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    TSMC Puts a Price on Their Production Accident

    Is NVidia 2080Ti problems made in this process, node and timeframe? Wonder if that explains the card's issues.
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    Vox Media Goes After YouTubers That Mocked The Verge PC Build Video

    That guy building the PC is a total retard, he has no business working in that industry, it's like he's reading off a script that a 70 year old guy and a 5 year old wrote, neither knows exactly what they are talking about but LED in the RAM are COOL, so that's why we chose it, oh and it has a...
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    Facebook Employees Panic After Apple Revokes the Company's Enterprise Certificate

    Facebook got creamed good, wow... As an employee at another company that relies on internal apps for food, transportation and other stuff, hell yes Facebook employees are panicking. And it was a MAJOR fail for Facebook to circumvent the rules like this, Apple was fully justified to yank their...
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    Foxconn is Allegedly Rethinking Wisconson LCD Manufacturing Plans

    Instead of paying high wages for manufacturing jobs, let's hire a bunch of engineers and steal US technology for China, nice FK YOU.
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    Netflix Takes Interactive Storytelling to the Next Level with "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

    Should work a lot better as preloaded content in VR with VRGloves for fast and precise (lag free, intuitive decision) interaction with the timeline to allow the user to backtrack to arbitrary decision and change them, perhaps even only watching the scenes that change. That would be an awesome...
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    NVIDIA Faces Class Action Lawsuit over Losses after Diminished Mining GPU Demand

    LOL, half the investors pulled out over fears and knowledge of cryptocurrency market, while the other stupid half got stuck with devalued shares, now the stupid guys are trying to sue because the other half devalued their stock and they were not told by NVIDIA (which makes chips) that a market...
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    Linux 4.20 Performance Decimated by Spectre and Meltdown Mitigations

    By 2020 Intel will have just 15% market share of desktop and server market, while AMD will have 60%, ARM and IBM will hold the remainder (25%).
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    AdoredTV Discusses Leaked AMD 'Rome' Specifications

    ZenX is the Rome-Vega hybrid, it's following Apple's X greek 10 numeration, 9 cores plus GPU 10th core.
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    Researchers 3D Print Lithium Ion Battery

    I don't see this going anywhere. Oh look I made a magic battery, you can do whatever you want with it, the only downside is that it has a fraction of capacity compared to similar battery size. Can't just say "oh... some other magic material will make this flawed approach work and provide super...
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    Linux Developers Threaten to Pull “Kill Switch”

    THIS IS BS. It's a code of exclusion, not inclusion. Coding, the internet and open software are based on inclusion where anyone can contribute.
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    18-Year-Old YouTube Star, “McSkillet,” Kills Mother, Daughter in Fiery Crash

    Any social media celebrity that shows off buying a fancier car than they really out to have and being fooling should get banned from all platforms.
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    Apple Hired Scores of Ex-Tesla Employees This Year, and not Just for its Car Project

    Bullshit article, this kind of trade of talent happens all the time. Just another hyped up story about Tesla trying to string together big shot names with common occurrences and call it an exodus and such.
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    Nvidia SIGGRAPH 2018 Livestream Starts at 4 P.M. PT

    LOL, 10GR/s only converts to 80 Rays per pixel at 1080p 60FPS, that's not enough rays.... Rays are not pixels, you can have many rays hit a single pixel, each ray is a beam of light and you need many rays to illuminate a scene, how many? Like thousands. So we are far off from playing light ray...
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    San Francisco to Future Tech Workers: Your Days of Free Lunch May Be Numbered

    I will fight for my right to FREE FOOD FOR EVERY EMPLOYEE! :D
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    Starbucks May Allow Customers to Pay for Coffee with Bitcoin

    LOL, pay for coffee with a $5 transaction fee, ROFL...
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    “Amazon Should Replace Local Libraries to Save Taxpayers Money”

    Whomever created this article and whomever sought it out and thought it's a good idea, is a piece of shit person.
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    Tesla Hits Model 3 Production Target

