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    Who are madmen buying $700 motherboards?

    I picked up the Gigabyte one mostly for the 10Gb nic and no fan. I don’t upgrade too often so I’m not too worried about the price. Still waiting on my water block and 3900X to go with it.
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    Who is looking to upgrade to Zen2

    Will be going 3900X and giving my friend my 6700K. Also going to try hard tubing so that should be fun.
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    Netflix Cancels The Punisher And Jessica Jones

    I really liked both those series. The punisher has some good action scenes.
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    The Division 2 Will Get an Open Beta

    I enjoyed it plus it’s the first game I’ve seen that had a Freesync 2 HDR option. Only bug I had was falling through some stairs and getting stuck.
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    Google Fiber Ends Service in Louisville

    PGE, PP&L and Century Link own most of the poles in Portland, not the city.
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    Google Fiber Ends Service in Louisville

    As someone who works on fiber all the time, that looks like a complete pain in the ass to fix. Where the hell are you supposed to put the splice cases?
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    PSA: Anthem's Open Demo Is Live until Tomorrow

    Earth Defense Force is like that. Really fun with friends too once you have the nukes.
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    USB-C Audio Is "Dead"

    I’m kinda glad Pantera concerts did some hearing damage, I really can’t tell the difference between BT or wired headphones.
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    Netflix Takes Interactive Storytelling to the Next Level with "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch"

    I thought it was a well written episode, watched quite a few of the endings. The credits with one of the endings was very clever.
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    EA Stock Plummets by $21 Billion as Battlefield V Sales Disappoint

    Couldn’t happen to a better company
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    After Losing Half Its Value, NVIDIA Faces Reckoning

    Funny, the company I work for lost about %10 value during the slump, it sure as hell didn’t lose half it’s value.
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    Don’t Buy a 5G Smartphone, at Least, Not for a While

    5G not working in rain is going to be great here in Oregon
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    Watch Google's CEO Sundar Pichai Testify Before Congress

    Oh god, Congress didn’t even realize how Facebook made money. I’m sure they’ll understand how google’s algorithms work
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    Verizon Drops About 7% of Global Workforce

    I’ve been through a couple of these at my company. Voluntary now, layoffs later.
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    Anthem Alpha Streamer Loses Entire EA Origin Library after Breaking NDA

    They banned my account for a supposed charge back even though I don’t even have a card saved on Origin. EA support is garbage.
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    24 Amazon Workers Injured By Robot Accident

    We had a can of that stuff go off when I worked at REI, had to evacuate the store for hours.
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    New Research into Bending Light Could Lead to Light-Based Computing

    I could use this in some of the fiber enclosures I work in
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    Forza Horizon 4 Benchmarks Are Out

    My ultimate edition arrived on Friday
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    Changes to Twitch Prime

    This is the one that I'm not happy about Second, starting on August 28, Prime members will now get a $10 Amazon credit when pre-ordering select games on This credit can be used on almost anything sold by This new pre-order benefit is replacing the current discount on...
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    EA Deletes Origin Account with Thousands of Dollars’ Worth of Games

    EA banned my account for no reason what so ever. All they will tell me is that it was due to a charge back even though I've never entered any payment info into Origin. Saves me from ever buying games from them again at least.
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    CaseLabs Announces It Has Been “Forced into Bankruptcy and Liquidation”

    Well that sucks! I love my M8, guess it's a collector's item now.
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    How Much Have You Spent on Steam?

    $3,411.90 ouch
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    Amazon Gets Tax Breaks While Its Employees Rely on Food Stamps

    Bezos owns the post not Amazon, the Russian trolls are on this site now too?
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    GPU Prices Skyrocket, Breaking the Entire DIY PC Market

    Guess it may be time to sell this rx 480 sitting on my desk
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    Google Is Pulling YouTube off the Fire TV and Echo Show

    I’ll take The Grand Tour over anything on YouTube any day.
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    Daimler Dismantled A Rented Tesla Model X For Research

    For $35 a day you can do whatever the hell you want to a rental car! Ah CKY2K
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    EA’s Defense of Star Wars: Battlefront II is Now Reddit’s Most Downvoted Comment

    This makes me kind of glad EA banned my account for no reason. At least now I'm never tempted to buy their games.
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    DOCSIS 3.1 Brings 10 Gbps Downstream, 1 Gbps Upstream to Cable Modems

    The problem with cable upload is it's only 4 carriers on most systems. To get more upload, you'd have to move the whole system to a mid or high split which takes all new equipment from the headend, to nodes to amps. It's easier with the Node + 0 setup we're rolling out but it's a pretty massive...
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    San Francisco, Seattle Tire of Comcast, Mull Building Citywide Fiber Networks

    Fiber is cheap, the CMTS's and routers on the other end sure aren't. The cooling bill alone on the buildings housing that stuff is massive.
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    RX Vega Owners Thread

    I updated my drivers and firmware on my C32HG70 and my Freesync range went from 80-120 to 120-144 so I'm not sure which one messed it up.
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    RX Vega Owners Thread

    Tried flashing to the WC BIOS on my card and no dice, it hangs the system as soon as I start any sort of benchmark. At least I got my cooling sorted and it's sitting at a nice 49 deg under load. Stupid air bubbles.
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    Cord Cutter Reach 22 Million by End of 2017

    A really old, crappy coax connector no less. Hex crimp is at least 15 years old
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    Apple Won't Charge Extra for 4K Movies, Upgrades 1080p Flicks for Free

    Oh nice Dolby Vision, may just pick one up, especially if all their 4K movies support it.
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    RX Vega Owners Thread

    My Sapphire card had epoxy and no trouble with my ek waterblock
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    RX Vega Owners Thread

    I have the same issue in Firefox, turning off hardware acceleration fixed it for me too.
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    RX Vega Owners Thread

    It looks like the C32HG70 that I picked up with the Vega has a freesync range from 90-120 Hz right now and is not displaying 144Hz as an option, ah the fun of bleeding edge haha. I will say that the card stays at about 60 C under water so that's cool.