch Criminals

    Must suck to have an evil twin mastermind in the family, you'd have guns drawn on you every time you left the house. Just hope they don't shoot first over there. Would be funny if you went to get plastic surgery and ended up with the same facial dimensions as someone on the most wanted list...
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    Chrome Will Soon Mark All HTTP Pages As "Not Secure"

    It's actually currently very hostile to sites using self signed certificates and won't let you make an exception to the stupid warning page even if the site is on an RFC1918 address range. Now they'll punish the HTTP sites. What assholes.
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    Bill Would Make It Illegal to Sell Electronics without Easily Replaceable Batteries

    I don't care, as long as they need to disclose. If the government wants to partner with Swann sell us an outdoor backdoored security camera that they can also use to read license plates for a 50% subsidy, more power to them. Or that I buy my kids equipment that has their privacy completely...
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    8K TVs in 2018 but No Content till 2025

    The sooner we get lightweight wireless AR glasses with sufficient resolution to give me a virtual display to replace my computer screens, the sooner I can get off this flat screen treadmill.
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    Bill Would Make It Illegal to Sell Electronics without Easily Replaceable Batteries

    I don't want the government saying how we can and cannot build devices, the consumers should have a choice. The only phone I've owned which couldn't get a battery replacement was our Note 5 so it's really not that big of a problem. I remember there were a few years when every new home built in...
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    Teen Shot in Head after New Internet Challenge Goes Wrong

    More like greedy people, you can get good cash from enough views on these "stupid stunt" videos. They just get more outrageous since you get views from both those who think it's something to aspire to, as well as those who want to be shocked and outraged. Don't click on these links and...
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    Man Attacks Self-Driving Car in San Francisco’s Mission District

    That's why they use GTAV to train autonomous vehicles since people do all sorts of strange stuff in that engine. Now if it can survive in GTA Online, i'll be impressed.
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    BWM Loves the Death of Net Neutrality

    Having tried that twice, I don't really recommend it, the support on those Android head units is nonexistant and sometimes are partially locked down so if you don't like cracking it open and flashing via jtag with firmware from a device that looks "close enough", you might not be able to update...
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    Oregon Admits It Violated Free Speech Rights of Mats “I Am an Engineer” Jarlstrom

    We studied queueing theory in EE, vehicular traffic and warm bodies as well as network traffic were specific use cases for this field. It's like saying an EE has no understanding of the aspects of the job of an audio engineer related to signal processing, or has no prerequisite training in...
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    What keyboard do you use for playing games?

    I can't seem to throw mine away because it worked so well, but half my keys have gone transparent, and the rubber paint became sticky after a few years. How do you keep the paint from degrading?
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    Black Friday 2017: More Consumers Want Laptops than Smartphones

    Performance wise, a non-gaming laptop really isn't really that different. But the form factor and battery life is so much better now. In the past i've had many thin and light laptops including weird transmeta librettos, porteges and a few ultrabook class like the vaio S and macbook airs which...
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    Warning about Samsung panel types

    Had the same issue this year with samsung mu6300, a similar issue a few years ago when I picked up one of the Vizio P series range too (again certain sizes mean different panel teck). In both cases, the forums and reviews were all over the panel types, and just needed a little bit of research...
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    Linus Torvalds Calls Some Security Experts “Morons” Who “Can’t Be Trusted”

    It seems like Linus isn't used to working with different groups with different goals. Lets say linus is building a safety feature for cars. Linus believes that if your airbag has a defect and is going to fire shrapnel in your face, your number 1 task is to fix it. The NTSB guy believes that the...
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    Home-Built Rocket Launches Over Ghost Town on Saturday

    Better just re-watch the bombing scene from Dr. Strangelove again for inspiration. Chances are the real thing will be about as exciting as the US vs Japan giant robot battle.
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    Home-Built Rocket Launches Over Ghost Town on Saturday

    Let's hope he doesn't strike an innocent photography drone mid flight.
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    Home-Built Rocket Launches Over Ghost Town on Saturday

    Wait this is a steam powered pneumatic rocket? Someone needs to catch him up on modern tech, he should be getting coca cola and unilever as sponsors and power this with coke and mentos. That's um.. cold fusion?
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    China Challenges Nvidia's Hold on Artificial Intelligence Chips

    In a way they're the exact opposite of our society of patent trolls, any idea is up for grabs, and everyone will take any idea and implement it in the name of feature parity. I do recall the irony that the Chinese company that designed the original self balancing scooter was ripped off during...
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    Consumer Reports Refuses to Recommend Microsoft Surface Book 2

    It's pretty ridiculous because they knew better in the past than to make any recommendations without relevant facts. They might as well start calling themselves Minority Reports.
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    Drone Smacks Commercial Passenger Plane in Canada

    The reports indicated he was outside the 3.5 mile range where drone flights are excluded, so it could have just as easily been a bird minding its own business, which are far more numerous than drones, and often more massive than most hobby drones. I remember when I was a kid, people used to...
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    The Future of PC Case Mods: Dancing Anime Girls

    Actually it would be cool to scroll through a bunch of photos of the motherboards from your old builds so you can bask in nostalgia!