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    Apple Sold 10M iPhones In First Weekend

    Ahh, I love coming to [H] to read Apple news. Everyone's identity is tied to their phones/computers.
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    Walmart, Best Buy Won’t Accept Apple Pay At Their Stores

    "In late 2015, American merchants will have to buy new terminals that support EMV cards, which are more secure..." Perfect time to upgrade and include Apple Pay. But I am sure you just wanted to rant with your little immature response.
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    2014's Starting Salaries for College Tech Majors

    That wasn't my salary as an entry electrical engineer :( Maybe because I don't work in california/somewhere expensive?
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    By 2020, You Could Be Using an Optical SuperComputer

    Could be fun buying special math co-processors for your computer like in the old days.
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    Thinking of leaving PC for Mac. Questions...

    The mouse will take some time to tweak with third party apps and terminal commands to work with osx built in mouse acceleration and stuff. You can map the keyboard so that your macbook keyboard stays the same but your external one maps the windows key to the mac cmd key, etc... Are there any...
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    TSMC Shares Fall on Apple, Qualcomm Order Loss Reports

    What?*USA&pN=0 All those jobs are in the US for Apple. Sure they might outsource a few parts to contractors, but every company does. My company mostly just outsources ADC's, everything else is in-house...
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    Chinese Hackers Take Command Of Tesla Model S

    Wow, what an easy way to make $10,000!!! I need to join next year ;)
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    Why Are HDMI Cables So Expensive?

    I thought i read a review somewhere that determined the cost of hdmi cables do play a role in quality.... but only at large lengths.
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    Apple adding a new iMac model that uses the MBA's ULV proc

    I dont see why anyone would want to save $200 just to get so much less. (At these price points)
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    Watching Linus video where he says games are starting to use higher frequency ram

    for a game to specifically take advantage of faster ram, does that mean there is a special user_has_fast_ram DirectX API? Or this is more of a Mantle API direct memory access feature?
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    Air+iMac or 15" MacBook retina.

    I replaced my desktop and 13" laptop for just my 15" rmbp and 27" external. I like this setup very much. And since im also using a thunderbolt dock, i like just needing to disconnect 1 cable and power to move it around.
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    LG Announces a Smart Bulb That Connects to iOS and Android Devices

    At the very least I was hoping it would use morse code to blink who is calling so I don't have to look at my phone. Very disappointed, :P
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    What does the average user of an Asus or Alienware gaming laptop look like?

    They should include these free with purchase
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    Good language to learn for non-CS student

    Thats a wide range there. I would suggest furthering your skills in python and java before jumping into yet another language.
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    Titanfall Cheaters Are Being “Rooted Out”

    BF4 servers don't have active admins?
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    How might you do this image analysis?

    matlab + imagine processing package
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    Tablets Expected to Outsell PCs by 2015

    At my work, all new employees get laptops only. But they are just used as really expensive vnc client machines. I have vnc'd using my iPad when I am at meetings, and I am still able to get "real work" done. (Although slower than when I am in front of multiple screens and kb+m)
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    Differences in Japanese and American gaming.

    That's true. One reason I wasn't attracted to WoW was because of the cartoon graphics.
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    So close to buying a Macbook....Should I?

    I would recommend buying from the refurb store
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    Former Apple Security Engineer To Apple: 'Fix Your Sh-t'

    Got a laptop with OSX Mavericks. Got a server with Debian. Just need android to get an issue to complete my SSL vulnerabilities trifecta.
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    Is MacBook Pro worth buying?

    Ignoring power consumption, either one could be better than the other depending on what frequency you get it.
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    Linux Desktop, Mixed Screen Orientations?

    I would of assumed this wouldn't work because nvidia's twinview is only for two screens (as the name implies I guess, hehe). And it would only be possible with xinerama. But I guess opening up their drivers to support xrandr is what makes this possible now?
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    Required Windows reboots - will they ever disappear? Although it is targeted more for servers. The linux kernel is the only thing that needs something out of the ordinary to update without rebooting. For things such as drivers, you can unload the module ("driver"), install the update, and load the module again. (Stop x...
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    Best video card for 2.8GHz Quad (Nehalem)

    I assume you first figure out how many draw calls the CPU can do. And then find the cheapest card that can handle at least that many.
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    Exponential increase of CPU usage after disabling hyperthreading?

    test.exe is using core 1. test2.exe tells the scheduler it needs to do integer operation. The scheduler tells it: hey test.exe is using core 1, but it is only using the floating point unit and it will take a 100 cycles before it is done. Instead of waiting 100 cycles for it to be done...
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    First time Macbook Pro owner

    Mine will be based on coming from linux: * Alfred for quick app launching, calculations, etc.. (similar to krunner in KDE) * smcfancontrol to get your temps showing in the menu bar * Hiss if you want program notifications to appear in Notification Center (that use growl). You can also pay for...
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    Is MacBook Pro worth buying?

    Windows is much worse. has a unix-like terminal? Nope has sed? Nope has grep? Nope has cron jobs? Nope has bash scripts? Nope Pretty pointless. But then again I have been in the OSX/Linux world for the past decade.
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    5 Reasons To Run Windows 8 Instead Of Linux

    Excel (as with the rest of Office) is available online. and emacs > visual studio
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    5 Reasons To Run Windows 8 Instead Of Linux

    Pretty easy to see Windows is for gaming and casual internet users, while Linux is for enterprise (at least in the Engineering world)
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    Wireless file transfering speeds help

    just for reference, what speeds do you get writing to the drive on wired?
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    The Macintosh Turns 30

    I build my own cars from scratch! and laugh at people who buy one. :)
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    What VMs are you running and why?

    So everyone is at like half a grand in OS license costs?
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    I'm done with windows

    Like my Windows router, my Windows thermostat, and my Windows SmartTV.
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    SanDisk Ready Cache for aging PC

    How much swap is being used when things slow down? Can Windows 7 do ram compression?
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    I'm done with windows

    It's not bad like that. He can choose between cpu schedules, IO schedules, different filesystems, different sound servers, different daemon initialization startups, etc... Just need to read what each one is targeted for, if it fits his usage, and install it. No gentoo/recompiling required. If...
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    Intel Shelves Cutting-Edge Arizona Chip Factory

    So are all the cars on the dirt parking lot across the building from the construction workers?
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    64bit..... hogwash??

    Yep. Taking a normal 32-bit CPU and just increasing the address bus to 64 bits should not cause a performance increase. But lets see what reasons Qualcomm will come up with when they release their 64bit cpus
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    4GB RAM in your next Smartphone? Samsung makes it possible.

    As long as it provides higher numbers on benchmarks!!!