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    Self Hosted Private File Sharing

    I've had some luck utilizing OwnCloud in a similar deployment. The catch that you will face is balancing security, ease of use, and TCO. While SynaMan has a perpetual license, you still will want the support product since this is being utilized in a live environment. That being said, I've...
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    4G LTE

    There is limited total bandwidth that goes to each cell tower. If there are a lot of users on a single tower, then your individual bandwidth will suffer. Think about it much like if you go to a convention or a major sporting event. The speeds at those can drop to where even web browsing is...
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    Do I even need the 2.4 GHz band?

    According to your information, you don't need 2.4 GHz right now. However, some "smart home" devices only work on 2.4 GHz, so if you see yourself getting those in the future, you might have a need. You should be able to turn off the 2.4 GHz on your router/access point if having the two networks...
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    need 24/7 internet - what are my options ?

    Three words. Service Level Agreement. You need to be sure to have a good SLA with whatever 2 providers that you decide to go with. The higher the SLA the more expensive the monthly cost. As other have stated, don't have your gateway being the single point of failure, make sure that you have...
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    More Robust Home Network

    I've had really good luck with the Ubiquiti Amplifi. I live in a 3 story townhouse. My previous single AP was located on the middle floor towards the back. The speeds were poor in the 1st floor as a whole and parts of the 3rd floor. I have a 150Mbps connection and with the two backhauled...
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    Network pics thread

    Our old phone system (Comdial Impact PBX) was all wired with Cat 5. The system was installed using this same setup so that if someone moved desks then their extension could easily follow them without having to repatch from a 66 block. That was practically the only piece of the system that we...
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    Cat6/Ethernet Wiring Questions....

    You want to eliminate as many remote switches as possible. Those down-line switches can oftentimes become bottlenecks and headaches. That being said, since this is a residential environment, I doubt that you will have very many issues. I still would run 2 cables instead of one to each...
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    So my neighborhood is finally getting GB internet ...

    1Gb/s service for home users rarely gets saturated. The "need" cases are few and far between, however, if you regularly download very large file (i.e. games or movies) then it allows you get them faster. My business has 25 users on a 250Mbps connection and we rarely saturate it, but when we...
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    Linksys router reducing my Internet connectivity speed by almost 2/3rds

    To hit on the just how ancient the WRT54G is...all of the wired ports on it are 10/100 ... not gigabit. So for example if you are seeing 300Mbps when wired directly to the modem that would completely explain you only seeing 100Mbps when run through the router. Go to Walmart and buy anything...
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    Wrt1200 not enough :(

    With 20 constantly connected and streaming devices, you're going to overwhelm most consumer WiFi solutions. IMO, with your renting constraints, you have two primary options: Powerline Ethernet. This will provide strong and stable connections that are more than sufficient for the dozen cameras...
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    Any suggestions on client vaults?

    I have experience in that particular industry. The biggest challenge that they will face is making sure that the solution that they select meets the SEC and FINRA regulatory requirements. There are a number of solutions out there that are built specificially to meet those requirements. While...
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    Need help please.....I need to add a second WAP for better coverage

    I picked up an Amplifi back in May. It is wonderfully easy to configure and manage. I deal with much more complicated networking at work so I don't want to deal with that when I get home. I live in a 3 story ~3700 sq. ft. town home. My previous Wifi was located on the middle floor towards...
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    Network Wiring a new home

    If you go with Cat 6 you should definitely use all Cat 6 terminations and patch cables when possible. If you're pushing the cable to the limits (which isn't likely now but may be in the future) then your limit will be defined by the weakest link. As for needing to go with Cat 6 over Cat 5e ...
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    Storage Server Build Planning - Feedback Appreciated

    No Problem pirivan. One of the other questions to ask yourself is do you really need 10GbE speeds? Streaming 4K content takes around 25Mbps so considering future proofing for 8K content, a 1Gbps connection would be able to handle 8-10 concurrent streams. Unless you're dealing with mega-files...
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    Storage Server Build Planning - Feedback Appreciated

    Just a quick note on your Option #3, Synology has updated the DS2415 ... but now it is the DS3617xs+. It is in their business line products and not really intended for home use. The price will likely make your eyes bug out, but then again it is designed for business use. But it does support 2...
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    What is the point of a NAS?

    Just dropping my 2 cents in here. Having a pre-built NAS is more about the simplicity of it. Could I build a file server cheaper? Would it be able to do more? The answer is yes, I could. However, do I have the time to deal with doing those things, making sure that everything works well with...
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    Home Wi-fi systems

    I purchased an Amplifi HD about a month ago and I absolutely love it. I live in a 3 story town home and getting good consistent wifi on the lower level and upper level was a serious problem. With the Amplifi, I consistently get 100Mbps+ download speeds everywhere in the house. At 1,800 sq ft...
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    Destiny - Discussion Thread

    If you want a Warlock helm ... decrypt it on anything except a Warlock. Same goes for other classes. I've never had an exotic engram de-crypt to same class.
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    New Comcast Modem push

    Get them to put it into bridge mode and use your own gateway/router. Did that day one when they forced me to use this thing.
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    Anyone notice an explosion in email spam?

