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    Free $2 Amazon MP3 credit ends 4-1

    Thank you.
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    Have to use WEP to support TiVo WiFi

    The USB WiFi adapter for my Series 2 TiVo is WEP only. I tried using a newer WPA based adapter but it refused to work with my TiVo even though it was on the approved list. Until I can completely replace my TiVo I'm stuck with having to go with WEP on my wireless network. Everything else I have...
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    Replacing my dad's 8800GT with ATI/AMD

    Thanks for all the info. I think I'm going to go with the 5770 since XFX makes a single slot version and I want installation to be as easy as possible for him since the old card is also single slot. If he has issues I'll have to take another road trip to help him out.
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    Replacing my dad's 8800GT with ATI/AMD

    My father has a quad core machine with 3 gigs of RAM, Vista, and an 8800GT that is starting to die. He wants to replace it with an ATI/AMD card since he's had some issues with NVIDIA drivers in the past. The PC has a 425W power supply. Is there something from AMD that is at least as good as...
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    Free: Doesn't Cost you anything

    Thanks, sent one.
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    How Does Your IT Salary Compare?

    Oh hey only $30,000 behind the curve.
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    FREE Music Mojo Nixon's Near Complete Catalog on MP3

    I hope "Where the hell's my money?" is in there somewhere. YES! Also had to get "Stuffin Martha's Muffin" :D
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    Replacing my PC with a Maingear box

    I don't do much video encoding but even if I did it would probably smoke my P4 since there are four cores even if they are not multi-threaded cores. I have a 1440x900 LCD so I'm not pushing my graphics card in terms of res. At Maingear that 5850 is $100 more than the $144 275 and it's...
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    Replacing my PC with a Maingear box

    I've been mulling this over for a while and had decided to wait until Windows 7 came out. I've settled on Maingear as the source for either their small case, or the regular old minitower. They're both within about $150 of each other and I like the idea of finally having a small PC. I'm a bit...
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    One of a kind Fantasy Figures.

    Here I was thinking Kyle was selling off his Warhammer armies.
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    [H]OT - Two 5lbs Tubs of Optimum Whey Nutrition - $66 shipped

    Thanks for this offer. I started up with their product a month ago and this is a really good deal.
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    Where is the best online place to get a custom pc?

    What I meant was that if you go by the specs in terms of chip type, amount of RAM, hard drive size, etc. It's difficult to do apples to apples with PC construction since companies rarely offer the same hardware brands, and of course you sacrifice something for that lower price. What I was...
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    Where is the best online place to get a custom pc?

    I've noticed that Maingear has updated their website since the last time I checked them out. Still a frontrunner for when I replace my PC when Windows 7 is coming preinstalled, but the premium over a similarly equipped Dell system is hundreds of dollars. Dell prices on i7 rigs has dropped a ton...
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    Free 1 yr subscription to Surfing magazine

    Expired/depleted. :(
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    30% Staff Cut From MySpace

    Last year I was in the interview process to be an I.T. Manager at Fox Interactive Media. MySpace is under their umbrella. Apparently their entire I.T. department started as MySpace's I.T. and then grew to support other FIM companies. Things were going like gangbusters at the time and they were...
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    iPhone 3G S Not Ready for Enterprises Yet

    My problem with working with handhelds, any handheld is that so many are personal purchases, not corporate. Even if the iPhone offered the full suite of security features most users would not tolerate being locked down on their own device. The flipside of that is that I still haven't worked for...
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    Free 1 Year subscription to SURFING Magazine

    Tried it and the offer was over.
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    I just checked my [H] stats and it looks like I've finally broken into the ranks of the top 50,000.
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    Apple Confirms Headphone Chip Fears

    I am a long time Apple user but damned if that headphone thing isn't the stupidest lock-in I've seen since the chipped ink cartridges. It seems completely at odds with what they've done with iTunes and the music store, particularly with the announcement about removing DRM from all the songs...
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    What's your current mp3 player?

    60 gig iPod video. Got it for free and it replaced my old 3rd generation 15 gig iPod.
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    My Latest AVAdirect Gaming System!

    Yes, tidy cabling. Too bad I am too scared to buy from them! :D
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    [HHHH]ot Deal~! -- SI 2009 Video -- Free

    Haven't been turned down yet! :D
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    Most comfortable mouse you ever had?

    My old Kensington trackball, from the Apple ADB days. It was perfect for my small desk, no picking up and moving the mouse all the damn time. I eventually replaced the ball with an 8-ball from a pool table supply company. Fit perfectly and worked great. :D
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    Vista 64 bit or XP?

    Thanks for the info. I need to do a bit of reading to see if my utilities have 64 bit versions. That's the only thing I can imagine holding me back since everything else appears to be taken care of.
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    Vista 64 bit or XP?

    I was happy to see this thread because I was also curious about 32 vs. 64. I remember the initial concerns about hardware drivers and was wondering if the transition to supporting 64 bit has been made by most of the major manufacturers. Are there issues running 32 bit apps? Most of what I've...
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    Time to replace my P4

    I saw some nice systems at Digital Storm but I'm thinking now the limiting factor will be that I don't want a full size case. That should help me narrow things down and puts the Maingear systems and Dell's Studio box in the lead. I'm going to check Maingear's forums for info on volume levels...
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    Mforce PC Owners...

    I got it but I didn't realize it was "super-secret" code. I was just taking it at face value and wondering why I couldn't pull it up. :)
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    Mforce PC Owners...

    I've been looking primarily at Dell and Maingear for my PC. Is there a link for mforce? I just browsed Digital Storm and I like how flexible their choices are. Never heard of them before this thread.
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    Time to replace my P4

    I've been looking at Maingear, at both the Prelude and their SFF called the X-Cube. I like the smallness of the X-Cube and the Prelude is also a pretty nice case. The Prelude offers the new intel CPUs but at this point I'm uncertain if that's worth paying a premium for. I also can't speak to the...
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    Time to replace my P4

    I currently have a P4 that is getting pretty long in the tooth. I am not looking for a cutting edge machine but something that is at least a bit expandable over the next few years and will be capable of running current PC games with a decent detail and performance level. My monitor is 1440x900...
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    Free Mini Football

    Thank you
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    Possible to run two cores out of four?

    Hmm sorry. In the DC guide it really looked like there were two different SMP clients. I guess I misread it.
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    Possible to run two cores out of four?

    Can someone explain the difference between the two SMP clients? If they're well behaved in terms of quickly responding when I'm using the machine then I won't be concerned about the core limiting. Thanks for the info! I may soon be grinding out some really good numbers.
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    Possible to run two cores out of four?

    Now that I have the single core version running properly on my quad I was curious if the multicore version can be configured to use two cores, and only two. It looked like an all or nothing proposition. I was a bit intimidated by the instructions for the two multi core installs and was unclear...
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    After tooling about with a mix of Mac laptops and a sleepy P4 I'm finally going to use a modern quad core machine. The SMP clients looked like a bear to set up so I'm just going to start with the single core client and see how that goes. I'm not even sure how the two SMP clients differ so that...
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    Free Maxell "Blow Away Guy" Poster

    Thanks. I always liked that commercial.
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    Free LogMeIn T Shirt

    Further info: "This offer is by invitation only and only valid for LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone preview program applicants. Please note, if you are not on the applicant list, your order will not be processed."
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    Free 2009 Aerospace Defense Calendar **Company Name Required**

    Thanks. I need a calendar for my office. :)