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    Qlogic QLE2462 and windows 8/10

    I'm using a QLE2462 in Win2012 R2 using the STOR Miniport driver without issues. It officially supports 2012 and 2012 R2, which of course are essentially Win8 and 8.1, respectively. These are the EMC approved drivers/utils, but I do not believe they are somehow locked to EMC arrays...
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    6700K in stock (US)

    I also just purchased the combo with the Ranger and 16GB 3000C15 memory. Too bad the CPU wasn't Shoprunner eligible.
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    Thoughts on this *rare* Samsung "27 monitor?

    DVB-T (European) OTA tuner, RF input, multiple HDMI inputs, component input, no DVI, no DP. It's a TV that you could technically use as a monitor, if 1080p for a 27" is palatable to you (it isn't for me).
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    Missing memory when X540 PCIe present

    I had a similar issue on an eVGA X58 board with a Dell PERC6 installed. One of the memory channels would fail to detect. Taping over the PCIe SMBus pins (B5 and B6) resolved it. This thread has an image, though the OP's complaint is about the card failing to detect...
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    Auria EQ276W review ($399 27" 2560x1440 IPS)

    I've had the opportunity to test with several cards that would lead me to disagree: Gigabyte GTX460 - No POST video Gigabyte GTX560Ti-448 - POST video Gigabyte GTX660 - No POST video This was on two different motherboards: Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5 and ASUS P9X79-WS. Interestingly, if I...
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    ASUS PB278Q 1440p IPS (PLS Panel)

    Got mine today. A little BLB in the bottom right and top right corners, but overall I'd rate it as good. Image wise, I do prefer it over the two Microcenter Auria displays I recently picked up. The stand is excellent, the bezel is a good 1cm more narrow, and I think that the contrast for black...
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    selling a HDD, need to delete data the ability to restore

    For drives I'm about to release to someone else, I use DBAN in PRNG Stream mode with 8 rounds. As others have said, one pass is probably enough, but I still err on the side of caution if it's going to leave my hands to somebody I don't know.
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    New Toy: EMC CX3-20 SAN

    It won't win any sequential performance benchmarks, but the CX3 is still a capable frame. It is, however, quite different from more recent series (CX4, VNX) in that it tops out at FLARE26, and the newer Unisphere management interface is completely different. Technologies such as thin...
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    Can you plug powerstrips into a UPS?

    Sure, but the point remains--use basic power strips downstream of a UPS, not surge supression strips.
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    Can you plug powerstrips into a UPS?

    Power strips are fine, but MOV-based surge strips are not recommended. If the MOV engages for any reason (e.g., it may have a clamping voltage lower than that on the UPS itself), the resultant short from the MOV--its intended behavior--could cause the UPS to shut down or potentially cause it...
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    TreeSize showing different SSD Usage then Windows?

    Windows is showing the simple sum of all of the file sizes, but TreeSize shows rollup aggregates as size on disk. That is to say, TreeSize is including wasted cluster space. If you're using a default NTFS allocation unit size of 4KB, but you have a file that's only 1KB, it still will consume 4KB...
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    RAID manager software

    MSM would not send out e-mails on my systems either--untill I used SMTP Authentication. Tracing the SMTP session showed that it was trying to authenticate even when it wasn't enabled, but putting in a valid username and password made it work.
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    Perc 5/i Management Software

    I own and use a handful of PERC5 and PERC6 cards in non-Dell systems (and countless more in Dell servers), and I've found that older Dell firmware is less problematic in terms of boot detection. After updating to newer LSI firmware, I've had a number of systems that would intermittently fail to...