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    WTT: MSI Geforce GTX 970 4G

    Interested in the card. Sent you a PM.
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    Is this a good starter open loop setup.

    I just bought one of those kits for a computer I'm building for a friend as a christmas gift and should be installing it this weekend. I have a full custom loop and was planning on setting up one for him piece by piece, but it was far less expensive buying the kit, even with the same parts. I...
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    Small Gap between Fan and Heatsink?

    As I understand it, a gap between heatsink/radiator and fan is desirable due to the design of most fans as it gives more uniform airflow through all of the fins rather than mostly around the edges. The large rotor in the middle of the fan can cause uneven performance (even if it's not really...
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    290 Reference or not?

    I always buy reference cards due to my stubborn desire to watercool everything I can. Not a lot of reason to pay the additional cost simply to swap them out. Performance-wise, there is generally not a lot of difference, I have a reference XFX 290X that will run 1300/1500. The reference cooler...
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    Google, Furious With MPAA, Ends Anti-Piracy Cooperation

    lol'd for real at that one. Good show.
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    FS: Far Cry 4 code

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    FS: Far Cry 4 code

    Price drop! To the top!
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    Curious about 290x clocks / What are yours?

    Firestrike Extreme: Screenshot: / post-Firestrike Furmark: This is only letting Furmark run for about fifteen minutes, but it stays that way and caps at high-60c core after an hour. Ambient is 23C
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    Curious about 290x clocks / What are yours?

    That's what I thought! It worried me because everything I have read (as many articles as I could find, including the [H]) struggled getting to 1200mhz. I simply didn't believe it. I confirmed with GPU-Z, Sapphire Trixx, MSI Afterburner, Unigine Valley and Heaven, along with Furmark. It's at...
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    Indigo Xtreme Thermal Interface?

    When I built my first water loop about eighteen months ago, I picked up some Indigo Extreme to go with it as I figured, meh, even if I muck it up, $20 isn't going to make me cry if it doesn't work. The installation process was terrifying. I understand conceptually that damaging the CPU...
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    Curious about 290x clocks / What are yours?

    Hey everyone. I retired my lovely but struggling 6970 and moved up to a 290x. I fitted an Aquacomputer block with active backplate on it so the downsides were somewhat mitigated. In my overclocking adventures, I found that this card is able to clock like mad. However, it seems almost too...
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    FS: Far Cry 4 code

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    FS: Far Cry 4 code

    Bought a Samsung 840 Evo drive, received a copy of Far Cry 4. Sadly I had already picked up a copy before ordering the drive. Looking for $30. Thanks!
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    Having a hard time chosing a Wireless mouse. Help needed.

    I have a G700s and it's my favorite so far. There is a Razer Mamba in the closet and it's good as well, but I didn't like the soft-touch surface as it made my hand sweaty and uncomfortable. If the issue with the G602 is that it is not rechargeable, pick up some Eneloops and bam, it is now...
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    Razr or Logitech for Wireless Gaming Mouse?

    I am currently using the Logitech G700s and I a very fond of it. It fits my hand quite well and performance is very good. The extra buttons are nice to have I guess, but they don't really do anything for me. Battery life is pretty good, but on the plus side it comes with an Eneloop and those...
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    FS/T: Maximus VI Hero, 4770k, 16Gb Ballistix

    What type of speeds were you looking at with the 4770k and at what voltages? I may take the cpu off of your hands.
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    FS: parting out my Haswell rig

    Interested in the CPU if you can't get it sold as a combo. Potentially the SSD too.
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    Would I benefit from an upgrade?

    What resolution are you playing at? I am in a similar boat as you with my venerable 6970 having some struggles as of late, even at 1080p. I recently decided to take the plunge and pick up a 1440p monitor and a 290x. I understand that with a 290x (which can be had from the FS forum here for...
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    Stren's garage sale - water blocks, gpus, reservoirs,

    I'll take the new Alphacool ST30 and the Aquacomputer 290 block with backplane.
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    FS: iPad Air 32GB Wifi/Cellular

    Hi all, I'm looking to sell my iPad Air. It has served me very well and it is pristine condition, but it hasn't been used much and further pushed to non-use due to getting an iPhone 6. Includes box (if you want it), charger, cable, and the iPad as well as a handmade Dodocase with genuine...
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    Destiny Review Round-Up

    Seems to be a lot of hate about Destiny. Perhaps it was all of the hype? I avoided it prior to the beta and then sat on a pre-order (which made me feel dirty as I despise the pre-order machine and all the nonsense that comes with it), but I'm having enormous fun with the game.
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    FS: White iPad Air 64gb + LTE

    Man, that is an awesome price. I have the AT&T version and it is fantastic. Bump.
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    Intel Retail Edge Winter Deal

    I finally received my shipment confirmation for the 4770k earlier this week and it is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. I ordered on December 6th and if the delivery works as expected will arrive January 2nd. For Intel's part, they did not skimp on the shipping as it seems to be sent via...
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    FS: MSI Hawk Radeon 6870, Corsair H50

    No longer available
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    The best hard gaming mouse pad?

    I generally prefer cloth mouse pads anymore and use the steelseries variety, but if I were to pick up a hard mouse pad, I wouldn't think about anything else than the ratpadz. I had one about eight years ago and then decided I preferred the cloth style, and bequeathed it to a friend and it's...
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    Intel Retail Edge Winter Deal

    I ordered mine on December 6th and still haven't gotten any shipment confirmation. Not too worried since I was expecting it to take six weeks, but I have heard loads of people getting their chips already.
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    Would you water cool again if you had to do it over?

    I would absolutely do it again. It was a great time putting everything together and planning for everything (which is my favorite part). Watercooling is rather expensive but I enjoyed it a great deal and I like the flexibility. My setup isn't the quietest without fan control, but being...
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    Intel winter deal

    I picked up the 4770k, going to be a hell of an upgrade from my i5-750.
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    OCZ has gone Bankrupt.

    Fortunately the $35 million dollar check from Toshiba should keep the people you know there employed for at least a little while. Until the purchase/bankruptcy is final, Toshiba is essentially going to float them the cash to continue operating and complete the acquisition.
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    Why do people say "Raid won't prevent data loss"...

    Nothing can truly prevent data loss other than preparation. Someone above in thread stated "any data you don't have two or more copies of is data you don't care about" which is quite true. I describe RAID arrays to my customers by telling them that RAID provides fault tolerance and...
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    which Inspiron 660s from dell?

    If it's for your parents, I'm not sure they would be able to tell the difference. I'd go with the more inexpensive one unless they have special needs.
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    MSI MPower heatsink height

    I'm about to upgrade my beloved i5-750 to a i7-4770K and I am looking at getting the MSI MPower Z87, but I have a few concerns. First, I know it sounds silly, but I noted that the board has two eight-pin connectors at the top and I'm a bit of a stickler for my cabling, so I will have to ask...
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    Z87 motherboard: Upgrade from P55 chipset.

    I'm looking at spending up to $300 if the features are right. After I've been looking around (though I do have more reviews to read), the MSI MPower line is looking quite high on my list. It's a shame it has that silly yellow and black color scheme, but there are ways around that...