    You want fancy technology, but think the car itself when it comes to repair should be like the 1930's vehicle? Ton of sensors or switches to disconnect when replacing one part of the vehicle or another, all of that rolls into labor, and let's not be shy, shops like to upcharge whenever possible...
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    Boyfriend Urged On Woman in Fatal YouTube Stunt, New Evidence Shows

    youtube star wannabe couldn't be bothered to youtube some videos of guys shot at books or test the book against 1 round. Darwin... WEEEEEE
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    NSA “Systematically Moving” All Its Data to the Cloud

    Wondering if their cloud is hosted in the Utah datacenter facility NSA built.
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    NVIDIA GTC Taiwan Keynote - 2018

    Because Kyle gave him a choronary called "GPP fiasco".
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    Spectre Variant 4 Disclosed, Mitigations to Result in Another Performance Hit

    Sounds like all the 5-10% Intel gains per generation are setting back Intel by what? 6 years
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    DISH Pays Up for Telemarketing

    WTFFFFFF, I got a 1-800 number call from DISH the other day, STILL GETTING CALLS!!!
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    Canada Facing “Brain Drain” as Young Tech Talent Leaves for Silicon Valley

    We have lots of Canadians here in Silicon Valley working for tech companies from startups to big techs like Google and Apple. It's true, I know a few that are from University of Toronto.
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    Facebook May Have Secret Plans to Build a Satellite-Based Internet

    Megalith, did you fall and hit your head? That news has been around since 2016, nothing "SECRET" about it, next time use the word SECRET wisely.
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    Samsung Releases 970 PRO and EVO SSDs

    If they put it in a 2.5" form factor, what interface would they use? SATA3 is too slow already...
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    Windows 10 Lean: Microsoft Working on Cut-Down Version of OS

    regedit is an app? isn't it like 500KB is size? How about ditching that shitty METRO styles?
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    Scott Herkelman Confirms NVIDIA GPP Tactics

    How is this NOT in violation of Anti Trust laws?
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    Intel Rumored to Release i7-8086K to Celebrate 40 Years of the x86 CPU

    Not buying a single Intel chip with Spectre or Meltdown. Still find it funny that rumors continue to claim chips run 4.x GHz and will do 5 GHz+ on overclocking when in fact base clock is rarely hitting low 4s and 5 GHz only on super overclocking.
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    MIT Plans to Produce Working Nuclear Fusion Plant by 2033

    LOL, Europe has been trying to build one that works for the last 40 years...
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    Android P May Support Blocking Calls from Unknown, Private, and Pay Phone Numbers

    This is dangerous since Police Officers and Highway patrol officers will call you back using an Unknown number, their numbers are blocked due to security reasons, and if you are in danger of someone following you or road raging or just reporting a drunk driver, the officers will call you to get...
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    Tokyo to Build 350M Tower Made of Wood

    I guess flaming filet mignon is out of the question.
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    PCPer Male Bag - 31lbs

    Bigger question is does Kyle wear pants when he types for HardOCP?
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    Intel Ice Lake Laptop Chip Leak Hints at Big Graphics Bump

    If it's still flawed, no one will buy it.
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    VLC 3.0 Released with HDR, Chromecast Support

    Reverted to v2 after v3 failed to play audio in an avi.
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    Extreme OLED Test Finds Apple’s iPhone X Takes 17 Hours to “Burn In”

    My Samsung Note 2 had a burned in image, Samsung kind of sucks in this regard.
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    Some Carriers May Start Hiding Signal Strength from Users in Android P

    It's plausible deniability against network throttling.
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    Apple Being Sued for Slowing Down Older iPhones

    It'll get dismissed as soon as the judge realizes that if they don't slow down the phones, the phones would reboot because of power drop during high demand. It's like suing against a feature.
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    China Blocks Foreign Companies From Mapping Roads for Self-Driving Cars

    You are assuming that self-driving cars will required a mapped out route, the point of self-driving is that it can recognize the road and use an existing map to orient and navigate itself.
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    The First Text Message Was Sent 25 Years Ago

    We're regressing. We first invented the telegraph, then the phone with voice, then video, and now back to texting, ie telegraphing?