    Over the last 60 days we've had a sizable increase in both spam and spam getting through the filtering. I would estimate that I was averaging 10-15 getting through the filter and 200+ being filtered. Both of those numbers have more than doubled. The funniest is that one of the executives at...
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    Commercial/Large 1080p display advice

    If you're maintaining at least 4'-5' or more between you and your tv/monitor, then a 1080p TV works quite well. The tv license shouldn't be an issue. Remember to use your google friend. I use a 50" 1080p tv as a monitor and sit about 10-12' from it. It...
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    Exchange alternatives

    I've been running Zimbra OSE for my personal use for the last two years. I absolutely love it. My company is also in the process of shifting away from MS Exchange and we are going to go with the Standard Network Edition. We have 20 local users about half of which also access their email on...
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    Anyone using Hughesnet wireless?

    That's been my experience as well. However, if you're looking between Hughesnet and cellular, I'd go with Hughesnet. My family has a farm in rural Alabama and the only options there are cellular, dialup and Hughesnet. Obviously we went with Hughesnet and we've been generally satisfied.
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    Comcast internet users reboot your modem form speed increase

    Kinda-sorta. Occasionally I've gotten a call from them when I'm at about 270GB (soft cap is 300GB). They do have a monitoring application that you can download to see what you current estimated consumption is for that billing period.
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    RDP "Hackers" at it again...

    Unfortunate thing about working in the financial space is that we have to be extremely strict. We also have to use sites from many different organizations so SSO isn't an option. We've only had to fire one person for the writing down passwords thing. The threat is very real though. When...
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    Comcast internet users reboot your modem form speed increase

    In December they began enforcing the 300GB soft cap. For every 50GB block over that you are charged $10/50GB. I.e. if you use 304GB total, you will still get charged the $10 for the next block. Some people haven't gotten hit with bills from it yet, but most have. I now watch my home...
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    RDP "Hackers" at it again...

    I got a relatively low number of hack attempts yesterday (189) compared with my normal of over 3500. We require all users to have a fairly complex password, 90 day changes, and no repeats. We also fire after 2 warnings if they write down their password(s). The more that you access the...
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    Is it time to throw in the towel?

    In my opinion, unless you are going to be mining on a commercial or near commercial scale (10TH/s+) and reinvesting into your operation as prices remain low, it isn't going to be as efficient for you. I've been GPU mining alts for quite a while now. Electrical rates here go up June 1st, so...
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    Group Calendar without Exchange

    Zimbra works quite well as a MS Exchange replacement. I've been testing it in our network for about 6 months now without many problems. The open source version is free but doesn't have the Outlook connector available. The standard edition is priced quite well for what you get. It handles...
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    AT&T Fiber to the Home ?

    My parents are also in the North Atlanta area and just moved into a new home. They do have a ATT U-Verse fiber connection there. I know this because the techs hadn't been trained on the installation procedures so there was 10 ATT trucks at my parents house for almost 8 hours installing their...
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    Unifi Setup

    I get a signal just about everywhere but it isn't very strong. There are also a rather large number of wireless networks broadcasting in the area. I think at last count there are over 40 within range on average. My work retired a couple of Dell PowerConnect 2824 switches and I've been using...
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    Unifi Setup

    I've run into a very similar problem. I just bought a 3 story townhouse and with just one AP the wireless coverage is marginal. Unlike you I don't have the opportunity to run my wires before drywall is installed. In May, I'm going to be attempting to pull cable down from the attic to the...
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    Good small business printer

    I've got 10 Dell network printers currently and I've been pleased with all of them. The warranty and service is great and is one of the key things that keeps me with Dell products for the most part. The model that you would need should be based upon your monthly print volume and number of...
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    Intel NUC Kit D54250WYK Review

    I've been considering doing this as well. Are you configuring them with one or two monitors? Most of our workers need two monitors and that's the one thing I have never tried on my 1st gen NUC.
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    Quad monitors - 3+1 or 2x2. Anyone use the 3+1 in workstation enviornment?

    At work I currently am using 4 23" 1920x1080 screen all set side by side. It works quite well for what I do. However, when dealing with the 4th screen, I tend to not use it all that often because I have to physically turn to my left to see it. I've been using 3 monitors for about 5 years now...
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    Wireless options for new home?

    The one UniFi AC that I've played with worked quite well. Still greatly depends on the materials in your home that will be between your AP and desktop. If you've got a fridge or tub between your AP and desktop, don't expect the signal to be all that great. I've just moved into a 3 story...
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    Difference between DROBO D800i and D800fs

    The 800i only has an iSCSI interface.
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    Small Buisness Backup Solution.

    I agree with this wholeheartedly. I stopped using thing like DropBox and Google Drive on a personal basis last year and switched over to OwnCloud hosted on my own servers.
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    Small Buisness Backup Solution.

    How much NEW/CHANGED data are you generating daily? Unless your generating large amounts then you should still be able to complete you goals using rsync instead of a physical transportation backup solution. As far as hardware goes, it really comes down to if you want to build your own or buy...
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    Looking for a long range Wifi Adapter

    If you don't mind having to deal with an external adapter, the one you listed has a good chance of working well for you.