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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    When I checked them if you selected a 3080 it said it was a preorder item, so I am assuming they do not actually have them right now. I'm sure they would have better luck getting one than I would though, so its better than nothing
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    I never enter the 3090 one because I know part of me, upon getting selected, would drop the 2k even though its stupid to. At this point, I was thinking about doing a full build anyway, I am close to just getting an alienware or something. Like $2400 and you can get a ryzen 5800x + a 3080...
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    Just want to extend a big fat middle finger to every major hardware review site/channel out there

    OMG I was not aware of this! Thanks for the link :)
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    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    I was at the store. The website was a lie But yea whatever. I can wait a little more. Hopefully Navi is our savior
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    The [H] RTX 3080 owners thread.

    Couldn't even see them actually be on sale on any site. Gonna try the Dallas Microcenter at 10am but I doubt I will have any luck
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    Forza Horizon 4 Benchmarks Are Out

    Thanks for the info man, appreciate it!
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    Forza Horizon 4 Benchmarks Are Out

    Have you found a way to download it early? Or do you think we will just have to wait til release to download?
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    Forza Horizon 4 Benchmarks Are Out

    So they said this available through Game Pass, but does that apply to PC version? I can't find any mention of it being on game pass when looking at PC versions to pre-download, I only see full retail pre-order prices.
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    More NVIDIA 1180 GPU Rumors

    I bought a 1080 TI last week, not too worried about it. My 980 was really struggling in a lot of games to push 1440p/144hz.
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    Monster Hunter: World PC Requirements Leaked

    Monster Hunter has been around since 2004, they titled this one MH:World because unlike previous versions, you get a huge map area to play on. In previous titles, the map was sectioned off into a bunch of different zones with loading screens between them.
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    Microcenter WILL SHIP DEAL! Inland Professional 480GB SSD $79.99

    I'm using a cheap 1tb sandisk sata ssd for games and I cannot personally tell a difference in the real world performance for gaming vs my 256gb nvme m2 drive that cost nearly as much. I don't think it really matters (and for reference, I was comparing how MMOs felt as typically they are the...
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    Senate Vote Passes to Save Net Neutrality

    So basically in one sentence you say that net neutrality advocates can only point to extreme and unlikely scenarios, and then in the very next sentence you admit that there are already "fast lane" services that are existing. You're right fast lanes do already exist, and it is is 100% bullshit...
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    Senate Vote Passes to Save Net Neutrality

    I know this was in jest, but net neutrality literally has nothing to do with raw internet speeds. It is about the internet companies being able to limit your access to specific parts of the internet and then charging you more to access those parts or even just restricting access outright so that...
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    Skyrim VR Available For Pre-Order Now

    You can swap between the teleport or free roam walking mode in the options at any time. Personally, I didn't think I would like the teleporting but it actually works quite well. I really wish there was a way to toggle it without going into the menu, but I don't think that option existed (though...
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    Skyrim VR Available For Pre-Order Now

    I did have some fun with PSVR Skyrim, but I got it for $30 (a friend wanted to play it and paid half). It's still just Skyrim, but at the same time its honestly the best way to play it. I don't think I would pay $60 to play through it again just in VR, but... it really does change how the game...
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    Paranoia thread: what would you do if GPU failed?

    If my 980 dies then I will just be content with my PS4/Switch for a while. My laptop can play LoL and Fortnite just fine and that is all I really play on PC these days anyway.
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    Is the mining thing slowing down?

    If you're only getting 7% annually in the stock market then you're a huge pussy. Which is fine, but someone getting a nice safe 7% every year has no business in Crypto, the most volatile thing you could consider putting any type of money into...
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    Millennials Scammed More than Seniors

    It is inaccurate to draw the conclusion that any group was actually scammed more than any other group from this data set because it is purely based on self reporting. Further, this is coming from the FTC, which frankly is not exactly very trustworthy lately. Just looking at how they presented...
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    Millennials Scammed More than Seniors

    The title of the post on Hard: "Millennials Scammed More than Seniors" The title of the post in the article: "More millennials reported losing money to scam in 2017 than senior citizens" I mean I know its being pedantic but you completely changed the the initial reaction readers would get from...
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    Walmart STORES Sony PlayStation VR Headset V1 $134.99 +tax AC YMMW

    Move controllers are not strictly required (the camera is) but as an owner of PSVR since launch if you can't pony up for some used move controllers at least don't bother. They are pretty integral to the VR experience IMO.
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    dead deal

    If anyone is on the fence, all I can say is this game will probably give you at least a solid 50-60 hours of game time if the genre is something you enjoy. Most of the vitriol surrounding it is because after that point, there is just a sheer drop in quality of life and "things to do". The...
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    [Newegg] GTX 1080 $649

    EDIT: Looks like it is out of stock again :( Currently in stock. I already snagged one myself.
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    It Looks like Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Will Have a Headphone Jack

    In case anyone is wondering, the S7 had one of the best DACs out of all phones on the market, so this isn't entirely unexpected. Samsung has always done their part to make sure audio is pleasant on their phones, same with HTC. Someone at Samsung definitely places importance on audio quality.
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    Triple HDMI without adapters?

    Just curious, why do you not want to use adapters?
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    What happened to the i7-7700K's at Microcenter ?

    10+ in stock in Dallas.
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    $729 EVGA GTX 1080 in stock @ Best Buy EDIT: Looks to be sold out now :(
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    Stupid People Should NOT Use Waze

    I use Waze all the time, and I will continue to do so until a better map app for Android is available. Keep in mind though, Waze is more than just directions. Even when I don't need directions I use it to get warnings from others on the road about hazards and for better guidance to avoid traffic...
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    Tesla Autopilot One Again Proves Crumple Zones Work

    An autopilot is a system used to control the trajectory of an aircraft without constant 'hands-on' control by a human operator being required. Autopilots do not replace human operators but assist them in controlling aircraft, allowing them to focus on broader aspects of operations such as...
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    Nintendo Switch Is The Fastest-Selling Video Game Console Ever In The US

    Like the PSTV, which was just a Vita minus the screen and stuff. And was tiny as shit. I'm pretty sure its only as big as it actually is because they had to make it that size for the hdmi/usb ports and stuff to fit properly...
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    FCC Plans December Vote to Kill Net Neutrality Rules

    The best part about this wall of text is that none of it is actually relevant to net neutrality. So, good job attempting to derail the thread!
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    The Xbox One X 4K Blu-ray Player Is a Disaster

    Well you obviously don't have an HDR TV.
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    The PC Version of “Doom” Absolutely Wrecks the Competition

    Yea but most people already have a TV for other purposes. And I know some of you on here will try to deflect and say I'm wrong you've used a monitor and you know x many people that don't own TVs, but its pretty unanimous at least in America that almost every household already has a TV of some...
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    For the 2500K/2600K users out there, what price for a 7700K would make you upgrade?

    I recently upgraded and overall the experience has been satisfactory. My 2500k was adequate, but since I made the jump to a gsync high hz monitor I was feeling the pain. My fps in many games was definitely being held back by the 2500k and overall most games simply run smoother with less...
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    Bestbuy Dell 27 inch gsync 449

    Heck yea! I got one of these for $500 from Microcenter a couple months ago and I love it, but the colors always bother me outside of games. Usually in game its not super noticeable but as soon as I'm back on the windows desktop it looks terrible next to my IPS (even though its a cheap HP ips)...
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    How long has it been since you checked/changed the TIM on your cpu?

    I got my 2500k at launch, so... 6.5 years?
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    Nvidia Control Panel setting brightness to max when tabbing out of (some) games

    For several weeks now anytime I tab out of certain games my brightness in the nvidia control panel is set to max. This does not happen in windowed mode games, only games in full screen that I tab out of, and even then not every game causes it. League of Legends is the worst, because of the way...
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    Help picking good Ryzen ram @Microcenter

    Thank you for the responses guys, I am gonna head to MC after work today!
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    Help picking good Ryzen ram @Microcenter

    Currently have a 1700x and Asus Prime X370-Pro in my cart, and I have done some reading and it seems G.Skill Tridentz ram is the most recomended right now. But... it doesn't look like Microcenter carries that. I am doing in store pickup in the Dallas area, is there any specific RAM that I should...